Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • в сетевой игре не работает переход между сессиями
  • чат не работает

Build 934

  • DX11: Improved instance culling
  • DX11: Fix for tyrewalls culling errors.
  • Adds 'IsMultiSample' to base implementation. (Part of WMD-5004)
  • Phase 1 now detects if phase 3 is MSAA and sets appropriate flags. (Part of WMD-5004)
  • Adds MSAA mode to DX9/DX11 and sets mode.y depending on flag passed in to BeginRenderingToTarget. Pre-req for WMD-5004
  • 'My Records' tab removed from PC Time Trial screen (3365)
  • Space removed on DriverNetworkGalleryDialog screen (2850)
  • Fix for MP Lobby Weather forecast display issues (WMD-5536)
  • Add missing media count applink unregisters (part of WMD-2580)
  • Fixes applinks in timetrial vehicle selection - data - WMD-5636
  • Profile race entered statistics instead of miles driven WMD-5058
  • WMD-2642: Changed "Driving assists" to "Driving Assists Allowed"
  • Prevent quick menu going to the DNP page when already on it (part of WMD-2850)
  • WMD-4736: Fixed last case of pit board not hiding correctly after a drive through
  • Console button prompts now present on View Photos tab of the Driver Network (2850)
  • WMD-5606 - Add "jump to event" button to event screen and add details to button names
  • WMD-2642: Added new driving aids main menu texts to the applinks, for NONE, REAL & ALL
  • Browse screen tooltip now removed references to 'world' (now says 'those available') (5538)
  • WMD-2642: Changed driving aids main menu texts to lower case instead, From: NONE, REAL, ALLto None, Real, All
  • WMD-5542: PC - Lobby browser does not have an option to filter/search by name. Code implementation, GUI Button still needs adding
  • WMD-4141: Fixed FFB screen bugfixes, the sliders now have correct values per definition spreadsheet and react correctly on clicks
  • WMD-5622: Fixed in-game chat handler not handling certain player leave reason when displaying the messages. Changed default leave message to not specify "unknown" reason
Dedicated server (WIP):
  • Added config option to set the server's password
  • Rebuilt Windows exectuable with latest code and version
  • Added cmdline option to use specific DS rather than "best public"
  • Query for password when creating session on a password-protected DS
  • Default name for sessions hosted on DS are now set to that server's name, rather than the initial host's name
  • Pit Fuel Animation ART: Added BMW m1, BMW m3 gt4, ford mk1 rs
  • Pitcrew Animation ART: Fuel anim Ansto martin Rapide Left side added
  • GT Pitcrew fuel mechanic : Initial export files L_LC ; L_RC; R_LC; R_RC
  • WMD-5626: Protect against updating Pit logic for cars under MP Control
  • Pit Location 27 snapped to terrain + aligned (was under ground after last revision) - WMD-5648
  • Edited Pit Out trigger box to prevent the bug described in WMD-5649. Moved the box back a little so it's fully inside the pit lane
  • Added protection to accessing player pointer (WMD-5627)
  • When advancing sessions, reset up best player tyres based on updated session conditions (WMD-5629)
  • Moved SetupPhysicsWeatherInitialSettings to before physics enters advanced session state (WMD-5629)
  • Career Championships: Kart series - Corrects a balancing issue caused by player forced to last place on the grid. Fixes WMD-5616
  • Career Championships: LMP1 American Masters - Fixes a date sequence issue that caused the series to start with round 4. (WMD-5643)
  • Make sure player vehicle slot is set when skipping career sessions in the calendar so that tuning setups still load (part of WMD-5629)
  • Moved time/weather setup from SetupSession to AdvanceSession so that physics picks up weather changes in time for tyre selection. Also fixed missing header affecting script building. Final part of WMD-5629
  • 250cc Superkart: Adjusted bump stop and damper settings to reduce off road bounciness. WMD-5472
  • Imola: Fixed WMD-5625, WMD-5620
  • Removed sitting spectators from one tribune
  • Snetterton: Fix lod popping for all variants
  • Moravia: Pit exit trigger updated to avoid DQ
  • Road America: Missing rain blockers, WMD-5584- Cone collision issue - replaced yellow cones as requested
  • Oschersleben: Swap thrustmaster flag for official, reduce some assets for better performance, fix popping and update some lights
  • Azure Coast: Specific issues (drawing distance) fixed + far distance tweaks for track cameras (to avoid far terrain culling) - WMD 5278
  • Eifelwald: Fix for WMD-5588, removed the petrol pumps and the kerb they were on, removed the blocking collision from the main CSM, exported main and stage 1 as the other 2 don't see the pits area

