Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками

Build 917

  • Adding new pit stop sounds for new pit stop sequence
  • Loading music changed format for better looping. Removed old and unused files. Fixes WMD 3941
  • Trophy name text changes
  • Updated Trophy icon images
  • Updated German achievement translation
  • Ghost data image changed for compliance
  • Another batch of achievement name changes
  • Updated achievement names and translation
  • Fix for 3187 (load setup always available)
  • Exported updated achievement names to Steam
  • Fixed double-double-quotes in achievement texts
  • One Ring achievement changed to 'Lap Time Wizard'
  • WMD-4952 - social media issues with invitationals
  • Second batch of achievement name changes from Andy
  • Changed "Failed to join game" (note: needs translations)
  • Added missing Invitational Motorsport logos. Fixes WMD-5093
  • Invitational RUF Velocity 1H Motorsport logo fixed. WMD-4604
  • WMD-5091 Removed the newly added session mask from the MP racing rules
  • Disable retire to pit option when track has no pitlane (WMD-943 & WMD-5069)
  • Additional constructor for dialog with text input where you can specify character limit WMD-3474
  • Timer visibility controlled by the time (if nothing to show then it hides whole component) WMD-3397
  • WMD-5091 Ensuring that the flags show up in MP games, even when they are turned off in single player
  • Fix for lap timer starting immediate leaving the pits on an out lap in MP practice/qulaifying sessions (WMD-4122)
  • Track length and units to use correct localisation settings and text strings. (WMD-5074) (WMD-2075) (WMD-2111) (WMD-2930) (WMD-4652)
  • Fixes for the time trial screen: Allow livery selection in time trial model select - WMD-3342- List shows multiple entries - WMD-4285
  • Fix for overlapping Photos number in Driver Network Highlights, and added a disabled state to the Lobby Create button for Mike (5128 5070)
  • WMD-4417: Remove assist mappings from wheel by default
  • WMD-3949: Reduced the menu spring force and disabled the force feedback entirely during calibration
  • Replay Cameras: Bathurst updated to final beta
  • GT pitcrew: Fuel mechanic - removing obsolete source files
  • PitEngineer: Ignore race end reports for a disqualified player. Fixes WMD-4650
  • Add racing rules configurable action to take when enter pitlane through exit, defaulted to disqualify (WMD-1246 & WMD-1355)
  • When AI are retired, they will try to teleport to their garage spots, or pits if the track doesn't have garages if far enough from the player car ( WMD-5042 )
  • WMD-5097 - Career flow issues
  • WMD-4962 - reset date on new season
  • Fix for WMD-4149. When career is not active display the vehicle discipline logo using vehicle details
  • FirstChampionshipWin tutorial now only plays after the final championship in a season has been won. Part of WMD-5118
  • Added data tag so that the final championship in a motorsport can be distinguished e.g. for news/tutorials/achievements. Part of WMD-5118
  • Ford Capri Group5: Disabled bad livery
  • Mercedes C-Coupe DTM: Brightened cockpit display
  • 125cc & 250cc karts: Added some safety measures to the collision shapes for scoop prevention. Much smoother interaction during collisions now and the kart in rear is more likely to climb over the one in front than scoop it
  • Changed collision history event to record only required elements (WMD-4973)
  • Collate pit tyre changes for player and swap out all in one function (WMD-4780)
  • Pullover AI behavior no longer wants to hug the wall, it now tries to go a half length car into the offroad area (WMD-5110)
  • DTM Group A: BoP changes. Some of it was raising all the cars overall capability. The Ford got most of that with a drag reduction. It was down on top speed to the others. New tire carcass makes all the cars really awesome to drive now and picked up about 2-3 seconds a lap.. No change in grip what-so-ever. It's all Carcass. The setups had to change to balance to the new tire. AI tire grips adjusted to match. The Ford can now use all 500+ HP if you wish. it handles it pretty well now. It's titanic at the Mountain. I managed a 2:17.6 with it on full boost. Enjoy 
  • Glencairn: Tyrewall advert/brand textures added
  • Le Mans: Added anim emmisive dds for ferris wheel
  • Road America: Replaced old parked cars, generic flags, finished trees rotation
  • Azure Coast: Crowds new placement optimizations and updates, fixed csm barrier,finish area
  • Zolder: New AIW, new race line. About 2 seconds faster than old. New grid to match the painted grid boxes. Tweaked corridors and cut tracks
  • Azure Circuit: Reflection flag set to true, uses Reflection Flag set to True, material optimizations, merged extented armcos and new csm, removed 10MB of texturememory
  • Wisconsin Raceway: New autograss setup & texture , new exclusion map , updated HRDFs , modified main CSM to add microbumps and to smooth some of the high white kerbstones as they were flipping the AI cars , redid the road surface to match the ref
  • Sakitto: New file for dressings, cleaned up gen dressing, moved pit dressing over, merged latest work, added track dressing to pit area-flags and team booths, new textures, reworked concrete texture, tweaked to avoid shimmering issues, added dirt detail to windows

