Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • экран выбора сложности поврежден, поэтому рекомендуется НЕ УДАЛЯТЬ ПРОФИЛЬ

Build 926-927

  • Fixed CSD errors for invalid transmission whines. WMD-5400
  • Fixing audio data issues. Fixed compression setting in Atom3SC AI. Removed unused sounds (JPM, Proto and R500). Tidied up categories (MercA45 and Proto). Curve fix for FA, fixed quality setting in Transmission. WMD-5400
  • Fix WMD-5280 - All - Render - White line at the side of the track seem to disappear depending on angle
  • WMD-5065: Fix for first time run settings not being picked up correctly. Also added switch -configDetail to report first time run settings chosen - only effects PC build
  • Overlap on lobby weather fixed (5414)
  • Player Tailoring screen removed (2791)
  • Scouting Report reference removed (4993)
  • Lap Records returned to QRW and Multiplayer Create screens
  • WMD-5274: Added new text MultiplayerMenus_FailedPleaseWait
  • Restart avaliable against settings in career issue WMD-1282
  • Translation slots for front and rear engine position WMD-4566
  • Weather change not saved or updated in UI correctly - WMD-4243
  • Remaining thin lines disappearing at less-than-1080p now finished (4134)
  • View Gamercard button removed from Specator Mode in single-player (5340)
  • WMD-3251: Fixed memory leaks triggered when entering/exiting main menu garage
  • WMD-2844: PC - Online - Driving aids restrictions aren't enforced - gui changes
  • Legal pass on sprites/textures, missing background pics added to source control
  • Fix for session lap info box in HUD not appearing by default (WMD-5332 & WMD-4586)
  • WMD-5274: Added new text MultiplayerMenus_FailedPleaseWait. Added for handling Rate Limit exceeded
  • WMD-1605 Fixed the 'cut track' timed warning in MP from incorrectly displaying 'wrong way' instead
  • Fixes to the conbsole time trial screen, including proper list selection and ghost activation - WMD-4101 & WMD-4126
  • Display "Free Practice" in capitals on the main menu now (WMD-2307). All race modes now have a string for all capitals.
  • Fix for WMD-5238 - set time trial event date and time to be 1st March at 9am, to provide cooler conditions for faster lap times
  • Fix for TimedRaces not showing best lap times on the EOR Leaderboard screen (due to them using a different sort order). WMD-4135
  • Activating a menu will now select the first list item if auto select is on and no item is currently slected - WMD-4101 & WMD-4126
  • WMD-4384: mbIgnoreCamTypeForLastCam added into cCameraManager, set from GUI handlers to avoid cahnge of player camera type during simulate and spectate modes
  • Disable and enable post-race leaderboard menu options during restart, save etc to prevent crash via spamming controller button. Fixes WMD-5311 and obsoletes WMD-5353
  • Make blue/cold tyre temperature display last for longer on the main HUD (i.e. to avoid players believing their tyres are fully warm when they really aren't yet). Part of fix for WMD-5413
  • Fix 5% deadzone at centre of gamepad when using new dampening method (WMD-4795)
  • Replay Cameras: Zolder updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Le Mans - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Nordschliefe and all stages updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: California Raceway - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Pre-Race cameras fixes and polish (clipping, drawing distances, specific grid positions problems ...) - JIRA: WMD-5010, WMD-5278
  • Scripted camera fix for WMD-5010 - ensuring the cameras are set properly in case of unforseen timing issues during a race restart
  • WMD-5424: Fixed credits handler not processing multiplayer invitations
  • Fix WMD-4984 - MP - JIP players don't have previously recorded best times transmitted to them
