Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • в сетевой игре не работает переход между сессиями
  • чат не работает

Build 939

  • Basic3DFoil version with TSS disabled in DX11 and alpha threshold increased. WMD-5732
  • Code that tells us when the next weather change will happen and what the wetness level of the road can get to with that weathe r change. Work required for WMD- 5784
  • WMD-5779: fix for missing tire default textures when changing to wet tyres and then back again. Includes additional interface in renderer for adding a reference to a texture
  • HUD: Fixed tire uplinks
  • Qualify fuel levels WMD-5752
  • Fix for GUI - Monitor button is disabled on Practice/Qualifying UI (WMD-5785)
  • WMD-5542: Fixed PC - Lobby browser does not have an option to filter/search by name
  • Fixed for GUI - Livery selection is broken, does not provide the selected livery (specifically career car setup) (WMD-5603)
  • WMD-5811: Changed yet another loop how player can enter a kart only track with non-kart vehicle, this time in MP create game gui.
  • Added protection for NULL mpStandingsMenu when handling display of constructor standing in Dashboard screen (when there are no team points). WMD-5795
  • GUIMenu, when a menu is updated and tries to auto-select because it's currently selection is invalid, it will also try and select previous options, if the following options are not valid - WMD-5712
  • WMD 5685: The damage flag is turned the moment the car is fixed in the pitstop and not on leaving the lane from the pitstop and the flag is tied to actual damage on the car and not only the pitstop schedule
  • Fixed track country filter selection automatically selecting the first track in the filtered list and going to the next page. Fixed filter list build to exclude countries for which no selectable track exists for the user's current setup. (JIRA: WMD-5679 )
  • WMD-5721 : Additional Fanatec wheel profile names for specific Porsche wheels
  • WMD-5761: Game spamming weather queries to the server
  • WMD-5804: Run UpdateRemoteVehicle for remote AI's, fixes missing player to remotely hosted AI vehicle collisions
  • Reinstated and updated some prediction code to help with WMD-3046 (PC - Online - Opponent Cars offset at higher speeds)
  • WMD-5794: Fixed bug where the game would share wrong grid order in multiplayer sessions where some players have the same online name
  • WMD-5054: Now getting the correct participant indices, instead of the newer participant ID. Additionally clearing/resetting the entire data when failing to get a valid track or participant
  • Driver hans-system skinning/export fix to avoid PS4 blue triangle issue
  • Work on AI starts: Add process hazards road width ( fixes cars darting to the left in Dubai ). Fix launchRPS AI issue in first gear ( fixes cars bogging down in first ). Fix AI throttling in last red light ( AI was still revving then and could miss the start ). Remove the mTrafficScore based slowdown (3+ cars in a 20m radius) that had been added to lower shunting frequency. This was dragging the AI back way too much when close together. Needs data CL 550267 as the FA car needed some small changes
  • Career Championships: Entry Kart rebalanced to improve difficulty flow between races. WMD-5796
  • McLaren 12C: Fixed damage deformation issues (WMD-5814)
  • Updated debugging for AI and player physics tyres for clarification (WMD-5779)
  • WMD-5784: If no tyre change is deemed necessary, then just return the current tyre type
  • Enable/Disable auto-fueling on session change based on setup fuel availability (WMD-5752)
  • Formula A, SuperKart: Tweaks to increase start speed. Lower 1st, 2nd gears. increased engine torque below 8000 rpms near the stall range, which was where both cars were bogging down. Super Kart increase top speed to closer match the player
  • Monza: Removed tiling artifact
  • Eifelwald GP: Pitlane branding update
  • Mount Panorama: Fixed crowd popping issues
  • California Raceway: Fix popping sitting crowds
  • Zolder: Rain blockers added to pitboxes and bridges
  • Oulton Park: Bug fixing updates lod pop, performance improvments, and exploit fix WMD-5687, fixed instances of object popup reported in Jira issue WMD-5692
  • Connecticut Hill: Fixed crowd popping issues, fixing up lod popups of trees and viewer assets for WMD-5778, fix for pop ups reported by Cassius (former WMD-5778 ) , underpas reflections fixed,further popups found and fixed

