Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • на трассе Monza активирован режим субмарины (частые провалы сквозь трассу)

Build 906-909

  • Better shift wobbles for the BAC and Radicals
  • Disabled whoosh sound controller as the sounds aren't played, and a low-repro crash was spotted in the loose object interfacing
  • Removing the constant day light saving settings
  • Fix for sky dome blending issue caused by clamped being applied incorrectly
  • WMD-1407 Tweaked some of the race dates so that midnights didn't look like sunset
  • Restructured vehicle loading process to allow each vehicle to have it's own list of lights - fix for crash bug WMD-4754
  • Fix for WMD-4800 - the high noon and low noon calculations where an hour out so where causing the elevation values to be incorrect
  • Fix for glass_windscreen technique blend differences giving a bad/inconsistent result to windscreen reflection effect and adjusted balance of constant vs. direct light effect of it
  • AR-2778 Fixes incorrect emap positions which effect ambient lighting. Fixes for emaps next to flashing billboards or bright emissives at night causing overly bright/flashing ambient. Fixes for emaps placed over grass causing green underside ambient lighting to clouds. Fixes for emaps placed too high or below the terrain causing super bright ambient at times
  • Updated boot flow sequence
  • Fixes missing motor sport logos
  • Fixes bootflow hang issues - WMD-4745
  • Fix WMD -4731 , correct Engineer messaging
  • WMD-4538 - GUI update for car select button
  • Updated Historic Goal and Endorsement popups
  • Fixes locked tracks displaying in location lists
  • HUD: Laptimer pause at start of new lap extended
  • Force feedback text from Andrew Weber added (3912)
  • Updated Leaderboard icons to satisfy MF 4842 compliance
  • Fixed issue with track locking-out not working properly
  • Set default value for replay and photo count (WMD-4711)
  • Fix stats queries vehicle name display (part of WMD-4714)
  • WMD-4705 : Dont show save icon at all if save is disabled
  • Workaround for GUIDialogManager modal / non-modal input bug
  • WMD-4718 Implemented the To Affinity And Beyond achievement
  • Hook up subtitles to VideoScreenDialog (WMD-4551 & WMD-4605).
  • Lock access to player vehicle gearing whilst reloading (WMD-4667)
  • Set default handling in DNP before stats have been generated (WMD-4701)
  • Fix for red liveries appearing on cars selected in My Garage (WMD-4148)
  • Options -> controls -> back now asks Yes/No instead of ok/cancel WMD-2040
  • Showroom cameras tweaks and fixes (mainly jerkiness/spline issues camouflage)
  • WMD-4383, Bad news results GUI image of photographer replaced with better one
  • WMD-4747, WMD-4774 : Restored cid_boost settings as used by KERS and added DRS
  • Fix for Multiplayer Create button, TrackDay cars removed from Affiinity column
  • Update online disable applinks when install state changes - WMD-4358, WMD-4467, WMD-4352
  • WMD-4718 Fixed up the "One More For The Road" achievement, now using correct 0 based index checking
  • Changes to bootflow to show post login splash screens in correct order, and show logo screen for long enough
  • WMD-4775 Fixed "One more for the road" achievement in counting all achievements that were achieved more than once
  • Improved dialog boxes, fix for Hide/Show HUD Elements on PC (B 4760 and options moving in the background of dialog boxes (B 4719)
  • Fixes list sending wrong selection data when updating the selected data item durign a tick where a page change happened - WMD-2681
  • Fix WMD-4739 (and many related bugs) changing camera vehicleId to be always participant IDIndex() rather than sometimes participant ID()
  • WMD-1493 WMD-3102 WMD-4721 Fixed up string formatting in the championship results screen, which were causing malformed "Continue To" strings
  • Update race manager interfaces to keep config properties static. Fix script control of countdown display to be per session (WMD-2825 & WMD-3248)
  • WMD-4662: Prevent disconnection dialog showing up when loaded back to main menu, if we already displayed it in the race. Also fixed unreported bug where the disconnection dialog would keep reappearing on each return to main menu when playing singleplayer after getting disconnected from multiplayer
  • Fix WMD-4689 PC - IsGameConnectedOrLeaving Assert
  • Switch to AI control at end of MP event (WMD-1077 & WMD-1368)
  • Fix for lap timer starting immediately after leaving pit garage in MP practice/qualifying sessions (WMD-4122)