Build 933

  • Alters BeginRenderingToTarget parameters. Pre-req for WMD-5004 (Benign change)
  • WMD-5068 : Added protection against dereferencing a NULL object pointer in scene graph query results
  • WMD-5576: Sun added for clear icon
  • Updated Steam achievement translations
  • PC time trial navigation fixes WMD-4007
  • Add photo view support (part of WMD-2850)
  • Another batch of achievement translation fixes
  • WMD-4575: Enables the host icon on the pause menu
  • Support for long input names on Edit Controls screen (4332)
  • Overlap on in-game lobby screen weather forecast fixed (5610)
  • Do not play menu slide anim on first entry to the main menu - WMD-4267
  • WMD-5329: Fixed disabling Time Trial menu, where all buttons included are locked
  • Fixes list early selection issues for lists which do not require activation - WMD-5603
  • WMD-2467: "PC Specific" UI - Ghost selection does not provide valid results after switching vehicle
  • WMD-5583: Fixed the metrics total race time from using invalidated time. Fixes large DNP screen time values
  • Adds delay to list setting for vehicle model selection to prevent the livery 'set data dirty' call happening inside the 'GUIList::Update' loop - WMD-5603
  • WMD-5425: Aries - Photo Mode - Racing line should be hidden when in photo mode. Adds required number of skipped frames when removing racing line, also kills coherence on PS4 during photo
  • Fix for Camera clips through the track and the user is able to view out of gameplay area when the car is flipped upside down (WMD-1079)
  • Free Practice Start issue fix (reverted previous AIW revision to disable the latest changes) - WMD 5604
  • RaceManager: Prevent logic in UpdateSession_Qualify from checking for session being over before it has started. Fixes WMD-3373
  • Pitcrew Animation ART: Added ford mk1 RS and BMW m3 GT4
  • Pitcrew animation ART: Fixed aston martin names and added BMW 1M
  • Pitcrew GT master ART: Updated fuel animatino Aston martin rapide
  • GT Pitcrew: Fuel mechanic | Lpitbox| GT_L_RR - initial _VEH scene
  • WMD-5560: Now handling edge state of occupied-pits correctly, for both the penalties, and the pit board display. Also re-schedule the pit board messaging for cases where the pit has been missed due to occupied state
  • Fixed bug that could happen when player is simulating skippable sessions in a new series. WMD-4841
  • Mercedes SLS: Approval fixes (front grille)
  • Tires: Opt-in bias fix
  • RUF RGT8: Setup changes for stiffer rear carcass
  • 250CC Kart: Increesed tire spring rate and damping for better AI handling
  • GroupA Cars: Updated to a more hewland type shifting so shorter shifting and harder to damage. Increased brake torque by 10%.. BMW 320 removed some understeer from default setup
  • Snetterton: Added pistands
  • Fix for shadow UFOs bug on Sonoma, Cadwell etc
  • Laguna Seca: Restored version 8's AIW changes that got overritten by Zybnekt's version 9
  • Dubai Kartdrome: New pit garage area that fixes Jira WMD 5459. Angled garage spots to smooth turning on exit to avoid hitting the sidewalks
  • Eifelwald: Relocated first garage spot to other side of gas pumps for a clean exit in free practice. Need pumps removed to clean up race weekend pitting and exiting problem
  • Oschersleben: Optimized lod popping for medium settings, lod seting for dyn objects, update tracks.lod for all variants, fix popping on medium settings, lod setup for dyn objects