Build 938

  • Controller device FFB defaults
  • WMD-5722: Fixed USB id's for Porsche 911 wheel.
  • Fix for weather forecast display issues (WMD-5536)
  • WMD-5792 Disallowing "A day in the life" achievement when using skip-to-end-of-session
  • Remove junk text from tutorial pane to avoid issues with display under certain screen flow - WMD-5554
  • Assets added (but hidden/disabled until functional) to allow the player to search for lobbies by name (5542)
  • Renamed gui data ChatListHolder Text entries to ChatLine1 to resolve WMD-5545 (PC - GUI - In-race chat is not displaying the messages sent by the players)
  • WMD-5371 Added 2 further safeguards for the on your left achievement: Only start tracking this achievement AFTER green light. Don't process this achievement at all for P2P tracks
  • WMD-5669: Clean and proper fix wrong event processing order during session transitions. Merged Event_AdvanceSession and Event_SessionAdvance into one event (Event_AdvanceOnlineSession) which now contains all necessary information and is protected against multiple-delivery. Processing the event executes the individual steps in guaranteed correct order. Old event used locally on the host or in singleplayer is now called Event_AdvanceLocalSession
  • WMD-5780: Adding Event_AcceleratedTime to the list of events, that are processed during Physics reset phase.
  • Fix for hang when skipping TimedRaces. New flag added to the RaceModeInfo and used by TimedRaces, so that the simulation terminates correctly. WMD-5766
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Fixed wrong diffuse texture on tires, new export posted
  • WMD-5584: Manualy updated the mass of dynamic objects dyn_trafficcone02_yellow and uk_cone from 300 to 20 [kg]
  • Chesterfield: Reflections tagging revision
  • Silverstone: Rain blockers added to pits (WMD-565)
  • Azure Circuit: Some adverts updates. fix popping sitting crowds
  • Moravia/Monza: Added rain blockers to pitboxes to Moravia and Monza track
  • Eifelwald:: Update to csm (removed invisible pit object collisions): WMD-5751
  • Dubai: Fix for WMD-565 : added rain-blockers to the garages for all 4 layouts.
  • California Highway: Fixed popin issues, occluder, gaps, mapping and some other things
  • Summerton: Barriers revised, lights added to National and Sprint layouts, csm walls remade, possible shortcuts closed
  • Road America: WMD-5693 - console popping fixed, fixed gap in the pitwall, rain blockers, wet road masking, specular downward blocker
  • Sakitto: D1P Jira 5350, WMD-5788 Fixed pit exit merge issue causing AI to come to a stop exiting pits. Wrong waypoint was chosen for branch

Build 937

  • Basic3Dfoil: Increased alpha cut-off in msaa phase 1 to cope with inconsistent alpha channel reads on some trees (esp. palms), this prevents the transparent tree problem (in most cases)
  • WTC edits for lightning frequency (quartered) and stormy/thunder storm drying rates (doubled). dry condition rates also increased a touch for faster puddle drying
  • Fix for extremely long name on Pit In board (5755)
  • Gamepad navigation on Starting Point screen fixed (5630)
  • Trackmaps: New trackmaps with latest CSM, trgs as requested
  • Latest loc merge and clear translations for English modified 2860055
  • WMD-5699: Don't display disconnect dialogue when accepting an invitation from in-game
  • Fix for WMD-5734 (calibration GUI). Fix for WMD-5733 (Change detailed grass to off/low/med/high/ultra)
  • WMD-1357: Updated the layout & text of the fuel refull and pit stop estimation values to match the new description
  • WMD-5664: Re-wrote the blue flag lapping logic using logic developed from the 'on your left' achievment calculations
  • WMD 5747: Player can no longer enter a kart-only track with a non-kart vehicle by using career loop to switch vehicle
  • WMD-5745: Player is not disqualified for not taking a mandatory pitstop untill he hits last lap
  • WMD-5700: Host must validate rolling start and laps settings when changing track - this missing from within the lobby. Prevents infinite load on Nords S2 after previous settings of Brands Hatch Indy with Rolling Start enabled
  • WMD-5746: AI damage not being repaired under certain circumstances
  • Fix lap estimation for fuel calculations in timed race events (WMD-5730) (on behalf of ChrisF)
  • WMD-5571: Added a new logic test: previously the cars when looking for free space between their current lat and their desired lat ( plus the needed car width ) would only look at side obstacles and and danger obstacles when looking for a free lane and knowing to slowdown for lack of space, they obviously dismissed any faster cars, they also dismissed cars at a "passable" speed as they don't want to slow down in a passing manoeuver. Extra test added now is after the previous test described above which stays as is is a following test that sees if a space wide enough for the car of the car's width is available at the desired lat, to check if indeed space will be available to pass. What was happening is that cars were speeding into multiple "passable" cars at start trying to wedge themselves into space that wasn't wide enough for them. This change is AI wide. Second change is a slight increase in side to side buffer for open wheelers only using the new OPENWHEEL, CLOSEDWHEEL, KART split Third change is setting a minimum speed (5) for the safety speed from targets in front. this raises the speed cars feel they can go at off of 0. If player car started in front or AFKed or any car suddently stopped, cars would register 0 behind it and do the stupid start stop movement until inching out. This could mess up starts so bad so I consider it relevant to the JIRA Forth change is neutral, and won't affect anything : fixing contents of USE_AI_IN_REPLAYS which is turned off by default but allows diagnosing AI through replays and AI resimulating which was absolutely necessary for me to figure out the bug in the first change
  • "Class of 67" Invitational, moved date of first round to fix conflict with contract event. Fixes WMD-5736
  • Fix for career replays crashing when viewing them from the Highlights tab immediately after game startup. Stops it trying to access career participant data when it shouldn't be, as the replay handles participant set up. WMD-5760
  • BAC Mono: Brake disc fixes (WMD-5756)
  • Pagani Huayra: Fixed new cockpit display
  • BMW M3 E30: Fixed GUI name, fixed cpit calibration issue (WMD-5742)
  • Added locking/unlocking of wedge setup setting (WMD-2660)
  • WMD-4574: For AI vehicles, tyre deformation spring and damper rates of a wheel attached to ground are now computed from available grip force
  • Clio Cup: Fixed bad oversteer on cold tires. Reduced cold fall-off of tires and slight setup adjustments to tire pressures, rear camber. Fixes WMD-5741
  • Oschersleben: Fix of floating dynamic objects, wmd-5691
  • Connecticut Hill: Recalculated corridors to fix AI running off the outside of turn 1 and a few other cornerw. Caused by the bad raycast code that was fixed a few weeks ago. Negelcted to do this one
  • Cadwell: Fixed the visible popping issues described in WMD-5515, Fixed broken collision on marshal hut that was causing the car to become trapped inside (Inverted normals on collision mesh) and some missing collision around a tyre wall, Fixed broken armco material (wet road flag was incorrectly set causing mirror like reflections in rain),Fixed missing tribune in Woodland (Was missing from selection set), Fixed broken occluders in woodand area (Too many faces to be valid, replaced with single occluder plane and tested)