  • WMD-5307: Fail processing an accepted multiplayer invitation when the game is still installing. Prevents the game letting people into multiplayer and crashing later while still installing data required for mp
  • WMD-5383: Gameplay - Skipping session in qualifying works as a simulation instead of placing the player in last position
  • If an animation has hardly any movement, jump directly to locator (WMD-5193)
  • Driver animations: WMD-5428- Mercedes SLS GT3 helmet cam view interesecting with neck
  • WMD-5293: Solving intersection of cars leaving Free Practice garage. Additional ASQ (gt_freepracticce_l) created for tracks with L side pitstops and both adjusted little bit to the side to prevent intersection. Speed of release animation increased to 1.4Cl includes also TRD of tracks with left side, defined to use "gt_freepracticce_l.asq"
  • Fix WMD 5241, no penalties for cutting tracks in qualify sessions
  • Allow cars to start in sector 1 without borking their aim points ( kart rolling starts ) ( WMD-3932 )
  • Fix WMD-3766 Correct info shown in the quick overview screen during the invitational events
  • Career stats in My Profile updated on screen entry, to fix bug where they would show previous stats when swapping/creating saves. WMD-2827
  • Fix WMD-2656 Physics - AI cars with a heavy front weight % have the front lifted very high- Changed calculation of mass center position for a vehicle
  • Fix for WMD-5285. Joints of vehicle flapping components must be released before chassis PxActor gets destroyed, otherwise it leaves dangling pointer in cActorEntry::m_DeltaParent
  • Audi R8 LMP: Added new liveries
  • McLaren 12C GT3: Fixed PlayStation logos on livery (WMD-5389)
  • Palmer JPLM: Fixed material conflict breaking rain effect on front bodywork in cockpit view - WMD-5378
  • Summerton: Fixed Jira WMD-5079
  • Azure Coast: Logo Fix (static asset textures)
  • Imola: Tree optimisations - reduced tree count, improved placement, swapped tree types to better ones
  • Eifelwald: Bug fix: deleted superfluous 50m board, placed missing barriers in gaps, added missing wet reflections flag
  • Belgium Forest: Fixed bright curbs and overscaled tarmac detail [WMD-5384], merged latest work on buildings (night lighting)
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Fix for WMD-5295 - incorrectly placed pit exit TRG was DQing cars on turn #1 if they happened to pass through
  • Monza: Added static foliage xml, fixed various placement issues around the circuits and updated foliage placement, flagged trackside trees for reflection
  • Road America: WMD-5246 - improved track performance, floating trees, missing marbles & leaves, WMD-5246 - improved tracks performance, fixed occluders, envmap flags, floating edges, pitglass sorting
  • Azure Circuit: Fix of gap near metropole, fix of wrong windows emmissive, materials optimized more, fix of some flickering edges, WMD-5245, WMD-5245 - optimization for static instances type and count
  • Laguna Seca: Lowered allowable AI to 25 for new pit area sizes. Fixes WMD-5398 - New AIW with the pit area redone for pitting functionality, Needed to reduce the grid size from 36 to 26 to allow enough room in the pit area between cars. New corridors and cut tracks while i was in there
  • Dubai Autodrome: Fix for WMD 5339 - missing tyres on CLUB layout. fixes for WMD-5339 - track issue pass - specular edges on windows, z-fighting tyre covers , green triangle turn #1 , floating marshall hut , missing gates , CSM/gate mismatches , wrong col on turn #2 , missing tyres on CLUB , missing start tower on CLUB. various garage/pit box fixes and cut track and Corridor adjustments. Checked in so the WMD-5295 has the best chance of success. adjusted the night lighting. Fix for WMD-5339 - updated skyscraper normal and spec map to fix flickering specular edges on the windows