Build 932

  • Fixed invalid transmission whine on Caterham_SP300R
  • Track environment sounds updated with final balancing
  • Vehicle Showcase UI: Remove VO playback - Fixes WMD-5513
  • Fixed issues with weak sound and no bass on BMW_Z4_GT3 and BMW_M3_E30_GroupA
  • Removed Reverb definitions from Formula A so they don't interfere with track reverbs
  • Stopped bumpstop sounds from persisting when back at menus. Also fixed an mistargeted NULL when destroying. WMD-4824
  • Fix for flicker bug , wmd-5512
  • Re-enabled (engine) heat particles on PC
  • Fix for the White Flashes (mainly on distance track sections) bug
  • PC/XB1: MainMenuBackground::Cleanup() add WaitForIdle() call (WMD-5494)
  • DX11: Implement WaitForIdle() - required to fix Debug build issue (WMD-5494)
  • Fix photo thumbnails leaking (WMD-5537)
  • Fixes time trial vehicle selection filters - WMD-5462
  • WMD-5475: Dont force reset settings for driver aids yes
  • Use correct translation table for vehicle shapes - WMD-5526
  • Final boot trailer uploaded from Ed. It's effing amazing!
  • Fixes out-of-step calls to OnSelected for list which auto activate - WMD-5557
  • Leaderboard find me and other search buttons were not working correctly. WMD-4007
  • 35% progress towards getting 4332 fixed (embedding text objects underneath text scrollers)
  • Fixes WMD-5531 Incorrect weather forecast slot setup in multiplayer games for host and clients
  • Fix for camera option slider bars skipping values when using joypad / keyboard keys (related to WMD-5297)
  • Fixed various missing/incorrect text and typos in the English section of the Pit Engineer subtitles. WMD-5529
  • Make sure ingame menu has closed before triggering restart, so that physics doesn't complete before it's ready (WMD-3841, WMD-4031 & WMD-5433)
  • WMD-3351: Fixed ticking ghosts in Time Trial (consoles) screen using event magic to identify ghost, which is not an unique identifier. Now leaderboard entry ranks are used instead. Fixed ghost unticking not working on Community Events screen
  • WMD-5237: All - Online - Finishing positions in online races are often displayed as wrong.
  • WMD-5260: MP lobby leave dialogue is autoprocessed when a game invitation has been accepted
  • WMD-3877: PC - Design - DRIVER NETWORK - Multiple ghost cars are selected on changing the ghost cars in the ?Select Ghost Car 1? option
  • GT Pitcrew: Fuel mechanic- initial files for R&L pitbox CR fuel intake
  • GT Pitcrew: Fuel mechanic- GT_R_RR fuel intake inital _VEH export scene
  • AI/Pitstops:
  • Balanced speed and times of AI when accelerating time and skipping to end of session (WMD-5450)


  • All career series weather rebalanced for a good spread of all weather conditions and transitions in longer events. Completes WMD-4814
  • Pagani Zonda R: Fixed ZondaR logos on liveries. (WMD-5517)
  • Pagani Huayra: Repositioned a few (non paintable) carbon parts to squeeze the new splitter
  • FG1000, Formula B: Reduced slick tire cold sensitivity by about 30%
  • Supercar tires: Stiffened rear tire carcass to reduce propensity for wandering
  • McLaren P1: Revised default setup to cure some of the oversteer/wandering rear end
  • Formula C: Moved default brake bias forward as it was locking the rears quite a lot
  • More cold drop off edits in the tire.rg - Formula C, GroupA and Ford TransAm rear tires
  • Stored tyre types in replay metrics to ensure tyre swaps and rewind in replay are compatible (WMD-3348)
  • WMD-3515 Fixed visual representation of tyre compounds. Each wheel can be assigned its own compound and correctly visualized
  • Wisconsin Raceway: Branding updates
  • Fixed mipmaping for Moravia and Donington
  • Laguna Seca: brpad terrain texture cleanup
  • California Raceway: Real life branding, wet setp fixes
  • Sakitto: Optimizations and reflections settings Jira WMD-5350
  • Cadwell: Added manager logo boards to walls and armco in a few places
  • Brands Hatch: Gaps closed, placement fixes, csm walls revision, stand 003 fix
  • Azure Coast: Fixed popin issues, wmd 5444, occluder, gaps, mapping and some other things
  • California Highway: Latest updates, scene cleaned, texture and shader paths fixed. tunnel smoothed and overlayede updated
  • Oulton Park: Bug fixing updates for csm for wrong mat types, fix for fakeline overlays flating around circuits, fix for flickering bridge lods, added lods for pit garage buildings
  • Imola: Tree placement adjusted as some were sticking through walls. This export contains the updated grandstand oposite the pitlane from Kate and Martins new bridge near the end of the lap. finalized textures for new bridge
  • Eiffelwald: Fixed Karousell cars still too fast flying off outside with slow down way points. Seems to work. Also lowered the alpha value of the groove in the karousell to fix the flickering. Edited the corridors in the pit lane to smooth the exit
  • Dubai Autodrome: Fixed bright embankment overlays , fixed kerb smoothing that was causing white reflections in wet weather , removed blank nmaps from the main road materials to save the draw cost and simplify the shader, which also helps to bring out the nmaps in game