Build 915-916

  • Fix for sub pixel shadow flicker (caused by camera matrix being updated multiple times)
  • XB1/DX11MT fix for one type of shadow flicker (slope-scale mismatching between renderthreads)
  • Fix for PC alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode issue (when the SMS logo appears at boot time) where game modes would be broken in the main menu (WMD-4799).
  • PC/XB1: Fix for disappearing/popping shadows : slopescale path didn't support different cullmodes (was never used until the recent fix for double-sided shadows...)
  • WMD-4957 WMD-5016 - Photomode - ClipDistanceToTarget method added to CFECarOrbitCamera and used for clip initial photomode camera distance from target; Implemented separated DOF ranges handling for ingame and FE
  • Text added for B-5078
  • Azure Circuit maps added
  • Ludvig text removed (4777)
  • Missing track images for 4533
  • Monitor lock during practice WMD-1466
  • Fix for email icon not appearing (4911)
  • Fix cockpit TC light physics metrics access (WMD-5057)
  • Tire Pressure: Slider value scaled to 0.1 - 3.0 WMD-1331
  • WMD-4996 PC - Online - Increasing end of race timer (from 30s to 2.5 mins public, 5 mins private)
  • Add fallback support for wrong way DQ to reset based on penalty settings. Enable SP wrong way racing rules (WMD-172)
  • WMD-4874 : Go into pause state if game is currently active when displaying the logout dialog to ensure no further game interaction
  • Fix for overlapping Event Name on session results screen, overlap when you have a STUPID long name on Pause screen, fix for disabled state of Invite button (4610 5064 5067)
  • Lobby text tweaked to account for long Belgian Forest location name, Driver Network stats by default set to 0, Two-Race Format option removed (for now!) in QRW and Multiplayer modes (5021 4953)
  • WMD-4905 : Set input system to controller picking mode when the controller disconnection dialog is displayed. This allows any controller to then confirm the dialog. Also changed the deadzone on the right stick for the menu input as it was being triggered accidentally due to controller input jitter
  • Pre-race camera adjustment to prevent clipping with terrain
  • Pre-Race cameras fixes for Azure Circuit, Bathurst and timing fix for Badenring GP 
  • Fix for watching a post session / race replay changing the results (depending on where you stop watching) WMD-4950
  • Anim assets - add track specfic anim flags
  • FIX - AR-2797 - synchronizining the movement of cheif mechanic with car release
  • GT pitcrew : Fuel mechanic : R_RRfui updated source file with _cancelmove_ animation
  • Pit Engineer: Enable pit radio in Time Trial mode. Fixes WMD-946
  • Fix for disappearing AI vehicles in Simulate -> Spectate mode (WMD-2964)
  • PitEngineer: Pit engineer VO disabled for invitational events. Fixes WMD-4957
  • PitManager: Reverting changes from 535660 to queue processing to avoid events being skipped
  • PitEngineer: Corrected career related logic in DetectPreStartAndRaceEnd. Fixes WMD-4970, WMD-4019 & WMD-2493
  • Per StephenV request, adding of waiting time for stops in pitstop when nothing is required to do on a players car
  • PitEngineer: Equalise pit request button anti-spam delay between button press setting and VO repeat setting. Fixes WMD-915