Build 924-925

  • WMD-4831 WMD-4837 Fixes save thread lock up
  • Changed code to lock the grid positions if qualify time is enabled.. bug WMD-2358
  • Material Mapping change to generate particle effects from DIRT material (WMD-5273)
  • WMD-4835 WMD-4837 Fixes jpeg loader for odd thumbnail sizes. (Also fixes a check assert on texture addresses)
  • Fix for WMD-5304 - adjusted the 2 values that help with the non-MSAA alpha on the autograss. Shader changes approved by Tim
  • Fix for memory leak and inconsistency of render target construction. Part of investigation of WMD-5323 (note this does not fix the issue)
  • WMD-3977 Provides distance offset for ghosts so they can be drawn slightly nearer than they really are, to prevent intersection with the ground
  • Fixed Standings screen to use the same disabling of team scoring displays when team scoring isn't used in the series, plus fixed applink type. WMD-4872
  • Team Standings button no longer displayed if team scoring is unavailable (also makes sure it selects Team Standings if switching to a series not capable of displaying them). WMD-4872
  • PC/XB1: Fix for WMD-5331 PC/XB1 - UI - Loading Screen: The text box bar at the bottom of the loading screen is solidly black//WMD-5323 In game GUI overlays transparency not working properly
  • Fix for WMD-5304 - updated autograss textures to cope with non-MSAA render mode , in conjunction with a fix the ground_cover.fx shader. Brightnesses and contrasts tweaked to balance better without MSAA
  • Zolder: Track date changed to 2015
  • Current Fuel Level gauge added (5289)
  • Newly named track photos for WMD-3719
  • Yelllow Flag icon updated on map (5043)
  • Message after photo has been taken WMD-4363
  • Fix name setting in vehicle model - WMD-3204
  • WMD-4835 WMD-4837 Fixes missing thumbnail get
  • Rudolph quote removed from loading screen (2768)
  • HUD: Fixed broken Motec frame material (WMD-5330)
  • Missing FFB calibration screen text added (A 5276)
  • WMD-2844: Driving aids restrictions aren't enforced
  • WMD-5239: Selected track now passed to record update
  • WMD-3749: Explicitily hiding messages from ingame menu
  • WMD-4825 WMD-4837 Adds missing thumbnail size function
  • Clearing out old track photos in preparation for WMD-3710
  • Can't navigate up/down on calendar, only left/right. WMD-3212
  • Bootflow changes to move GUI async texture load times - WMD-3710
  • McLaren 12C: Statistics updated as part of approval process - WMD-5202
  • Fix for restart dialog freezing the game on Session Overview screen (5099)
  • WMD 3806: Pitboards about damage are no longer shown on tracks without pitlanes
  • Fix video subtitles disappearing if updated before first video frame is ready (WMD-5318)
  • Fix for race overview screen not showing drivers in correct qualifying positions (WMD-2818)
  • WMD-5289: Adding a progressbar behind the fuel slider to indicate actual fuel load in the car
  • WMD-5291: Re-enabled ingame-menu-update on all exit paths from the RetireToPitsConfirm dialog
  • Removed team icon in end of series screen, for series that aren't using team scoring. WMD-4895
  • Set profile notes and DNP vehicle/track favourites to blanks when no stats available (WMD-4717)
  • Display an OK/Cancel dialog when deleting a Pit Strategy (WMD-1344) Adds a new text string for the dialog
  • Fix for WMD-5119. Show Disqualifed false start message for false starts on tracks where there are no drive through penalties
  • Partial fix for WMD-1357, The refuell value is now clamped by current fuel level from the bottom. The PitStop Estimate disabled and The rest of the bug marked as D1P
  • Replay Cameras: Snetterton - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Oulton Park - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Sonoma Raceway - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Fix for sync to race issues. WMD-3797
  • Race fails to end when AI cars finish the race and return to pit lane after selecting ?Retire to Pits? option. WMD-1244
  • Adjustments to fuel estimations in later part of race to ensure AI don't run out (WMD-4177)
  • Fix for WMD-5320, the pit crew is shown not in the beginning of the race, but when the player passes S1
  • WMD 5337: Cadwell Park GP, Cadwell Woodland - new pit area with in line pit boxes and new garage postions placements. TRD's set to 11 opponnets
  • WMD-4543: For post-poned pitstops, still attempt to re-schedule a drive through, but not if it's the final lap. (Penalties will then correctly DQ you)
  • Ford MkIV: Changed liveries 5/6 due to legal issues (WMD-5319)
  • Ford Escort Mk1: Changed livery18 due to legal issues (WMD-5317)
  • Ford Focus RS: Removed gulf-style livery, approval issue (WMD-5316)
  • Sauber C9: Collision shapes modified to prevent scooping - WMD-5299
  • BMW 320 Turbo Gr.5: Collision shapes modified to prevent scooping - WMD-5299
  • Critically lock access to HD vehicle when changing race modes ( used during live setup adjustments) to prevent crash (WMD-4667)
  • WMD-4925: For player vehicle, world position attribute of each wheel is now updated on switch to AI control, so pose up to date when used by metrics
  • WMD-5243: Tree optimizations/ bugs in progress
  • Sakitto: Set up wet reflections
  • Besos: Viewer lights optimization
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Fix for WMD 5273 - swapped the terrain SAND csm material to DIRT to make it a lot less bumpy than before and better for the karts to drive over. Also requires CL 539737 from Dave to get particles spawning from the DIRT material