Build 930-931

  • Fixed the music/GUI surround mix to work with the audio output changes for WMD-5441. WMD-5521
  • Fixes for audio glitches when viewing replays from the main menu (WMD-3504) and from viewing replays from the highlights tab (WMD-5298)
  • Tweaks to Macca F1externals - taming some of the 'exterior ambience' layer to reduce higher frequency content at distance. For McLaren Approval process
  • WMD-5509: Too much wetness in Storm and Thunderstorm settings makes most cars undrivable. Light rain and Rain unchanged, Storm 0.40, Thunderstorm 0.45, puddle values tweaked to match.This should restore playabilty
  • Weird background issue fixed (5492)
  • Fix TT leaderboard page size (WMD-4842)
  • Sounds added to post-event screens (3983)
  • Long gamertags now fixed on Event screen (5461)
  • Go To Next/Previous/Top/Me buttons fixed for WMD 4842
  • Update to career bio text on EnterInitialInfo screen (5485)
  • Very long Pit Strategy names will now show correctly (5484)
  • Pre-heated tire text removed from Player Tailoring descriptions
  • Fix for tutorial screens not having the mouse pointer. WMD-5343
  • Fix for WMD-3837. Fix so that displayed name is always in sync
  • Stop spamming the world record applinks when selecting tracks - WMD-5495
  • WMD-5432: Lap count correctly updated after recieving Drive-Through Penalty
  • Show career calendar days as disabled if they're before the current date. WMD-5506
  • Will now display Yes/No instead of Inverted/Normal for the Invert Camera Y Axis option . (WMD-2070)
  • Increased events sent to app for performance after CL 542676 fixed event threading issues (WMD-723)
  • Fix for "real time" Time Progression option not being selectable when using keyboard keys (WMD-5297)
  • For timed sessions and skip to end, skip to end of time then end of lap for race completion (WMD-5476)
  • Fixes to allow HUD UI objects to update and to auto scroll the position gamertags correctly - WMD-5344 
  • Fix for WMD-3837. Change selected colour so that selected driver details are visible in the timings list on the pit monitor.
  • Records tab on console no longer has global fastest times, credits screen now shows you can press down to scroll faster (4714 5158)
  • WMD-5505: PC/PS4 - Placeholder texts used in PC/PS4 rich presence updates; fix applies long textdb string to PC/PS4. Also reduced update rate
  • WMD-5273: Not a complete fix yet. All - Online - Finishing positions in online races are often displayed as wrong
  • Potential fix for WMD-5282 - User car auto toggles between two different cars in ?MULTIPLYER SESSION LOBBY? screen
  • Fix for WMD-3367 'Another player?s message? is displayed for the chat messages of the players in the chat box of ?Online Lobby? page
  • WMD-4714: Fixed code setting up the Records tiles on Quickj Race Weekend, MP Create and Time Trial screens. Fixed MP Create not refreshing the display when changing track or vehicle. Fixed QRW not refreshing the display when changing vehicle. Fixed leaderboard entries not having the "this is entry from overall best leaderboard" flag set correctly sometimes on consoles. Fixed the main handler potentially using records set on different track/vehicle when the responses come out of order, not handling AuoTT events on consoles correctly, and not handling results from multi-vehicle console leaderboards correctly
  • Race session fails to end if the user is DQ. WMD-5480
  • Fix WMD-2621 Replays - Brake markers and safety cones disappear during full replays
  • WMD-5520: Garage crew now moves away when simlate is pressed while the vehicle is still in the garage
  • WMD-5482: Disabled the teleport to pits call for tracks which don't support pre-race sessions. Instead ending the race immedietely for single-player games
  • All Invitationals: Series duration rebalanced. Lowered round counts and/or dropped minimum session duration as required. (part of WMD-4810)
  • All core motorsports: Series duration rebalanced. Lowered round counts for most, dropped minimum session duration to the lowest that the logic will allow (part of WMD-4810)
  • BMW M1: Fixed rain effects
  • Pagani Huayra: Livery fixes for approval (WMD-5517)
  • Pagani Zonda R: Livery fixes for approval (WMD-5517)
  • Pagani Zonda Cinque: Livery fixes for approval (WMD-5517)
  • McLaren F1: Statistics update for McLaren approval. WMD-5449
  • Added a 0.5m overlap in LOD distance for door objects only to prevent them briefly disappearing - WMD-5503
  • New Clio Cup rain tire tuned and LMP1, LMP2 and LM900 Intermediates
  • AI behaviour fix: Returned previous method of COG height calculation
  • 250cc SuperKart: Reverted CDF revision 33 which was causing severe oversteer/wandering