  • AR-2799 Reduced the unneccesary time the player spends in the pits. It was unneccesarily changing tyres, and repairing damage when it wasn't needed. Corrected an issue with mixups between tyre type & tyre style. Disabled the need to schedule pit stops if we're on the final lap
  • WMD-4951, WMD-5019 - Email inbox and abandon season issues
  • McLaren F1: LODD optimized
  • McLaren 12C GT3: LODD optimized
  • BAC Mono: Added minor fixes to vinyls
  • Various vehicles: Improved cpit gauges lighting
  • Lotus 49: Added rain effects and un-flipped cockpit windscreen normals
  • Mercedes C Coupe DTM: Revised the DRS setup so that HUD icons work
  • WMD-4734 Player vehicle now fitting the tyre type depending on environmental conditions
  • Mercedes 190E DTM: Changed to a 6-speed gearbox which was apparently used on most cars after 1989
  • Ford Zakspeed Capri: Changed cockpit boost gauge to show pressure over atmospheric rather than absolute
  • Ford Zakspeed Capri & BMW 320 Turbo: Revised aero model with more realistic drag levels so they can do appropriate top speeds. Adjusted boost levels slightly for better balance between the two cars
  • Dubai Autodrome: Added textures and fixed textures
  • Hockenheim: Removed square blocks from the broadmap
  • Belgian Forest Circuit: Fixed pit light glow coordinates
  • Cadwell: Static viewer objects, scene changes reflections added
  • Sakitto: Removed some floating crowds and repositioned a few found
  • California Raceway: Fixed popping tyres, reduced the large flares, tyres where not needed
  • Glencairn: New autograss setup, new rules & texture , added folder names to TRDs, new exclusion maps
  • Monza: Updated glass texture. lights updated so flares match cone colours (viewer assets and viewer lights)
  • Watkins Glen: Updated viewer placements and lighting to fix spottyness of lighting and adding typical us stzle ambulance, tow trucks and cranes
  • Azure Coast: Updated with all latest stuff/closed all alt roads/updated vt stuff around alt roads/deleted all stuff around alt roads, 143185 tris saved, + some other small works
  • Road America: Added new brighter tarmac textures to match the ref. new autograss setup , new exclusion file , rules , texture etc, added new autograss meshes, more rotation/clipping trees fixed, tweaked rotation in the direction of the race, fixed cutting through other geometry - still WIP
  • Azure Circuit: Optimizations, far distant terrain cutted, distant sea mesh cutted and duplicate waterplane removed, road slope vertex painted, optimizations, reduced some of the static instanced scenes, fixed gaps found, fixed missing banners and shadow issue of them, swapped gound materials to basic shader, added pitexit barrier, merged csm wall updates
  • Zolder: Lightmapping these assets to fake up external indirect lighting, Pass to check and reduce the trackside pCARS dressing if excessive, Ensure latest vehicles and pit stands are used, Move the pCARS flags so they are attached to the truck trailers in the paddocks rather than lining the fencing/barriers, Ensure that the better key structures are not obscured with too many placed trackside assets, add new ao and emm map for office building