Build 922-923

  • Fix for static emap locations getting broken
  • Default to fixed weather. Bug WMD-3236
  • Company logos removed from hud_vignette
  • Tire pressure fix for pitbox strategy WMD-513
  • WMD-5106: Set Time progression Off as default
  • WMD-5106: Added Off option for Time Progression
  • Align GUI Gaussian blur with consoles. WMD-4897
  • HUD tire temperatures now returned to Green for OK
  • Black background returned to HUD position indicator
  • PSN references changed to PlayStation?Network (5264)
  • GUI - Brake balance functionality is inverted. WMD-4987
  • TrackPhotos reduced in size from 22Mb to 8Mb (WMD 3710)
  • Credits: WMD-4830 - removed version number from project name
  • Fix for cancel button on controller assignment dialog. WMD-1004
  • Turning off driving aids if main driving aid switch is off WMD-2751
  • HUD: New HUD tacho design, new tacho texture variations, motec updates
  • WMD-4179 Added a new, larger FINAL WARNING for the last cut-track warning
  • Support for disqualification text appearing on hud_messages container (1666)
  • Fix for rich presence displaying single player instead of time trial, WMD-5228
  • Fixed engine sounds from switching back on after a restart from the pits. WMD-2817
  • Add missing Quick Selected Vehicle Image applink to lobby vehicle select (WMD-4697).
  • Reverted temporary local visibility control for sliders while doing work for WMD-513
  • Correct fix to make "normal" tyre temperature display on the HUD green (part of WMD-5209)
  • WMD-4294: GUI - Session Results table shows bad data when "Skip to end of session" is used
  • WMD-4789: Updated save fix to be more generic / at a lower level so any future games will benefit.
  • List items are co-opting menu item sound activators, gives us sound in lists for no cost - WMD-1887
  • WMD-2503: DQ now not finishing the race for single player offline- now goes to garage the same as retire
  • Fix for WMD-4227. Reset ReturnToPage variables so that the simulate pause menu does not display incorrectly.
  • Fix WMD-3369 PC - Design - ONLINE - ONLINE LOBBY - ?Vote to Skip to End of Session? option lacks functionality.
  • FIX WMD-2630, notifying player, that pitstop is occupied when he requests pitstop orvisits pitstop at that moment
  • Fix for incorrect Ghost number being shown, fix for Time Trial header being shown in QRW/FreePractice mode (4902, 5229)
  • Ensure currently selected vehicle is set as preview vehicle when exiting vehicle model selection screen. Fixes WMD-2535.
  • Disable player text colour change in lists, requires more complete list solution which is not currentl in scope - WMD-1703
  • WMD-1666 WMD-2512 WMD-515 Turned off the flags HUD in the post race screens. Turned off the pitboard in the post race screens
  • FIX WMD 4736. Mandatory board shown only for a specified mount of time each lap, this time can be altered in PitController.hrdf file
  • WMD-5204 : Ignored an odd case in the signout monitor where we had a PLM callback which wasnt actually changing state which was buggering up my logic.
  • Fixups of rich presence updates for WMD-5232 (no longer report racing in 0/1 position, stuck in Returning to Race Central when in garage after TT and QRW).
  • Loading music fixed when returning from race. Ducking for restart could interfere with the music volume when quitting (added in CL 396077, verified still working, making sure all sounds are stopped). WMD-5196
  • Replay Cameras: Imola updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Belgian Forest updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Besos - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Donington - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Greenwood Karting Track - updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Oschersleben - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Watkins Glen - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: Brands Hatch - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Replay Cameras: California Highway - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • GT pitstops, CHM moved more forward [AR-2797]
  • WMD-5236: Pit crew should not call car into the pits for headlight damage when lights are not being used
  • AI part of the fix for WMD-5162 . Arring ChrisF changes of the AI behaviour, so that one would match the players car during mandatory pitstop
  • WMD-5019: XB1/PS4/PC - Design - Career - Title skips two seasons upon abandoning a season in career mode.
  • Fixed career not changing weather when progressing between session. Includes fixes from KevinB to reset weather system and a scripting fix for career weather slots. WMD-4651
  • Updated gamepad 2 defaults (WMD-4794)
  • Save per controller FFB to profile (WMD-5223)
  • Add ffb defaults missing from CL 539759. Part of WMD-5223.
  • WMD-5223 : New FFB defaults for specific wheels as feedback by WMD users
  • Affect AI tyres into corner speed with wet weather (WMD-4671)
  • WMD-3589: ?KERS? lacks functionality during ?Qualifying? sessions
  • Clean up physics participant when exiting from gui loaded state (WMD-3251)
  • Donington Park: New puddle maps added
  • Azure Coast: New puddles setup, fixed skid spec
  • Imola: Treewall texturemap replaced with better one
  • Eifewald: New export (if possible do a scan on this track)
  • Eifewald GP: New export (if possible do a scan on this track)
  • Oulton Park: Various fixes (if possible do a scan on this track)
  • Laguna Seca: New puddle maps added, fixed csm issue in the last right hander
  • Sakitto: Fixes for tyrewalls and csm in wrong selection sets, autograss clipping
  • Belgium Forest: Puddles and skyring update, merged latest work on buildings from MartinF (night lighting)
  • Road America: Fix for long grass growing in the wrong places , also fixed wet track smoothing around kerbs edges.
  • Azure Circuit: Fix of invisible adverts mesh distortion flag-bug, fix of gap in casino, fix of bg building windows bleeding (if possible do a scan on this track)
  • Lakeville: Dynamic, static and light placement for lakeville routes. Added lamp posts, spotlights and brake markers. Fixed cones blocking pitlane in National route
  • California Highway: Updated with latest works, closed all ss, updated vt stuff around these area, new puddles setup, updated all around closed ss areas (if possible do a scan on this track)