  • Sweep to catch any tires which weren't getting enough preheat at race start. Used 100C as a general target since that is in the zone on 99% of our tires. WMD-5501
  • WMD-5122: Modified updating of dynamic actors by zones: only particle actors can now be deactivated when out of all zones, non-particle visible actors are activated when non-active. Dynamic actors are re-created on simulation restart. Updated overriding the pose of dynamic actor so it is not woken up in simulation
  • Track logos flags added to start straight to complete licensing requirements.
  • Increased Nvidia dynamic logo panel draw distance for use on Bathurst (dynamic asset)
  • Summerton: New export
  • Sakitto: Fixes for Jira WMD-53450
  • Snetterton: Track logo flags added
  • Jin-Ding: Bug fixing & optimization
  • Besos: Fixes of bugs reported by WMD
  • Bathurst: Lods popping fixes, fix for overlays issue around esses
  • Oulton Park: 3d crowd/marshall reduction between lodge and deer leap to smooth out fps dip
  • BrandsHatch: Reflection tagging updated, overlay flicker reduced at reported spots, WMD-5493
  • Cadwell: Added track logo flags, optimizations - Removed white beach flags and thind out parked caravans
  • Moravia: New occluders set, tweaked and tested, terrain and banking divided to smaller pieces for better performance.
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Reflection tags update, bridge wall fix, activated puddle reflection tagging for wet weather optimisations
  • Eifelwald GP: Fixed variety of vertical flags : fixed protruding tyrewalls/tyre covers, fixed 3d & 2d tree placement & lod settings
  • Eifelwald: Big finished-tasks pass , items listed at WMD, added concrete blocks and new collision to block the pit entry on STAGE 1
  • Oschersleben: Added new official logos, fix coll mesh, fixed lod distance, created normal map. Updated wall texture -made it tileable
  • Le Mans: Most of lod pop ups fixed .. began with optimiyed reflections cast shadow and see in envmap tickings on the viewer placed assets
  • Road America: Anti spotyness pass on viewer placed lights, missing draw reflections tagged, missing trackedges, draw reflections tagged for slopes
  • Azure Circuit: Marbles boxes excess fixed, collision wall materials updated, instances placments and lod adjusted, fix for various reported flicker and pops
  • Donington: TSL check and fixes, new outer and innder terrain materials, updated road materials, added missing trackedges, updated trackedges materials, fixed wrong position of fences, fixed wrong position of some buildings
  • Zolder: Fixed missing light flags , adjusted light ranges so they just go under the ground , removed 9 lights from under the track. more lod distance fixes - popping blue building and a few treewalls fixed., tree optimisation, removed most 3d trees and switched them to 2d. Kept a few hero trees
  • Lakeville: Fixed missing wet track ref flags on some adverts , also fixed missing mountain in the reflections which required splitting the mesh up. fixed a tiny alpha-gap in the skybox. fixed various lod popping issues , also fixed stupid mispaced pivots on LODBs of the low-res tyres stacks and a glitch in the terrain near the 3 pits.
  • Monza: Viewer placed assets updates, fixed tyrestacks flickering through the tyrecover, fixed some levitating assets, setting lod distance, WMD-5219: Static emap positions changed for Monza (lamps in emaps causing bad reflections on night buildings) and Silverstone (flashing billboards causing the rain cloud lighting to strobe at night)
  • Hockenheim: Fixed noisy mips on the road detailmap caused by bad DXT compression. removed Warsteiner (beer advert) for pegi3 and optimised textures, minor tweak for one tribune lamp and added missing files for animated sign for National and Short (copy and renamed from GP), fixed popping viewer assets and finalise night lighting, added new textures for licensing pass, new logos and bottle
  • Imola: Adjusted textures, created better textures for new bridge. fixed and better textures for tyrewalls, less tiling, better quality etc. Re-positioned 2 trees sticking through the concrete walls. Large yellow tv cranes tagged to appear in the reflections (wet setup), new updated armco textures (higher resolution), fixed and better textures for tyrewalls, less tiling, better quality etc
  • Silverstone: Bug fixing and general issue fixing pass - fixed a load of minor issues eg z-fighting overlays , incorrect ground materials , wrong CSM etc.. , reflection tagging setup , removed 2 spec-blockers to leave just 1. setup reflection tagging on all the 4 layouts , removed 2 vehicles that were in a driveable area on the INT layout, moved 2 emergency vehicles off the main INT track and behind the barriers , grounded some floating bollards and moved some cones that were sticking into kerbs on the STOWE layout