  • Use longer timeout for "give up and leave the session when can't establish p2p connectivity to all" for members who have already been in the session for a while. Improves situation where if new member B join a session and can't connect to A (but can connect to most other members), both A and B now leave the session because of the problem - only B will leave after this change
  • Kart pre-race camera fix (clipping with Superkart wing)
  • Replay Cameras: Dubai, all layouts updated to final beta
  • Update replay participant setup to match latest (WMD-4192)
  • Replay Cameras: Silverstone, all layouts updated to final beta
  • Replay Cameras: Eiffelwald GP area, all layouts updated to final beta
  • F1 pitstops: Switching sidse of CHMs
  • Props texture: Lollipop specular darkened for better reflection
  • F1 pitcrew: Chief mechanic- added trigger "share_anim" to "steady idle"
  • Props exports: Updated lollipop spec values. SHADOWS ON in all exported props
  • F1 pitstops: Bypass for bug in Wait on condition node (switched to Wait node - car_stop event)
  • GT pitcrew Fuel mechanic : _R_RRFUI , changed hose3 position so it matches hose2 position from LRfui
  • GT pitcrew: Work source files for fuel mechanic, updated (removed unnecesary parts, and plotted most anims on takes)
  • GT pitcrew: Fuel mechanic_R_RRFUI: changed "hose2" default position , os it matches with hose2 positiono from FUM_L_LRFUI
  • Fixed wrong camera switch for nonplayer participants
  • AI Inputs are corrected for player once AI task is processed (WMD-4630)
  • Career Championships: LMP1 - Reduced minimum duration of races, reduced number of rounds
  • Career Championships: LMP2 - Reduced minimum duration of races, reduced number of rounds
  • Adjust internal radius of first waypoint on branch ensures correct speed changing paths (WMD-3993)
  • Career Championships: LMP3 Proto 1 and Proto 2 - Reduced minimum duration of races, reduced number of rounds
  • Make sure vehicle control is reset to original state after pressing Edit Tuning Setup and the reset within ( WMD-4660 )
  • Increased AI detection box width from .7 to 1.0. Increased AI funneling buffer to .75 from .50. Helps wheel to wheel contact
  • Protect certain driver modes from being able to enter reverse recovery mode as that would be inapropriate (example : in garage, in pits...)
  • Make sure that the car sharing player pitstop doesn't pit the first lap when pits open so that the player doesn't end up doing a drive through. Fix for WMD-4696
  • Fixed Career save only being able to delete the first save, due to the page resetting. Removed the GUI data breaking it, then stopped it calling the selection immediately after the delete. WMD-4535
  • Fix for career trophy screens not triggering when winning series, also affecting screen displays. Fixed root cause (current championship being reset at end of series), and removed workarounds for the problem. WMD-4766
  • Allowing the pitstop cameras to be reenabled in Release builds for debugging purposes. The PitstopSequenceController now reads data from a new hrdf file where the presence of cameras can be tweaked for internal/external builds. Also currently the camera start distance and cockpit unlock distance is there to be tweaked
  • Attempt to prevent shunting of cars: As most problems occur when multiple cars are close to each other, such as race starts for example, AI become more conservative when detecting more then 3 cars within a 20m radius around them. Added multiple tweakers for the two 2D geometry side feelers and increased the default length fro 50% to 75% of the center feeler length (WMD-4732)


  • WMD-4792 FirstChampionshipWin tutorial has been moved to final championship results screen (discussed with Stuart)
  • Fix for laps are not counting on 2nd career races, introduced in CL 532196 (eFlag_AtPostRacePosition being reset on restart but not on session advance). WMD-4858
  • Gumpert Apollo: LODC optimization
  • Formula A: Fix for interior mesh being offset
  • Formula Gulf: Replaced Yas with Skydive livery
  • Sauber C9: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • RUF CTR3 SMS-R: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Renault Clio Cup: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Mercedes C Coupe DTM: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Renault Megane RS 265: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • RUF RGT8 GT3: Added missing textures, added missing Skydive livery
  • BMW Z4 GT3: CPIT meshes optimization - repeated export due to network issue
  • Mercedes A45 AMG: Added missing badge, Minor fix on steering wheel (approval fixes), added AMG badge to front grille
  • Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Chrome side trim fix, Polished cockpit vibration animation setup, removed aircon, added chrome side trim (approval fixes)
  • Aston Martin Rapide: Fixed clutch slip issue
  • Ariel Atom 300: Fixed typo in rear spring setting
  • Audi R18: Set fuel capacity to correct volume of 65L
  • McLaren 12C GT3: Enabled onboard brake bias adjustment
  • BMW 320 Turbo Gr.5: Fixed excessive bump steer in suspension geometry
  • LMP2 Marek RP219D: LODC optimization - repeated export due to network issues
  • Setup all non-heavy dynamic objects with default dominance group as sub-dominant
  • LMP1 cars: Calibrated ABS threshold to final tires so it doesn't hamper braking performance too much
  • LMP2 cars: Calibrate fuel use so all three can do an equal 12 lap stint at Le Mans, Set tire pressure ranges to account for preheat to 90C
  • Azure Coast: Crowds placement update
  • Zolder: New autograss setup, new rules, texture
  • Oulton Park Fosters: Wet Reflection Tagging around the full track
  • Silverstone: Tweaks to tyrewalls placement, new crowds placement
  • Eiffelwald: Crowd placement update, approved brands/sponsors to replace placeholders
  • Road America: Fixed various WMD reported issues, mapping issues, terrain holes, fixed flickering whitelines
  • Summerton: Crowds placement update, WMD-3935 issue fixed - tweaked triger size,PITIN triggers moved to get more distance to pits
  • Monza: Smoother pit entrance merge to prevent AI slowdown almost to a stop. missing road CSM fix, new wall mesh and texture (wip)
  • Watkins Glen: Updated TRDs to include the ground cover folder locations., new autograss exclusion file , new meshes & rules, new texture
  • Glencairn: Static instance child xmls added, repathed instances to child placement xmls, seperated & added child placement xmls (instance & static)
  • Mount Panorama: Fixed the flickering groove texture in the dipper by lowering the alpha value in the area. Re-spaced the pit boxes further apart to help pitting
  • Belgium Forest: Fixed bugs, missing pieces of terrain and pop-up buildings with low setting. New one object collision mesh with welded vertices and clean geometry
  • Cadwell Park: Updated autograss rules , new texture , new exclusion map. new autograss setup , CSM microbumps , fixed embankment and gravel strips colouring issues
  • Donington: Fixed cut tracks around chicane. Other Corridor edits for AI behaviour. update txt for new clock, added autograss location , resolved against depot file with zero conflicts
  • Horse Thief Mile: New AIW using the fixed raycast code. gets rid of the crazy angled corridors so the AI sees the corners better, created light maps for the rest of emissive night setup, 1st commit
  • Snetterton: Merged missing assets, added tyrewalls to block terain cuts/cheating, added new autograss meshes. new autograss setup , new exclusion map etc.. , added microbumps to the track surface. created light maps for the rest of emissive night setup
  • Sakitto: Tweaked and added light cones, new complete AIW's, new racelines and corridors optimized. Set grids at West and West2 to 26 to match what the new garages will support. Set pit and garage spot placement to match new garages. texture updates to bridge walls, texture updates to include new track logo
  • Azure Circuit: Merged la digue updates, antoine assets, csm walls, fix of some materials and mappings, texture darkened down, corner building updated, specular downward blocker added... Static instances reflection tagging done, optimized buildings merged, covered tyrestacks merged and materials fixed, lods adjusted, reflectionsflags tagged
  • Oschersleben: Fixed pitbuilding rainblockers which were allowing to have rain inside the pitbuilding structure before, added specular downward blocker added, Ensured that the Nvidia style maps are used and check that UV2 terrain mapping is rotated the same as UV1, masked wet roads in tunnels and on steep slopes using vertex alpha, Added new Grass skids to the inner terrain, Checked for godray tick on structures with transparent glass, STL checked/fixed on the track csm mesh, fixed rendermesh microgaps, fixed lots of flickering issues between whitelines and skids, add tracklight and functionality for the c-circuit, fixed missing drylines for the wetracks for National and C-circuit layout, tested and exported, adjusted mesh name for Anhalt C circuit tracklight object and entered correct glow position values to fix non working tracklight

Build 905

  • Clearing out the old Formula A sounds
  • Fix for Aston Martin Rapide Hybrid eMotor frequency being too high and stereo not a mono sample