Build 920-921

  • Caterham classic lower gear shift volume.
  • Atom 3 SC new supercharger sound and a few other tweaks. 
  • Polish and tweaks to the Pagani Huayra. Also an increase to the BOV sound.
  • Tunnel reverb improvements for Azure coast and variant - reverb areas extended.
  • Increased gain of thunder sound and reduce effect of filter over distance/ Fixes WMD 5041
  • WMD-5113: New reflection map logic code for poping beside the car
  • Fix for shader compile error. (No associated Jira, this has appeared due to some unrelated material change.)
  • New Tacho for Jan
  • Start of fix for 5011
  • Headers on tuning screen fixed
  • Colon removed from Career Calendar header
  • Fix display of 'WINS', loc issue - WMD-5146
  • Fixes '0' display on in game menu - WMD-4596
  • Background behind detailed lap comparison restored
  • WMD-5199: Add boot trailer movie to playable chunk
  • Show gamer card for TT leaderboard entries (WMD-5160)
  • Loading screen fixes AR-2804, AR-2803, AR-2802, AR-2801
  • Fixed bad applinks for password and lobby name - WMD-2603
  • TextDB TrackDetails updates correcting presence, WMD-5171
  • Remove city name "Luxemburg" from driver country list (WMD-1746)
  • Make click buttons work for time and weather progression - WMD-2619
  • Mclaren logo updated after being supplied with a new one from Mclaren
  • Fix for separator not being in the wrong place in non-16:9 resolutions
  • Placeholder deltas removed from Driver Network Ghost selection screen (3365)
  • WMD-1654: With only one weather slot enabled, weather progression slider is disabled
  • Added missing check for WMD 4971, the sounds now play for the player participant only
  • Colored dots now replaced with icons on PC, leaderboards now have Go To me button (5011, 4992)
  • Invitations display in the My Profile screen changed to match up with the GUI data changes. WMD-4077
  • WMD-4544: Fixed the "Skip to end of Session" button on the Simulate screen being disabled for all races
  • Stops the checkered flag appearing before the start of the final lap on very short tracks. Fixes WMD-5197
  • Thrustmaster TX 458 controller support added, missing vehicle image applink on Multiplayer screen added, Yelow Flag removed from Driver Network Profile (1187, 4922, 5165)
  • WMD-4789: Changed the check in _IsSafeToExit() for any running process, not just save and stopped the WriteProfile happening when in exit state (the exit was actually triggering the save, although it had only just been loaded)
  • Replay Cameras: Moravia updated to final beta.
  • Replay Cameras: Jin Ding updated to final beta.
  • Replay Cameras: Road America updated to final beta.
  • Replay Cameras: Sakkito - all layouts updated to final beta.
  • Replay Cameras: Summerton - all layouts updated to final beta.
  • Replay Cameras: Azure Coast - all layouts updated to final beta. Part of WMD-4812
  • Limit JIP events replay recording to race session when participants are all known (WMD-2800)
  • Fix participant pitlane flag not getting set when teleporting to garage (WMD-5194)
  • Fix WMD-2675 PC - Online - Cars start on top of each other
  • WMD-4362: Repairs failing to happen on pitstops
  • WMD-5212: Skipping locked out vehicles from being selected by AI
  • Kart tracks rolling start distance fix to prevent participants split over start line. Fixes WMD-3323
  • WMD-5014: Unread marker
  • WMD-5014: Date wrong in later career seasons
  • WMD-5201: Invitationals showing up on calendar
  • Kart Invitational events do not match guide format layout. Fixes WMD-4093
  • Fixed Invitation display in My Profile screen when it was run before career mode had been set. WMD-4077
  • Fix for WMD-3695. Set team logo and motorsport discipline logo in main menu when career continue is enabled.
  • Trophy icons added and data files updated to show unique trophies for non-championship series and invitationals. Fixes WMD-4974
  • RWD P20: LODC optimized
  • RUF CTR3: LODD optimized 
  • Ford Capri Group5: Fixed broken LODB wheels
  • Renault Megane RS: Fixed gaps between INTERIOR and BODY meshes
  • McLaren 12C: Licensing fixes, approval issues (textures and cockpit display update)
  • BAC Mono: Removed underscores from V70a Supersoft tire name. It's a real, licensed brand for this car so doesn't need translation and can be named directly in tire.rg
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: Fixed typo causing asymmetric rear camber in default setup