Build 936

  • PC: Correctly handle buffer lock failure. WMD-5652
  • WMD-5708: AppLink mismatch fixes
  • WMD-5703: Fixed camera thread safety issues
  • Limit of 60 characters in lobby chat and in-game lobby chat WMD-3938
  • Fix for WMD-1408, Application showing Session results after selecting skip to end of session
  • Fix for WMD-5701: Matches up various applink register/unregister pairs to fix memory trashing crashes.
  • Fixes for loading music glitches after starting Career Race sessions from the pause menu. WMD-5706 and WMD-3390
  • Follow-up fix for WMD-5700 / CL 547645, ensure the rolling start flag is transmitted to MP peers when updated
  • WMD-5725: Fixed bug where the Time Trial would remain unaccessible forever after attempting to open TT while signed out and then signing in later
  • WMD-5700: Ensure rolling start by gamemode value is updated when rolling starts are disabled due to track change validation (fixes infinite loading in multiplayer on point to point tracks when rolling starts have been used previously in a circuit race)
  • WMD-5669: Implemented temporary workarounds trying to force the two AdvanceSession and SessionAdvance events to be always delivered in the correct order. More complicated and proper fix to follow
  • PitEngineer: 'Good Points' VO no longer triggered if the player finishes outside the top 7, or if the player was DNF. Fixes WMD-5638
  • WMD-5735: Sorting on career lists doesn't work correctly when invitationals the same day as career
  • Career Championships: Problematic series updated to correct calendar starting dates. Fixes WMD-5689
  • Fix for WMD-5027, career gui dashboard and the main menu now shows correct team/motorsport logo, while in Invitational event
  • Career Championships: Prototypes series starting times and time accel tweaked to ensure time of day works for all cars. Fixes WMD-5690
  • Don't display "Vehicle Invalid" text in the career calendar Progress Restriction when it's only invalid because of the contract (already displayed), to avoid confusion about car selection. WMD-5676
  • Cockpit display issues fixed (WMD-5633)
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth: Fixed UV mapping issues (WMD-5634)
  • Aston Martin Rapide Hybrid: Fixed rain effects (WMD-5632)
  • Mercedes SLS + SLS GT3: Approval fixes (WMD-5540 + WMD-5541), Fixed incorrect brake disc glow IDs on LODX - WMD-5682
  • Lotus 72D: Approval issues (WMD-5694), Added separate mirror material
  • Ford Focus RS: Removed matte black paint colour for approval (WMD-5729)
  • Lotus 78: Approval issues (WMD-5696), Lowered rearwing (approval request)
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Approval fixes (steeringwheel logo, disabled exh. smoke, tire logos removed)
  • Pagani Huayra: New ambient shadow, GUI image and model year updated for approval changes (WMD-5516)
  • Lotus 98T: Approval issues (WMD-5695), grilles changed to matte black, rear diffusor shape changed (approval request)
  • Lotus 49: Fixed incorrect brake disc glow IDs on LODX - WMD-5682
  • Palmer JPLM: Fixed incorrect brake disc glow IDs on LODX - WMD-5682
  • Super Karts: AI work to minimize curb sensitivity on large curbs. A small part of WMD-5684 which is now passed onto SteveD.
  • Sakitto: Fixed visible skyring seam
  • Brands Hatch: Gaps closed, collisions fixes
  • Oulton Park: Cut track edits to fix WMD-5687
  • Silverstone: Branding update, track manager branding textures
  • Glencairn: All 6 layouts - edited alpha values to fix WMD-5511 track clipping
  • Lemans: Added garage spots to the new open garages near the end of the garages.
  • Chesterfield: Fix for misplaced TRGs meaing player can cut the grass and miss them.
  • Lakeville: Fix for start TRG rotated and pit exit TRG just sticking through the wall.
  • Azure Circuit: Fix of bad z-flickering advert on bridge before start on xboxone and some pivot issues
  • Belgian Forest Circuit: Fix of bushes at slope, swap from HWinstance to static so they can receive shadows and mtx tweak
  • Bathurst: Fix of missing overlay edge, fix for bad shading of winemesh which appeared in certain sun angles, fix of long grass growing on sideroad
  • Eifelwald: Corridor work near pit lane entrance to keep AI from missing hard left into main pit area, new corridors in the pit area around where the gas pumps were removed. WMD-5588
  • Oschersleben: Fixed a small gap around TRG 2 on the C layout, fix of treeplacement issues (intersections, floating trees and trees pushed into terrain) and types fixed, fix of some tent pops, instance types reduced, lower fps raised 5fps, three frame drops fixed
  • Le Mans and Bugatti: Added garages to the end of the mainbuildings small appendix building. The main pit buildings garages have been all opened but there were cars placed in front of the small building at the end which was never planed to have garages. These garages have been opened now and are available for Doug to place the garage spots inside there now. This is part of issue WMD-5672. Doug will edit the AIW. Lukas care about the pit positions