Build 928-929


  • Load to front end tips - WMD-5436
  • WMD-3637: Restart confirmation dialog
  • Text changed for Gold Accolades (5474)
  • Ability to select other online players post-event now fixed (5259)
  • Fix for cameras not getting fixed up on return from race..WMD-5421
  • Fixing the vehicle applinks used by the showcase screen - WMD-3269
  • Fix for an unearthed possible cause of WMD-723 , crash duing Skip to end of Session
  • Credit screen changed to large single sheet menu and auto scroll applied - WMD-5158
  • Fixes 'jump to next event' button by holding an arracy of registered lists - WMD-5416
  • WMD 5439: Respect players choice of imperial/metric units in the driver network profile
  • WMD-5429: Obeying players choice between metric/imperial system in the network profile section
  • Post race ensures chat is closed for itself, chat were stealing input here and in later screens. WMD-2749
  • Logo added to return to frontend screen, hints/tips also added but hidden until they can be made working in code (5436)
  • Address all issues causing a technical hang when selecting "Skip to End of Session" from the pause menu. Fixes WMD-5335.
  • Will keep the selected driver and the position in the standings list when waiting for all drivers to finish the race (WMD-5326)
  • Photomode: WMD-5089 - implemented independet step for focus distance sliders set to 0.1m for garage and 0.5m for ingame photomode
  • Make blue/cold tyre temperature display slightly sooner on the main HUD (because some tyres were too easily dropping into the cold zone). Part of fix for WMD-5413.
  • When selecting a Track or Vehicle, the lists will default the selected item to the currently selected Tracke/Vehicle. If the item is no longer available then the first item is selected instead. (WMD-4631)


  • Replay Cameras: Monza - all layouts updated to fix an issue with the start straight camea zoon. Part of WMD-4812 (belated)


  • Solve Free practice starts with the user car in first gear on restarting the session (WMD-3523)