  • Marek RP339h: Adjusted tire model sidewall shape and reduced steering lock to prevent clipping through bodywork
  • Formula Rookie: Reduced the AI's load induced tire drag. Helps better match the player at tracks like Watkins Glen Esses and down hills
  • WMD-5033: Building reflections have a low resolution look, fixed by edit to emap position in trd
  • Moravia: Ticked reflection flags
  • Chesterfield: Added James's new wetroad and skybox work
  • Zolder: Skyring technique updated - update puddle reflection
  • Watkins Glen: Fixed AI dropping wheel inside the off-camber left
  • Orscherleben: Skyring technique updated - merged latest from James
  • Jin Ding: Exporting with new long pudlemap and updated skyring shader
  • Snetterton: Puddle map & skyring update, reflection taggign prepared (not enabled)
  • Azure Coast: Update coast beach seabed water+ some other things, tree placement on S2
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Added new puddlemapping , swapped in the proper skybox from the main circuit
  • Summerton: Puddle map & skyring update, reflection taggign prepared , overlay wet darkening fixed
  • Mount Panorama: Skyring technique updated, fixed missing reflection issue and long puddlemap added
  • Laguna Seca: Added more assets around the track, add flags, fix some levitate trees and lod distance
  • Silverstone Stowe: New AIW new pit areas with reduced grid to 16 to fit in small pit area. Fixes JIRA WMD-841
  • Road America: Tweaked startline & treewall, high res, fixed floating trees, tweaked placement, size & rotation
  • Sakitto: Merged latest work lightmap works, relection tagging, uv puddle masking, updated timetower with new logo
  • Cadwell: Added new puddlemapping , checked sybox settings , fixed CSM material ID on sideroad at the far end of the track
  • Glencairn: Puddles and skyring update, swapped car park lights (bad AA), merged latest work (tribunes, tyrewall cover, etc.) new grassy slopes
  • Besos: Trees and bushes revision, reflections tagged, texture balancing,skyring setup update, terrain tweaks,wet track remap,reflect tags,overlay updates
  • Imola: This export contains the latest puddle setup by JamesK and fixed sky ring settings, New placeholder normal map texture added for Imola sky ring. To be updated when Sven's new diffuse and emissive textures go in. 
  • Azure Circuit: More visible windows emisive. fix of various puddles UVs on outer ground, lower skydome helper added, further material updates, fixes of nmpcomp.issues and spec issues , 2nd bound fill lights added, tweak on seawater/ground
  • Lakeville: Added James's new wetroad and skybox work and also my own work on lightmapping, Sonoma branding and track overlays, texture changes required for latest export, proper branding added (Lakeville replaced with Sonoma), lightmaps reworked, etc
  • Le Mans: Fixed more gaps in outer terrain , removed about 80k polygons from the lower fencees in second row,reduced gravelsize of tarmac, added tribune on garage vert, added more crowds on start lane, tweaked dressing on national, added blend edges one outer terrain, improved/added details on verges. tweaks on national dressing, added more billboards on startlane, added standing corwds on garage vert, removed duplicated meshes
  • Greenwood: Added new puddles and skyring from James. Draw in reflection tagging (scene + viewer) include update TRD. few minor fixes like fix floating VT assets. Ensure the trackside vehicles are all UK types (eg Ambulances need swapped to UK types). Checked the track Triggers have been setup correctly, with correct naming, rotations and positions (I found that pit triggers have wrong rotated pivots). fixed: Wet darkening on the overlay must be turned on, its getting bright during rain. updated xml's and trd checked in CL 538868
  • Hockenheim: Finish "draw reflection tagging" (scene + viewer) optimized separate for each layout - note: still need check popping in reflections. Improved VT night lighting for whole track include added missing light sources - optimized separate for each layout (next step will improve lighting of main buildings - emmisive or lightmap textures and several VT lights). fixed duplicate names (scene) and export warnings. added new puddles textures and skyring from JamesK. fixed few floating skids and logos in harpin turn. checked in new and updated xml's and also updated TRD's (enable "Draw in Reflection" flag)