Build 935


  • DX9: Video playback fix for colour shift bug
  • Additional refleciton flag to allow us to use smaller reflection emap culling
  • DX11: Video playback fix for colour shift bug (or more precisely Chrominance channel sampling not having the correct scale )
  • Support for phase 1 culling on 1.0 (minus some noise) if phase 3 is msaa. Also in MSAA increases alpha after test on DX9/PS4/XB1. WMD-5004
  • Removing the test for trees in the lod selection code as it is actually causin gtrees to pop in the main scene. Approved by Rob .. Bug WMD-5221


  • Fixed the 2 BBQ smoke effects so they no longer rotate and give a block-alpha effect on the quads


  • Fix ingame lobby applink default values (WMD-5662)
  • Tile to set lap count in a pC Time Trial removed (5601)
  • WMD-5642: Fixed wrong message being displayed when disconnecting
  • New dialog to warn before we open an external web page - WMD-5567
  • Add warning message when activating an external web page - WMD-5567
  • PitEngineer: Address repetitive and/or incorrect messages. Fixes WMD-4274
  • Fix for WMD 4141, updating lower values of sliders to fit within the specified range
  • Fix ingame menu keeping hold of deferred page gotos between events (part of WMD-5669)
  • WMD-5371 Fixed "On your left" achievement. Now waypoint error checking is implemented for when waypoint is on next lap, & lap number is still on previous lap. Also tightened the logic up a bit. It no longer tries to be as clever, so now allows overtaking of participants in pits/garage. Also added more solid checks on participants active within a the race


  • Switch from DQ to reset when entering pit through exit in MP (WMD-5617)
  • Fix for pit trigger being touchable from the main track causing an instant DQ - moved the trigger back so its protected by the concrete wall.
  • Code side fix for WMD-1357 , pit stop estimation value is now changed to show estimated pitstop duration in seconds. As a part of this fix, the timing constants were moved from the Pitstop.script alone to a relevant hrdf file


  • Fixed career data check to pick up on any incorrect year setting, and date progression across round transitions. No JIRA, debug-only code for testing data


  • WMD-5628: Updated physics manager exclusive access to use critical locks instead of atomic CAS. Added exclusive access test to paused physics tick call


  • Formula C: Added a bit of scoop prevention to the collision shapes. WMD-5659


  • Donington: Fixed some popping issues. Jira bug: WMD-5349
  • Zolder/Imola/Belgium: Viewer placement optimization, popup fixes
  • Hockenheimring: Fix popping issues, fix vt assets popping for all variants
  • Azure Coast Westbound: Rolling start distance moved from 1m to 75m to fix WMD-5670