  • Fixed weather change not working - WMD-4243
  • Fixed cached timings copy overwriting random parts of the LobbyFlowHandler structure, leading to various kinds of fun and crashes in JIP
  • WMD-5363: Fixed bug where disconnect during load would not exit back to main menu correctly, and issues with internal online session state not being reset correctly when leaving during load, leading to subsequent join failing.
  • WMD-5310: Fixed online id+name cache not being updated when starting signed out on PS4 and then signing in later. This caused all kinds of issues, pretty much any code depending on knowing the id did not work correctly (most obvious when going to leaderboards after signing in)
  • WMD-5252 Display hurry up timer in post-race external cameras. WMD-5261 Display voip talkers in post-race external camera, display voip talkers in post-race results screen. Mutes voip during loading screens on PS4 where we don't presently have the elements required for voip display (TRC 4046), until a better solution can be implemented


  • WMD-5163: Pit location adjustments
  • Pit repair for player uses zero threshold to ensure repairs requested are always actioned (WMD-1194)
  • Cars in the pit lane going in slow down if they detect other cars in the pit lane in front of them (WMD-4546)
  • Garage exit speed has is slower for slow cars like carts and based on 25% of topSpeed if that value is below 50% of pitlane speed to prevent slow cars from blasting throttle on garage exits. (WMD-5459)
  • Reactivate starting waypoint checking for sector 2 ( to make sure waypoint won't be across the starting line and fixing the first position registering as last bug ). Added a conditional IF ROLLING START to that check so that cars starting in the back of the line and outside of sector 2 inside sector 1 wont be forced to look at a sector 2 waypoint if one is close to keep closed bugs such as Karts in rolling starts. (WMD-5419)


  • Added career data check for >4 career events on the same date, needed for WMD-4156
  • Career Championships: All core career series updated with in-sport AI challenge and participant spread ramping. WMD-4808
  • Added a speech volume modifier to the race finished state, so that speech plays at the lower level along with the other sounds. PostRace mode reactivated, to return speech back to normal levels for the tutorial speech. WMD-3600


  • McLaren F1: Removed 1 paint colour for approval (WMD-5449)


  • Events sent to physics to notify of pre-race and disallow gear changes during that time (WMD-3522)
  • Fix related to WMD-5285. Detached vehicle parts of player that left multiplayer session are not updated (stop in mid-air). Fixed by forcing all components to turn off during VehicleRender destruction


  • Donington Park: Flying crowds fixed
  • Chesterfield: Apply puddle reflection tagging
  • Moravia: Fixed intersecting & flickering trees
  • Sakitto: Set Pre-race allowed to be "true" a requested by Stephen
  • Oschersleben: Added new txt for hut and ao and emm txt for pitbuilding
  • Snetterton: Added new ao and emm map for pitbuilding and race control tower
  • Oulton Park: 3d tree placement optimisations and updates to tree hwinstances
  • Imola: Adjusted texture, updated higher resolution textures for concrete barriers
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Reset special waypoints to fix line 116 branch not showing in the AIW. Fixes WMD-5452
  • Dubai: Fixes for floating objects (viewer scenes), added track centre data to TRDs for cloud zones/boundaries
  • Monza: Optimizations, reflections in viewer assets, added new treewall texture and recolourised bridge foliage texture
  • Mount Panorama: Dead grass overlays added for plain areas where the new autograss isn?t growing, dead grass overlays added for plain areas where the new autograss isn?t growing
  • Besos: Csm walls remade, bugs fixes, night setup fixes, emissive adjustment pass, problematic adverts removed, placement and LOD distance bugs fixes, csm walls remade, gaps closed
  • Road America: Draw reflections tagged, treewalls fix, light tweaked to remove spottyness of lights around the track, fixed a bunch of lights not having the far attenuation tick ticked correctly
  • Glencairn: Added missing wet ref tagging, reflection tagging enabled for wet track optimisations, enable "draw in reflections" for objects close to track, fixed skidmarks intersections with road, added missing grass skids, fixed/smoothed too angular jump (reported on WMD forum)
  • Greenwood: New Tarmac material setup, Fixed static emap location (before was outside from circuit), Check DBV broad and detail are in the correct (inverted) order and check impostors intensities look correct, Turn off aniso where it's not needed, Global welding pass to fix micro gaps/visible seams, STL check on the track csm mesh - include set correct CSM material for WALL collisions (amrco, twalls, concrete...), fixed floating overlays and objects