  • New Formula A V8 incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Includes tranny, gears, turbo, backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory
  • Improved shadow casting on double sided basic shader
  • All Platforms - fix for black dots on skinned bodywork parts
  • Impostor reflections: Implemented forward offset threshold for head lights reflections
  • Updated track logos
  • Updated boot flow (4614)
  • Missing motorsport logos added
  • Subtitles for Superkart video added
  • Missing track photos added (B 4533)
  • Trackmaps: Updated with latest TRDs
  • Shorter Flickr.com web address (1345)
  • Replaced placeholder ghost save strings
  • WMD-4266, WMD-4364 : Signout monitor fix
  • Fixing discipline logo display - WMD-2886
  • Fixes splash sync anim displays - WMD-4614
  • TM symbol now changed to Degree symbol 4657
  • WMD-4672 : Missing control screen text assignments
  • Fixing list selection for quick select lists - WMD-4631
  • Penalty warnings fit inside box now in other languages (A 2941)
  • WMD-3236 default time and condition changed to 17.00 light cloud
  • Updated last few TRD files with track naming updates for the Menu
  • WMD-4624 Fixed the exclusive input on the exit in game menu dialog
  • Updated Multiplayer Create screen, new Supercars and TrackDay Cars logos
  • Updated boot flow sequence with text now back again and updated Namco logo
  • Fixed motorsport applink in career EOR Leaderboard screens. Part of WMD-4149
  • Hide ping indicator for local player, colour ping indicator from green to red
  • Fixed tutorial voiceover and subtitles not playing in FIGS languages. WMD-4537
  • WMD-4410 Only processing the achievements whose exact metrics have just been updated
  • Use non applink GUI update to offset applink update until textures are laoded - WMD-4378
  • First-pass motorsport subtitles added for Endurance, Entry Kart, Formula A, Formula B, Formula C
  • Subtitles added for Formula Gulf, Formula Rookie, GT3, GT4, GT5, LMP1, LMP2, Prototype 1, Prototype 2, Clio Cup
  • Add ability to update GUI without updating applinks - allows applink update to be offet until textures are loaded - WMD-4378
  • Fixed one instance of soft-kick logging
  • Added RefId logging to session connectivity monitor
  • When a member with duplicate RefId joins the session, kick the member previously joined with that RefId. It could happen when platform-specific leave notification is not properly delivered to Sabre and works around all kinds of issues this could lead to
  • Pre-Race cameras fix - clipping with the ground (Formula Gulf / Dubai)
  • F1 AJM mechanic anims update
  • Adjusting AJM sequence animations
  • Adjusted TRD for Left side pitstops
  • Fix looped animation locator support (WMD-4673)
  • KART Crew: Chief mechanic fixed trigger exports
  • Props textures: Added emissive maps for lollypop
  • Pitcrew props: Lollypop prop exports emissive map ON 
  • KART pitcrew: Chief mechanic fixed missing triggers from export
  • Adding new trigger for the ASQ when car is up on the jacks,"car_up"
  • KART: Chief mechanic , initial animations, Initial chief mechanic animations L and R
  • F1 pitcrew: Chief mechanic added share anim triggers to steady anims, Chief mechanic release anims, adding gtrigger for sound "gogogo"
  • GT pitcrew: Initial FUM_L RR fuel intake animations, Fixed rrn, rfn,rro wheel _tm bones, Initial :fuel mechanic L RRFUI source filesm, Fuel mechanic L-> LRfui initial source files, WHA01 : source files with updated retraced props _TM bone, Fuel mechanic L -> Left Rear fuel intake initial animations
  • Pitstop routine always full
  • Camera Script changes for MC
  • Edit pit manager release decision making
  • Lower pit manager gap if in pit, initial 70m
  • Locking player in cockpit view, removing camera scripts altogether for MC
  • Camera plays only when the full routine would be on pitstop strategy setting corrected
  • Prioritize player over any new car releases when the player is ready to exit garages and pits
  • WMD-4726 - removing [Nationality] tag text id from fanchat
  • Career Championships: Formula Gulf - Reduced Minimum session duration for all races
  • Career Championships: Formula B - Reduced minimum duration of races, reduced number of rounds
  • Career Championships: Formula C - Reduced Minimum session duration for all races, reduced rounds for each series
  • Career Championships: Formula A - restructured to single Practice and Qualify, reduced minimum race duration for all races
  • Fixed End of Series screen not getting updated due to waiting on texture loads, and trying to use data after it's been cleared. WMD-2127 (and others)
  • Karts: Scaled rain effects
  • LMP RP399H: LOD optimization