Build 913-914

  • PC: Fix for ground-cover not being correctly triple buffered
  • Fixes for loow noon calculation. Fix for getting rest of the timelines to match the keys setup from the sun apex..Fixes bugs WMD-4949 , WMD-4915, WMD-4869
  • Fix for JIRA WMD-4969 : Reinstated CL 533890 with fix for DX9 being unable to support requested render target format. Now uses different formats for DX9 and DX11
  • Optimised Diffuse/Specular Convolutions - now renders direct to Cubemap. Saves ~0.6ms on XB1 and PC ATI h/ware. Also fixed convolution texture formats to be consistent with actual target bit-depth
  • Fixes input on menus - WMD-5028
  • Make accolades navigable - WMD-24
  • HUD: Added DRS/KERS icons to Mini HUD
  • Trackmaps: Updated with latest CSM/ TRGs
  • WMD-4955 - playing motorsport video inbetween seasons
  • Add applink to 'disable when not signed in' - WMD-4704
  • WMD-4848 Several fixes to achievements for zero to hero
  • WMD-4836 Defaulting flags to on, for Amateur & Pro presets
  • Remove second display of sponsors from splash flow - WMD-4745
  • Clean up audio glitch from FMv during splash process - WMD-4745
  • Defer user change dialog display to end of ingame section loading (WMD-4876)
  • Fixed copying of GUI elements to also handle children with attachments - WMD-4833, 4818 & 4801
  • Part two of the fix for MF WMD-24 and B-4214 allowing the player to scroll the list of Accolades and Invitations. Enabled/disabled states have been moved to Earned/Unearned quads within the Accolades and Invitations tabs now. REQUIRES CODE TO BE UPDATED TO POINT TO THESE
  • WMD-4846 : Disconnecting the controller during the boot flow was causing all sorts of problems due to new bits of GUI being created over the top of the controller disconnection dialog. Several areas of the boot flow are now blocked from proceeding until the controller disconnection message has been cleared
  • Fixed shoulder lenght to keep the ending pivot on same place
  • WMD-4927: Added guards against invalid data to inter/extra-polation of waypoints yaw direction
  • AR-2618 - Abandon season option
  • Fix for WMD-3698. Career images to display on the dashboard tab are selected from images that exist.
  • Fixed Career Endorsements so they show the correct sponsor logo WMD-4972, and fixed the unlocalised "Signed" text
  • Lotus 78: Added rain effects, fixed cpit mirror UVs
  • Mercedes Evo2 DTM: Fixed UV mapping on wing mirrors. Increased vibration amplitude for wing mirrors to be a mibt more noticeable
  • RUF CTR3 SMSR: Enabled in cockpit brake balance adjustment
  • Ford Escort MK1: Stiffer suspension. Helps with the more powerfull engine recently added. Feels more corrrect now. Fixed up the FFB which was at 50% for some reason
  • Formula A: New raintires that won't work very well in the dry. Will overheat and loose grip in 2 laps of abuse. Also dropped the wet grip just a bit. in addition, there's new intermediates with more grip
  • 125CC Kart: More changes to enhance turn-in and make the handling more consistent through the whole corner. Changes include 60% rear weight, lower slip angle on the tire tread, 1.5 degrees less caster. More damping of the chassis. Not sure it's getting any better than this with the limitations we have. That being said it is a ton of fun
  • Mount Panorama: Fix for WMD-4826
  • Glencairn: Added new 3d bush types
  • Azure Circuit: Removed some instances
  • Belgian Forest Karting: Added new autograss mesh files
  • Eifelwald: Updated autograss to the newest style texture
  • California Raceway: Reduced tyres where not needed, updated CSM mesh, newer US style trucks, fixed sinking/floating cars
  • Moravia: Added new official logos Alpha texture. optimised texture size. added new official logos alpha texture. added oficial branding to the main tower
  • Silverstone: Replaced pitstands with new versions, added emergency vehicle child xml paths, sat & brightness update, saturation tweek to green run off texture
  • Chesterfield: Added new autograss mesh files. new autograss setup, new rules, defs , texture etc.. , reduced the size of the main terrain CSM to limit the grass spawn area
  • Summerton: Added new autograss mesh files. new autograss setup , new exclusion files , added missing rules for the Nat and Sprint, updated rules for Int , added ground cover folder in the TRDs, updated texture
  • Dubai Autodrome: Fixes to lens flares on last corner, tweaked/fixed viewer spotlight lighting for the Dubai tracl variations. It fixes the spot look of the lights and blends over the lights into each other better
  • Sakitto: Tunnel textures, new autograss setup, modifed the main CSM to use LONGGRASS around the outside and also to exclude some of the steeper areas from spawning grass., retain wall textures updated, ivy texture added
  • Monza: New autograss setup, new rules, defs , texture etc.. , swapped the skybox over to the new shape mesh and basic.fx material. new autograss mesh files. added missing trackedges, remapped wrongly mapped parts of road (broad, puddles and drying line), reshaped pit entry, added missing roadmarkings, added dynamic tyrestacks, added and tweaked verge material, lofted seam where needed, T2 wall textures update, added dynamic tyrestacks

Build 911-912


  • Adding loadscreen loop replacement files for WMD-3941


  • Fix for grass disappearing and weird vertex outputs on blades. WMD-2833
  • Optimised Diffuse/Specular Convolutions: Now renders direct to Cubemap. Saves ~0.6ms on XB1 and PC ATI h/ware. Also fixed convolution texture formats to be consistent with actual target bit-depth


