Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • чат в публичных сессиях не работает
  • гонка не заканчивается до тех пор, пока все участники не пересекут финишную черту
  • при использовании настроек машины по умолчанию уровень топлива будет низким. Необходимо изменить и сохранить настройки для большего количества топлива на старте

Build 944-945

  • Fix for godray texel calc
  • Fix for overlit skyring, improves reflections and wet/overcast conditions. It previously recieved cloud shadows but when these were removed because of bugs they ended up over lit in wet conditions which also had a knock on effect in reflections. Also stops skyring getting too over lit at night by the moon
  • Fix for Replay HUD disappears after video first loop (WMD-5880)
  • Fix for long player names overlapping horribly in the Sim Racer news (5873)
  • WMD-4168: Store current LapInfo display setting in the profile, and default display to off
  • WMD-5800: Now additionally clearing the shared memory on destruction of the player participant
  • Fix for replay time progression bar appearing at 50% briefly at the start of replays (related to WMD-5880)
  • Disabled menu options in menu where 'do not skip disabled option' is set are prevented from activating - WMD-5889
  • A new hud gadget, that is present on all huds, but the empty one, that informs the player when he has less fuel, than is needed for 1.1 lap (WMD-5597)
  • WMD-5842: Online - Creating a lobby with only Practice 2 enabled sends the player into a race
  • Added new LODC and LODD for marshals, set user defined flags, updated LOD distances for marshals
  • Career Championships: Endurance - GT4 class missing player team mate. Fixes WMD-5918
  • Career Championships: Tags multi-class events corectly so that the scoring is per-class. Fixes WMD-5916
  • GT3 cars: Small balance of performance changes based on WMD feedback
  • Wet Track: Adjustments to various track's nmaps to make them respond better to the updated road shader with hardcoded distortion values. Also updated NurbGP's diffusemap to remove a tiling artifact
  • Brands Hatch: Intersecting-truck placement bug fixed
  • Monza: Fixed tree placement and rotation, moved some crowds and cars to stop intersecting each other
  • Glencairn: Csm fix for off track warning, fixed slowness and hairpin problems with new raceline Per Stephan V
  • Hockenheim: Optimized viewer spotlights avoiding large subterrain area lighting.. and smoothed fallout and intensity
  • Besos: Branding & issue fixing pass, removed excess dirt from logo, replaced wmd & pcars ad boards with approved versions
  • Eifelwald: Bug fixing pass - fixed various pop-up issues including pieces of treewall that were floating or vanishing (eg around the castle) , added new streetlights XML and placed them around certain areas (eg Breidscheid / Ex-Muhle) , setup proper track LOD files to prevent tree / treewall culling , updated some LOD distances on tyres to prevent pop, setup lighting around tents / campsites etc. to have the correct settings (ie. not shadow casting)

Build 943

  • Fix for performance loss after ALT+TAB
  • Expose current GPU affinity through IRenderer (WIP better SLI Grass)
  • God ray mask generate now samples 8x8 grid and uses closest depth. WMD-5874
  • Added code for an additional skyring for relfections. (stops whiting we are seeing)
  • WMD-5888: Cloud mesh bug fix
  • Added new reflection-only skyring + material and texture
  • Control for sky ring scaler in the wtc files.. missed it in previous checkin
  • Adding code to allow us to be able to scale the sun lighitng on basic_trans skyrings as they do not have cloud shadows so look decoupled from the enviroment a little
  • Fix for exit option not working in DNP WMD-5829
  • Videos now play correctly at super widescreen resolutions (WMD-5793)
  • WMD-5892: GUI - Lap times shown are very short (e.g. 15 secs instead of minutes)
  • Cause simulation anim to appear in two other code paths where simulation can occur - WMD-5891
  • Various livery handling fixes in the vehicle selection / view info / take photo screens. - Fixes WMD-5856
  • WMD-5882: Fix for fanatec wheels rattling at boot. Reverted to the device name checking in use for initialisation before the Porsche profile additions were made
  • WMD-5896: Karts 2D checks length is reduced by 50% due to the short cars and close start positions
  • Further tuning of shunt damage based on feedback (WMD-5237)
  • WMD-5684: Adjusted computation of mass center position of AI vehicles for karts and Formula A
  • Formula A: AI grip and damper changes for stabilty over curbs along with Perter's changes for AI mass center. Part of WMD-5684, WMD-3152
  • Besos: Branding update
  • Chesterfield: Added manager/track logos and includes pop fixes
  • Glencairn: Manager logos, and also includes intersecting/lod fixes
  • Watkins Glens: Added manager logos around the track on the tyrewall covers
  • Moravia: Replaced WMD flags with national. Replaced pit stands with wrong advert for blank one