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: LOD optimization
  • Sauber C9: Approval changes (detachables)
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4: Fixed damage issues
  • Mercedes 190E Evo2: Approval changes (detachables)
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4: Damage fixes, LODC fixes
  • Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Approval changes (detachables)
  • Ginetta G55 GT3: Removed redundant livery lines, added one more livery and a windscreen banner, Liveries part4, Added official Team LNT windschield banner, Added official Team LNT livery
  • Karts: Lowered rolling resitance of AI tires
  • Audi R18: Better default setup. A bit softer for use a a wider selection of tracks
  • CG height adjustments. GT4 Ginetta, BMW M3. helps excessive 2 wheeling over big curbs
  • Caterham R500: New default setup for the understeer and lazy turnin. Removed some front bumpsteer too
  • Merc 190 Evo, BMW E30, For sierra RS500: Went through these cars for handling, setups, suspensio inertia's. Adjusted the CG heights to reduce 2 wheels weirdness. Also equalized the speeds through better setups for each
  • Snetterton: Manager Adverts
  • California Raceway: Crow placement update
  • Silverstone: Added Track centre data for cloud boundaries
  • Dubai Autodrome: Updates + tweaks to static + instances scenes
  • Zolder: Fix overlay flickering and update wet reflection taging, update assets for wet reflection
  • California Highway: New autograss setup , new texture, rules etc.. , added to TRDs for all variants
  • Le Mans: Updated tree textures to have 6 mips instead of the full set, approved by Mark, to be tested by Sven
  • Eifelwald: Reset corridors around the Karrousell with the corridor raycast code fixed. Helps AI negotiate this difficult corner better
  • Belgian Forest Circuit: New autograss setup , modified main CSM to put longgrass in the right places. new autograss setup, new texture, rules, exclusion map etc..
  • Summerton: New completle AIW's. Redone with the finer resolution waypoints as this is the only way to get good behaviour from the KART AI. Works well now with my other latest changes and AI updates. Enjoy
  • Azure Circuit: Ammendments to brand images, fix of casino flicker issue, merged road and pavement ms, fix of some microgaps, fix placement issues at fairmont, fix of nightlighted bg-building, new grass csm merged...
  • Monza: Reworked complete trackedges and road markings, statics and instances placement, changed old style tyrestacks for new one, lowered too high kerbs and tweaked surroundings. kerbs textures update, textures update, instances and statics placement updated
  • Laguna Seca: Update wet reflection for some assets and trees, new road materials, reworked complete trackedges and road markings, complete welings pass, clearing of broad terrain map, new wet weather setup for road with custom puddle texture, tweked some CSM issues

Build 902-904

  • Additional new suspension creaks and chassis groans for the modern cars and updates to existing sounds for older cars. 3 new event files for braking: Classic, Race and Street
  • Removes tail cut-off as now blends to the edge
  • Adds premultiplied alpha write z no cull render context
  • Fix for solar lens flares getting rendered through the sky rings
  • Code so that we use the player dynamic emap on the current viewed participant
  • PC: Improve scaling for participant update(and appwork) on hex and octcore systems
  • Changes draw position to after land / sky. Adds 'high' setting between medium/ultra
  • Saturates diffuse alpha in blend modes to reduce ROP usage. Changes all modes to 'no cull'
  • Impostor Reflections - separated tweakable forward offsets for head lights and tail lights
  • Code to remove unneeded light dereferencing. This dereferencing has been causing random crashes in the scenegraph because the light object was getting deleted prematurely
  • Added Overlay_floatingMesh into runtime shader with deferred id set to 2 to solve rendering order of overlying overlays (bottom set to Overlay technique, upper to Overlay_floatingMesh)
  • New Track logo for Sakitto
  • Fix for scrolling pause menu
  • Vintage F1 class icons added
  • GT1X and TourClub logos added
  • HUD: Disabled tire temp icons
  • Load correct language for credits (WMD-4049)
  • Correct inches translation in Russian (3661)
  • Sky Ring can render to the god ray light mask
  • Fix for placeholder text in FanChat feed (4597)
  • Enable sync anims during bootup section - WMD-4614
  • Fix for the InGameMenu being saved with a layer visible
  • Added countdown wait phase whilst waiting for countdown event