Build 918-919

Dedicated Server (WIP):

  • Fixed DS list logging flags in wrong order
  • Rebuilt Linux executable with latest code and protocol version
  • Fixed dedicated server browsing to skip DS with mismatching protocol version
  • WMD-4772: Implemented peer rebroadcasting, used when the online platform can't establish full peer-to-peer connectivity mesh:
  • Updated ping stat structures to maintain recent packet loss in addition to total packet loss. Recent packet loss is used in most places instead of total. Improved ping stats collection to ignore ping probes belonging to older ping batches
  • The Sabre networking layer now monitors all connections and if connectivity to another session member can't be established or fails, it tries to find another member to use as the rebroadcast peer
  • The rebroadcast peer must report direct connectivity to both sender and recipient members as working, if the peer ever leaves or reports issues another candidate will be picked
  • Modified recipient structures to also contain information about rebroadcast peers to use
  • Modified Steam/XB1/PS4 p2p networking protocol to support rebroadcasting via intermediate peers, using the above infromatio to decide what to send where
  • Protocols using dedicated servers ignore peer rebroadcasting information since they rebroadcast through the dedicated server anyway
  • Bumped protocol version to 43


  • Added DS2M to Applinks (AA Mode list)
  • App support for DS2M (2x downsampling + 2x MSAA)
  • Fix for PS4 shader warnings with new DS2M Tonemapping methods
  • HDR Methods Combine - support for DS2M (2x down-sampling + 2x MSAA) tonemap
  • Fixes for sky rings using basic transulent not being able to have night lights.
  • Added support for 2x down-sampling combined with 2x MSAA (DS2M), disable support for SMAA S2X (retired)


  • Updated HUD elements
  • Trophy name changes (Johhny, One Lap)
  • Overlapping Pit Engineer text fixed (5140)
  • WMD-4131 - Fixes issues with tuning settings
  • WMD-5118: Social media pick only respond on final series
  • FIX WMD - 1402 better check for backtracking on P2P races
  • Track TRDS: Year data set to 2015 for correct release date
  • Unneeded EXIT button removed from End Of Round screen (4386)
  • Missing Tuning Setup text added to in-game Tuning screen (5138)
  • Fallback tyre selection for extreme wets and inters for player (WMD-5139)
  • Investigation into WMD-4992, overlapping fixed on Time Trial Console screen
  • Fix for UI clipping issues when running lower resolutions (WMD-1897 & 2822)
  • Fixes engine position text display in time trial vehicle selection - WMD-5148
  • Additional checks on container for texts which need to allocate quads - WMD-4995
  • Track info: Inconsistent information between selection and loading screen. WMD-5078
  • Fix profile slider based options appfuncs not capping to slider range correctly (WMD-4055)
  • Removed postrace screen delay fix from CL 536763 (WMD-4785) to fix WMD-5150. Implemented new fix for WMD-4785
  • WMD-4644 Fixing the "Pentapodia" achievement - removed the restriction to only count online public races which have >4 people in it
  • WMD-5075 Fixing "To Affinity & Beyond" achievement - implemented correct driver network profile class to track the number of races entered per vehicle
  • Reinstate code for setting the vehicle ID for photos taken in the menus and fix vehicle changing when taking photo from vehicle select screen (WMD-5126)
  • Fix for Driver Network 'Races Entered' total including 1st Places and Podiums, only Podiums should be included because 1st Places are also Podiums (WMD-5005)
  • Trophy icon read initially from per-Championship data then falling back to original per-Motorsport data, so invitations and interim series can use alternative icons. WMD-4974
  • WMD-5096 Fixing "No I In Team" achievement - implemented career differentiating tests between team & career championships. Added test to 3 career achievements to ensure they only test against the 'final' championship for that career