Build 942

  • HDR runtime bugfix for WMD-5195 exposure depends on screenresolution issue
  • Fix for some overwrite texturemaps with issues as blur and compression and fix for too dark bush
  • DX11: Luminance greyscale MSAA technique V2.0 (part of fix for WMD-5195 exposure depends on screenresolution issue)
  • Lighting and weather edits: Thunder storm lightning settings and texture tweaked so less artefacts, night bloom tweaked for all conditions for more lit air look. Effect is bigger in wet and foggy conditions but all conditions have been tweaked, rain fall texture mips tweaked so that there are less drops on the lower mips, this helps reduce the drop clustering look when you get stray quads further away from camera, rain fall lighting tweaks to wtc and clamp added to the shader so that multiple headlights don't overlight the effect (render double checked shader and material change for this), rain fall keyframes tweaked so you should see rain fall slightly earlier when blending from dry to wet conditions, light rain now uses a seperate particle effect (the one created for snow but never used). This has less drops on the texture and works better for that condition, before there was no way to reduce the drop count without having less quads and then you get the bad drop cluster look., minor tweaks to night lighting to reduce the flat lighting look on the cars. Needs a diferent approach to sort properly but this helps a bit for now. some conditions have had their -32 and -24 elevations darkened slightly and fogs balanced better. duplicate sky texture keys added at -24 and -30 for some conditions to fix apex key bug tweaks to hazy at around 0 elevation as sun flare was too bright in cp, fix for missing texture listed in texture dictionary
  • Calibrate FFB text fixed (5768)
  • Rolling Start info added to Lobby (4350)
  • WMD-5867: Hookup applink for in-game mp chat key
  • Session Time Remaining text updated to handle 24h+ times. WMD-5665
  • Fixed HUD so it handles 24h+ race elapsed/remaining times. WMD-5665
  • Fixes multiple career detail dialogs when spamming return - WDM-5686
  • Quick solo track select now shows the correct track image - WMD-5878
  • WMD-4168: Added a new "Lap Info" toggle to the main menu assignments screen
  • ESC and Back buttons on gamepad to close the app removed from the UI (5875)
  • Fixes the 'no skip disabled' flag when using 'set default option' - WMD-3637
  • WMD-5862: PC - Online - With Flags & Penalties Off 5s penalties are still active
  • Re-instate scaling of photo thumbnails. Enable media delete option on PC (WMD-5853)
  • Eifelwald: Updated the TRD and the Track list to fix the leaderboard issue in WMD-5843
  • WMD-5842: Online - Creating a lobby with only Practice 2 enabled sends the player into a race
  • WMD-5849: Add a lock to game metrics list that was being added to, and read from at the same time
  • Gumpert Apollo: Fixed oversteery defualt setup. Also changed shock knees to 50/60 front and rear for Jussi's info
  • WMD-5593: Tuning setup, if exists is reapplied after the player selects to return to pits and car is spawned in garage
  • Oulton Park: Updated the variation names to be International, Fosters & Island and added those entries to the text database
  • Clear visible content of login page after login is complete to remove the visible flash between the end of the intro video and the fade into the game - WMD-5737
  • Leaderboard screen now displays best lap times rather than finish times, as the finish times don't match up with position. It also wasn't handling 24h+ times properly, and had display issues with simulated finish times. WMD-5665
  • WMD-5855: Fixed race finish countdown not starting properly in multiplayer because last lap results were not synced in time for the code that checked the countdown start. Implemented proper synchronization of per-sector times and "lap should count" flags. The sector times of remote participants are now correctly invalidated in the pit stop/pause UI when the remote participant cuts track or gets any other lap time-invalidating penalty. Fixed lap number not being synchronized correctly on races longer than 255 laps
  • WMD-5883: If drivermode is DRIVERMODE_IN_GARAGE & DRIVERMODE_IN_PIT then do not allow AI behavior AIBHV_PLAYER to set regardless of GetControlMethod, instead go to expected AI behavior AIBHV_INACTIVE
  • Career Championships: Entry Kart series rebalanced in wake of the physics bug fix. Fixes WMD-5796
  • Career Championships: Lower tier single-series sports rebalanced to match AI ramping level through tiers. Fixes WMD-4808
  • BAC Mono: Fixed RCF to avoid custom livery on consoles (WMD-5871)
  • AI tire wear rates equalized where needed as part of Jira WMD-5850
  • Set minimum damage threshold for aero, tyre wear per-stint logic, tidied debugging for reporting tyre wear, aero fixed 100% on pitting (WMD-5850)
  • Lakeville: Added correct logo
  • Eifelwald: Fix to tyrewall major lod popping
  • Monza: Updated texture to fix flat coloured treetop
  • Azure Coast: Fixed popin issues, occluder, treewalls, static inst trees
  • Besos: Fixed textures update, branding update removed pan/nvid/wmd/pcars
  • Eiflewald GP: Optmised the lighting around the pit area to improve performance
  • California Raceway: RL branding, manager logos, fixed license issues, fixed popping issues, updated CSM mesh
  • Mount Panorama: Fixed a whole bunch of distrorted mappings and cutted licensed logos around the track on the cementwalls
  • Greenwood: Smoothed out the main track surface to provide a better driving surface for the karts as they were finding it a bit lumpy
  • Sakitto: Updates to the track lod files for each variant to fix the tree popping, also increased lod A range on the BUSHes to fix them popping
  • Moravia: Manager logos placed, official track logos reworked in higher resolution, fixed popping issues on racing line, tyrewalls, advert boards