  • New Time Trial screen
  • Updated Session Results screen
  • Updated Standings and EndOfWeekend screens
  • Added option 90 to game length selection WMD-1329
  • Pit In board now has localised characters (A 4920)
  • Fix string colour display in EOR screens - WMD-4913
  • Fix lap counting in Free Practice for tracks without a pitlane (WMD-4469)
  • WMD-4734 - Enforced slicks in wet race - fix to script and decision making
  • Thrustmaster 458 added to PC menu, fix for placeholder text on Driver Network screen (MF 4921, B3943)
  • WMD-4831 : Stop multiple creation of controller disconnection messages by keeping track of when the dialog is onscreen
  • Fixed RaceOverview screen tutorials. FirstRace and MandatoryPitstop tutorials now can be played in a row. (AR-2650, discussed with Richard)
  • AR-2794 loading screen update for jing ding. Was accidentally missing from previous cl 533562. It'd been improved as the existing image was low res and poor quality
  • Fixing career creation flow so that save process only happens at the end, to stop interruptions affecting career state (WMD-4797), and delays while it's saving (WMD-2577)


  • Fix WMD-4855 - Application crashed on selecting 'Online Lobby' option in the 'SIMULATING SESSION' screen. Ensured lobby isn't available in SP games
  • Fix WMD-4698 - Online - Car goes out of the gameplay area in location ?Cadwell GP? during online practice session. Ensure grid size takes account of number of pit locations when editing and disallow selection of tracks with too few pit locations once lobby is too big


  • Replay Cameras: Azure Circuit updated to final beta
  • Replay Cameras: Hockenheim, all layouts updated to final beta


  • Fixing RHand pinky characterization
  • Driver anims: Ford Focus - camera tweak (AR-2787)
  • Adjusted F1 JAM02 anims (more precise holding of jack)
  • Driver anims: Lotus 72D - tweak gear animation (AR-2788)


  • Update the AI Tweaker Fingerprint (WMD-4958)
  • AI with cars with at least 2 wheels off the ground will not want to go full throttle anymore ( WMD-3500 )


  • Mercedes Evo2 DTM: Licensing fixes (new mirrors and exhaust pipes)


  • LMP cars: Added scoop prevention to the collision shapes
  • RUG RGT-8: New stiffer shock package. Removed some anti-dive from the front suspension, re-bump steered the front end. Re-blanced swaybars
  • BAC Mono: More grip tweak tear vs adhesive. Missed last check in also. Fixed BAC Mono tire tempertaure windows . Was left experimentally too high by mistake on recent check in leaving car with low grip. Physics-R3. As promised. New version with a more direct feel. Has slightly lower grip, but it's not based on the previous compound. More on the ones i did for the Ariel Atoms. The carcass is the Ariel Atom unchanged. The chassis setup was retuned around this. My best 1:43.06. But that dosent mean anything, I'm thinking its a bout 1 second slower. Didn't get a chance to try Bmanic's FFB numbers, but post how it is with them


  • US Tracks: Fixed specular for new mte setting
  • Italian Tracks: Missed files for Italian Ambulance
  • Trackside animated flag textures, for flags featuring track logos (static asset textures only)