  • WMD-3050 : On returning from constrained mode restart the FFB equations to enable FFB again. Added a minimum center spring strength to tweak XB1 force


  • FIX WMD - 4133, After testing submitting MarkWs changes to the replay section, added missing flag for instant replay
  • WMD-4907 Fixes list: 1. Fixed upcast of under-the-bridge test. After quadtree refactoring it was replaced with optimized down cast call with wrong direction, fixed. 2. For vehicles with camera target point outside of chassis bounds (like karts) explicit scenery raycast check has been added. Target point is pushed out from static geometry


  • Oliwebb texture rework, glove logo removed


  • FIX WMD 4971, adding pitstop sound directly to the scripts for pitstop variant with only CHM present
  • Player side fix for - WMD - 5162, Enabling enforced tire change in mandatory pitstop for player participant
  • Broken car retiring to garage - fix a logic inversion so that the cars only teleport when away from the player
  • PitEngineer: Prioritise damage types so as not to hide any serious damage from the player. Do not schedule pit stops for cosmetic damage (i.e. aero, lights). Fixes WMD-5002


  • Historic Goal and endorsements now using their popup dialog (switching visibility and selecting icons as required). Endorsements data updated with logo data. WMD-5159 and WMD-5044


  • Oreca 03: LODC optimized
  • Alpine A450 LMP2: LODC optimized
  • Renault Megane RS: LODD optimized
  • Renault Clio Cup14: LODC optimized


  • Tires: Bias fix
  • McLaren P1: CPIT meshes optimized
  • BMW M1 and RUF CTR3: Fixed engine placement data
  • Added extra protection to ensure requested vehicle is loaded and active (WMD-4240)
  • BMW 320 Turbo & Ford Capri Gr.5: Balanced tire heating to prevent rear tire overheating
  • RUF CTR3: New damper package based off the latest RGT8 dmaper ratios. Feels more correct for this car
  • BAC Mono - Physics Ver 3.1 - equalized the front vs rear tire heat. The rears were behind the front even when the setup was neutral or oversteering. Helps plant the rear a bit better as the tires are warming up. Reduced the rear brake bias. Set splidle arm angle to 17. Added a new Khumo "Supersoft" tire. It's about 3-4 seconds a lap faster than defualt Prime tire


  • Added 2 new generic track puddlemaps
  • Updated some tracks autograss that were using the slightly older texture


  • Dubai: Added and fixed textures
  • Road America: Tree placement refinement - part1
  • Moravia: Ground cover brightness and colour tweaks
  • Eifelwald: Activated the puddle reflection tagging
  • Jin Ding: Added proper skyring shader to skyring object
  • Besos: Activated puddle reflection tagging for optimisation work
  • Sakitto: Reheighted/realigned intersecting and floating crowds, moved over concrete barriers fo jira bug:WMD-5022
  • Brands Hatch: Standard puddles on road changed to long ones, Better matched Brands Hatch light cones to lamp flare colours
  • Azure Circuit: Further material optimizations and polygonreductions, merged Karls pitexit updates and fixed armcos, added in track side recovery trucks, ambulances and large tv cranes
  • Silverstone: Smoothed Stowe kerb CSM to try and help the AI not explode , removed extra CSM polys from under all the kerbs, no idea what they were doing there , new wet track puddlemap setup , checked skybox for correct mat
  • Glencairn: Improved track edge, new tarmac material setup, added missing puddle setup, fixed all terrain gaps and microgaps, used different detail tarmac texture (1024 instead of 2048), added vertex color on road for dirt and variety, fixed wrong skids mapping on kerbs or added where missing, tweaked vertex alpha on sloped road and kerbs for correct wet rendering, new grass, grass blend, grass edges, adjusted kerb and dirt edges color and brightnes, remapped road edges and added vertex color to match with road, added sms, wmd & plaice holder brands to tyrewall tpage
  • Laguna Seca: Add new Pit Team stands to replace old types, Add emergency service vehicles near track/on service roads (cranes, tow trucks, ambulances etc.), Ensure the Paddock areas have the new US style trucks, Swap out the current old car types, replacing with appropriate US style parked vehicles, fix ground around the garages, fix some popup assets (change lod distance), fix some occluders issues, Add new Pit Team stands to replace old types, Add emergency service vehicles near track/on service roads (cranes, tow trucks, ambulances etc.), Ensure the Paddock areas have the new US style trucks, Swap out the current old car types, replacing with appropriate US style parked vehicles