Build 941

  • Fix for a (hidden) D3D11 shader refcounting issue (leak) in StretchRect
  • Fix for WMD-5563 Options-Visual - bad text displayed for Texture Resolution
  • WMD-5845: Removed spurious assert which assumed ghost could only be in front of player
  • Screenshots now save out at the screen resolution the user has set the game too. This fixes WMD-5758
  • Complete refactor of -dx11mt : now uses a software deferred context for better multi-threaded scaling
  • Fix for lightning not spawning in correct areas
  • Fix for UI - Weather forecast display issues (WMD-5536)
  • Fix for calendar dialog bug introduced in CL 550759 - WMD-2731
  • Track maps: Le mans, Silverstone Int. - updated with latest changes
  • WMD-5713: Fixed - Save Replay button is disabled after saving replay.
  • WMD-5721: Added profiles for Fanatec Porsche 911 wheel variants and CSRE
  • Various parts of the UI fixed to suit super-wide aspect ratios (WMD-5793).
  • WMD-5542: PC - Lobby browser does not have an option to filter/search by name
  • WMD-5609: Time Trial UI - During Pause, ghost names not showing on leaderboard
  • WMD-5836: Disallowing "On your left" achievement when using skip-to-end-of-session
  • Added default HUD and telemetry colouring when tyre temperatures unknown (WMD-5826)
  • Replays: Added error reporting for loading 32-bit replays in 64-bit exe and vice-versa. Fixes WMD-5781
  • Fix for red liveries when entering Select Car on a fresh boot of the game (without reselecting a car) (related to WMD-5832)
  • WMD-5811: Fixing reopened bug as there was another issue not covered by previous fix, allowing a non-vehicle kart on a kart track
  • Lobby screen now shows tire wear/fuel/damage etc.. for clients (5035, 5038, 5039). Scroll bar also fixed for 5805 at the same time
  • WMD-5644: Fixed the background still being active on the edit HUD screen, when the dialog is displayed. Now only enabling the input update, if the page update is allowed
  • WMD-5562: Added handling of event eEventType_DriverModeChanged to restarts, to allow need to notify of driver status changes for the pre race menu screens to update correctly
  • WMD-5680: Change the pause menu hard-coded toggles to UP button presses for controllers. This fixes a monitor HideUI toggling issue, and is also consistent with the way button presses work game-wide
  • Adds Weather Slot 1 Sprite and Weather Slot 2 Name to both the Pause and Pit Box screens. As per the JIRA bug 5559 though, these should be replaced with applinks for Current Weather Sprite and Next Weather Name
  • Added code that clears the gui camera data if the renderer is switched off. This will in turn prevent cross fading from happening when we enter the garages from a screen that did not have 3d rendering enabled. Fix for WMD-3269
  • WMD-4168: Default LapInfo board to display current sector times, and added behind the scenes enable/disable option, (this option still needs to be hooked up in the GUI). Also changed the consoles' default key mapping to use DPAD_RIGHT to now cycle the LapInfo details instead of toggle vehicle labels
  • Replay Cameras: Fixed issues on tracks where sections of a track would play in slomotion during replays. Fixes WMD-5834
  • Disabled metrics update during replay
  • WMD-5849: Adding further replay-safety to the game metrics processor
  • WMD-5530: Removed obsolete setting of the mStartFirstLapOnCrossingSFLine parameter, as now always setup on a per-script basis
  • WMD-5794: Turned on lap time reporting/synchronization in all MP game modes
  • Fixed online session creation code ignoring return values from low-level CreateGame call
  • WMD-5794: Implemented lap time synchronization in multiplayer. Fixes qualification results being inconsistent
  • WMD-5794: Do not attempt to send lap time results in non-online modes, even if data config tells us to share them. Fixes assert in certain singleplayer modes
  • Driver anims: Lotus 49. Formula A - tweak driver animations
  • Drivers shadow fixes (missing hands, hans-system ...) - all drivers updated [WMD 5830]
  • Ensure minimal startFuel when fuel disabled (WMD-5840)
  • Pit Stops: Clear error flags in PitSequence.script so that mechanical failures do not repeat forever in the same session once triggered. Fixes WMD-5783