  • Watkins Glen: New autograss setup
  • Silverstone: Parked car removed from driveable surface
  • Zolder: Removed outer grass areas to limit the spawn area
  • Greenwood: Added track centre co-ord data to TRD for Cloud boundaries
  • Azure Coast: New autograss meshes. New autograss setup, added info to TRDs , new texture
  • Belgium Forest: Added new team stands. deleted german ambulances, fixed some truck/trailer floating
  • Imola: Updated excl map to remove a lot of the outer grass areas and keep it tighter to the track edges
  • Jin Ding: New autograss setup , added microbumps into the CSM, fixed the skybox material so it uses semi-trans now
  • Lakeville: Fixed weirdly mapped edges, added a couple of new types to allow tarmac to tarmac and tarmac to concrete blends
  • Cadwell: Reduced the grass spawn area in the excl map, New racelines, corridor tweaks and cut tracks. GP is quite a bit faster
  • Donington Park: Added Lightmapping to the exterior of the pitbuilding, added ao and emmap for exterior pitbuilding, added team stands
  • Brands Hatch: Added new team stands. Deleted my local xml from scene explorer. Swapped instanced pitstands with statics. Fixed floating truck
  • Monza: Added some ambulances, cranes around track. fixed flying team truck. Swapped French ambulances with Italian. Deleted old type parked vehicles
  • Azure Circuit: Base instance type count reduced, 45 to 41, material optimizations and fix of some windows normals and spec issues, obsolete objects removed
  • Sakitto: Issue fixing pass, latest assets merged, texture balancing & optimization, new armcos/tyrewalls added, updated foliage placement with some 3d trees, and revised xtree placement reducing obvious areas of tree repetition, fixed the wrong spectators at the tribunes
  • Dubai Autodrome: New autograss setup , removed viewer placed bushes , merged Dubai_b01 from Kate , updated CSM to allow grass to spawn , new excl map. new autograss setup, new texture and rules, added into to the TRDs, new exclusion maps, updated XML placement files to remove the old placed bushes
  • Moravia: New autograss rules & texture , added override folder name to TRD, fixed speculars for new mte setting. deleted some sun umbrellas. some more trackside vehicle fixes. fixed some more overlaped trees. fixing viewer placement. Switched old team stands with new, various fixes. tweaking viewer placing, fixing cars with new terain, fixing trees etc
  • Oschersleben: Added/fixed Tunnel & Pits rain blockers, Improved Slopes/Grass Verges, Checked/fixed for shimmering window frames and fix by pulling in the glass mask in the specular map, Improve issues with building windows ensuring the specular maps are setup with alpha & have appropriate values, Building windows setup with correct material and textures, Checked & Updated new whitelines (incl blend texture for distant mips), fixed issues with intersecting trackedges and megawidth of whitelines
  • Hockenheim: Added 3D armcos (include lodB's), fixed many new reported WMD issues (clipping issues , wrong wall collisions, flickering issues - trackedges or whitelines/seams, poppings issues, fixed trees popping behind occluders etc.), checked and fixed texture path (scene), added missing road seams, checked and fixed stretched uv mapping for all trackedges, removed wrong baked shadow near to road for Short varition, fix missing vertex color for road (picture), fixed floating hockenheim logo on road (wmd report), fixed lightmap issue for Mercedes big stand (for now just quick solution, if will be time we can create new better lightmap, include better mapping ), fixed popping small number boards on fences (wmd report), fixed micro gaps for GP, National and Short ground (new ground mesh), STL check for csm GP, National and Short ground (new collision mesh), added missing VT barriers into National and Short version from GP + checked and fixed wall collisions (each version have separate collision walls) + removed not need stuff for Nat and Short version, moved up VT tyrewalls (National, Short) for fix intersection with scene objects, added missing VT stuff into National and Short version from GP (advert boards, videowalssm, lamps and poles, vehicles...) + removed not need stuff for concrete version, checked crowds for National and Short version, checked "godray tick on structures with transparent glass" (for main Pitbuilding), done - The pitower could do with some lightmapping to illuminate the logo as well, fixed big marshal huts - lighting also outside part, updated dynamic actors (removed what not need for National and Short), several minor fixes what i found during checking and fixing other issues (pictures), fixed trees and other VT assets popping for National and Short version (reuse track.lod, track.cul from GP version), begin with adding missing light sources and improve nightlighting (for now just for GP - wip)

Build 910


  • Fixed Chesterfield logo
  • Missing texture file (4911)
  • Missing track logo file from source control (4904)
  • Added a parent holder quad in order for 4895 to be fixed
  • AR-2794 - loading screens updates for greenwood (track colours changed), Hockenheim (merc sign on stand added), jin ding (existing one was old and low res)


  • WMD-4880 Fixed "Grand Chelem" achievement. It now correctly checks whether the qualifying session was played, or not
  • WMD-4845 Fixed "Fully Loaded" achievement. Now querying the career system every time an accolade is awarded, which knows accurately whether or not all accolades have been awarded. (this was a problem with profile saves vs career saves)
  • WMD-4877 & WMD-4878 & WMD-4879 Fixed "Meticulous" & "Conquered All Races Seriously" & "Double Rainbow" achievements. It now passes the championship hash through, so as not to run into thread-based timing issues related to the championship cleaning itself up on exiting the session


  • Disabled Disqualification for accumulated collision incidents
  • Disabled the "Black & White" (Unsportsmanlike Conduct) flag - in code


  • Driver anims: AR-2789 Bentley Continental GT3 alpha 2 anims


  • Mercedes 300SEL 6.8: Approval fixes


  • Cadwell: Rain blockers
  • Lakeville: Rain blockers
  • Badenring: Placement update , added missing crowds for National
  • Oulton: Wet reflection tagging, wet Reflection Tagging around the full track
  • Mount Panorama: Modified the main kerbs CSM to remove all the problem vertical edges etc.., added the start and pit lights back into the selections, fixed issue with texture pathing on the pit entry metal pole , added microbumps into the track surface