  • WMD-5163: Rollback of .AIWs to revision before pitstop location adjustments to prevent Pitcrew standing in front of wrong garage. (on hold until adjustment of garages will be available with tools)
  • WMD-5459 & WMD-5773: Fixed the "weaving inside pitlanes" by removing the persistent added wall avoidance steer decrementation within the pitlanes ( instant set to 0 when wall not hitting the raycasts). This will prevent cars from going left right after the exit
  • WMD-5831: Player preset level drastically affects power of some cars in career
  • Contract offer logic changed so it can check progress over the past season. Required for the updated contract data from StephenV to offer extra contracts for players failing to win final series, so they have extra options to move around career even if not winning. Needed for WMD-4819
  • Increased physics based damage to vehicles who rear end cars (WMD-5327)
  • Sauber C9: Set gearshift animation type to H-pattern instead of sequential
  • McLaren 12C GT3: Approval fixes (WMD-5822) Disabled detachables, updated wing mirrors
  • Ford Mustang Cobra Trans-Am: Set gearshift animation type to H-pattern instead of sequential
  • Lotus 49, 72D & 78: Increased default FFB strength
  • Tuned damage to player only for shunt physics damage (WMD-5237)
  • Apply STM tyre changes when switching compounds live in-game (WMD-5272)
  • Ginetta G40 Junior: Require a slight throttle lift for upshift to succeed
  • WMD-5786: Changed scheduled pit type to ePITSCHEDULE_DAMAGE_REQUESTED for tyre wear
  • Once teleported back to pit lane, calculate pit strategy to ensure car is refuelled (WMD-5593)
  • Ensure fuel is setup even when disabled so that AI/player get balanced car for session (WMD-5840)
  • Renault Clio Cup: Safer (more reliable) engine cooling model to prevent overheating. Minor, nonessential fix
  • Brands Hatch: Fix for over yellow lamp light
  • Oulton: Manager ad-boards added around circuit
  • Mount Panorama: D1P fixed hovering floodlight at pit entry
  • Eifelwald: Fixed alpha groove flickering in both Karrousel's
  • Azure Coast: Fixed popin issues, occluder, gaps, mapping and some other things
  • Azure Circuit: Second set of manager logos added, further mesh optimizations and some materials removed
  • Zolder: Fixed occluder setup to improve performance, fixed popups, flickering, visible pops in reflections
  • Sakitto: Fixed popups, brakemarkers placement, branding updates, skyring alpha issue, added dynamic ad triangles around circuit
  • Silverstone: Added branded t-page, international: moved t2 back beyond pit lane dryline (WMD-5764), major lod pop fix to tyrewalls
  • Hockenheimring: Fixed fixed popups, holes in terrain, flickering, visible pops in reflections, super bright outer roads, poping issues fixed, removed bright lcd wall from static envmap
  • Monza: Manager logos placed, renamed Milan to Monza on grandstand, fixed smoothing groups issues around kerbs and on kerbs which looked broken, added tracks.lod files for both layouts with tree string ommited and set lod values for trees in vt only to allow fix for pooping trees on start finish straight
  • Dubai: Branding pass to get the correct flags etc.., lod popping fixes , replaced old vehicles with new ones and moved them into a single shared XML. branding pass - remapped all the walls , tyre covers , gantries and adboards to work with the new logos and fit the branding plan, created new textures for these branded items , also various popping fixes
  • Le Mans: National added missing optimized treefile for national variation, added missing static and instance files for updated viewer files, re-organised, went over and optimised instance and static viewer files to improve performance on high density forest areas of the tracks, found and removed outstanding fictional sponsor logor behind wall in the dunlop chicane. removed outstanding popups with Robs latest fixes, csm fixed in corner where the car could be trapped, fixed reflections for some of the objects which had been ticked with reflection tick before but still did not work by enhancing the bounding box of them

Build 940


  • Final Fixes: Fixes to both LMP1 limiter/rpm ranges to suit changes to the physics. WMD-5707
  • Final Fixes: Brake event "Street" chassis noise volumes reduced, to suit changes to the physics. WMD-5707


  • Limit workload scheduler to 4 threads
  • Reduce cache size, restore ultra range
  • Groundcover draw-distance reduced for High/Ultra settings
  • Handles buffer lock failure on membuffer method in autograss
  • Fix SLI performance, falling off a cliff when detailed grass is enabled
  • Ground cover uses MemBuffer method, to avoid Lock the VBs for the frame duration
  • Fix for "Far Distant Mesh" flag not working in certain cases - resulting in popping trees etc
  • Fix for glass not fogging correctly - it needed scaling down by the fog strength, because it is being blended on top of the scene, which itself is already fogged


  • WMD-2845: Online/UI - Missing Gameplay options
  • Fix for race load cancel on synchronisation. WMD-5813
  • Add 'Add' text to time trial selecting box - WMD-5607
  • Fixes calendar event display dialog scrolling - WMD-5338
  • WMD-2845: Online/UI - Missing Gameplay options - Added profile options
  • WMD-5024: Career GUI - Calendar, Finish season button displaying incorrect info
  • WMD-5823: Fix for hiding tuning layer, so the tuning setup menu reacts on back button
  • Trackmaps: Oulton park international, island, fosters - updated TRGrs (pit in, start, checkpoint 1)
  • Fixes calendar dialog display on returning from car setup during calendar event dialog display - WMD-2731
  • Adds 'simulating' dialog with spinning icon to in-race screens, used when simulating long races - WMD-5799
  • Multiplayer fuel, penalties, damage, and other restrictions added to Multiplayer Create and Lobby screens (5035, 5038, 5039 linked D1P bugs)
  • WMD-3758: PC - Gameplay - ONLINE - Analog speedometer is displayed for the client who joins an online session during the ?Practice? or ?Qualifying? session
  • WMD-5817: Fixed various issues with the time trial (console) gui handler that cause the UI from not working properly after attempting "go to me" on leaderboard which did not contain a personal record


  • The FFB defaults were changed and got a lot of negative feedback from WMD members. Reverting to the previous numbers which people were happy with


  • Garage view changed so that it accepts and process car indexes, other related screens now may forward this index and initialize view of specific vehicle WMD-5688


  • Remove randomisation from player fuel for MP parity (WMD-5594)


  • Alpine A450 LMP2: Fixed incorrect tire texture swaps on non-player cars. Intermediates used full wet textures and vice versa


  • Tires: Carcass start temp +25
  • When fuel use is disabled, fuel car to half estimate required to ensure equlibrium for fuel and non-fuel sessions (WMD-5598)


  • Silverstone: Moved t2 checkpoint back 50m, removed bright patches (WMD forum post #44)
  • Monza: Fixed interesections and moved/removed tree placement from no tree instance xml
  • Eifelwald GP: Fixing major popping of assets, child xmls for lightpoles- specific to route, reducing amount for performance
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Moved corridors out in last corner to keep the inside Kart from contacting tire stack during rolling start. Fixes WMD-5808
  • Moravia: Fixed smoothing groups issues around kerbs and on kerbs which looked broken, added missing kerbsedges, fixed badly distorted UV's on terrain, added LODB pitbox interiors for better performance, kerbs normal map fixed red and green channels, tweaked the noise, cleared terrain broad maps, tweaked colours and brightness to match better, trees cutting throught the fence fixed, added 3D tyrestacks instead of old low poly in pit entrty area, groundcover grass - tweaked colour and brightness to match the ground better