  • Fix for white square on Control Force Feedback calibration (4658)
  • Avoid having classes with only unlockable items in them - WMD-4595
  • Higher-res Summerton, Chesterfield, Glencairn logos to match others
  • Take a Photo option disabled, when external camera sequences are running
  • Updated Load Career screen with bigger tabs, updated Marketplace tile (4568)
  • Fixed dashed lines appearing on Controls screen, added background images for some Options screens
  • Fix for incorrectly highlighted (active) pit strategy when choosing a new one from the list (WMD-4580)
  • Updated QRW screen layout, animations on Lobby screen, updated Calendar Detail screen, updated Simulate screen (4466 3855)
  • Fix WMD-4582 - Text Implementation - Quick Race Weekend - '_TRACK_TYPE_' placeholder appearing for the Chesterfield Karting track in Location Selection menu
  • Fix for Point to Point tracks showing a lap complete percentage of 99 before the race has started (WMD-2254)
  • Disabled penalising for overtaking on double-yellow
  • WMD-4280 Section flags now only get shown when ahead of the player
  • Fix WMD-3458 Incorrect number of players and 0 AI is displayed in ?Online Lobby? option
  • Fix WMD-4125 Incorrect vehicle's name is displayed to the clients in the 'MULTIPLAYER SESSION LOBBY' screen
  • Fix WMD-1628 - The ?Cancel? option fails to function when selected in ?Creating game?? prompt message in ?Quick Random? option
  • Driver art: Updated material coloursied turned ON
  • Driver male exports: Fixed body material missing during exports
  • Driver exports: Baked AO and painted leg vertex. GT, F1, Classic
  • Driver meshes: Added Logo back and painted AO in LODX and LODA. Rebaked LODB
  • F1 chief mechanic R: lollipop height position tweaked so it fits better with jacked up formula & initial anims for F1 chief mechanic L
  • GT FM: Adding cancelmove anim to R_RRFUI, initial anims/setup/source for R_LRFUI, initial _cancelmove_ animation for R_RRFUI, initial animations for R_LRFUI
  • Fix for WMD-4584, added missing fields to the pit strategy event
  • Work on start revving : AI throttle up less and for a shorter amount of time, AI will only to to full throttle on the last red light before the start
  • Removal of unnecesary hide of the pitstop mechanic for free practice race, the mechanic should be hidden now only when the car leaves the pitlane for the first time
  • Enabled new offline speed correction paramters. AI now attempts to slow enough to correct their line once forced off of it or over cooking the entrance for whatever reason. Should see less driving off the outside of corners and less incidents because of it
  • Upped number of social media types
  • WMD-4641 - removing reject button from contract offers
  • Updated accolade debug output to help with data verification
  • Career Championships: Formula A Quick Guide updated to reflect new FA structure - 1x Practice, 1x qualifying
  • Lotus 98T: LOD optimization
  • LMP RP339H: LOD optimization
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: LOD optimization
  • Sauber C9: Improved damage taillights
  • Mercedes SLS: Approval changes (detachables)
  • Mercedes 300SEL AMG: Improved damage taillights
  • Mercedes A45 AMG: Approval changes (detachables)
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Approval changes (detachables)
  • McLaren F1: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Ford Sierra RS500: LOD optimization and some user flag fixes
  • Palmer Jaguar: Fixed rain effects on paint materials, fixed rain effects
  • Vehicles: Default values for vehicle detachbles to start flapping changed
  • Mercedes Evo2 DTM: Improved damage taillights, fixed clipping damage meshes
  • RUF CTR3: Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • McLaren 12C: Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • Mercedes A45 AMG: Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • Mercedes SLS AMG: Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • Audi R8 V10 plus: Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • McLaren F1 & Supercar tires: Added some rear tire heating
  • BMW Z4 GT4: Taller default final drive for a more useable top speed.
  • Lotus 98T: Fixed engine overheating, minor tire heat and wear changes
  • Audi R8 LMS GT3: Reduced the AI spring rate for stabilty over bad bumps
  • McLaren P1: Fixed engine overheating, Better model of dual clutch gearbox
  • Radical SR3: Tweaked the setup and put the factory spring rates on it. Much easier to drive and adresses Chris Racers point about it being touchy on the throttle.
  • Formula C: Last attempt at tweaking the tire model for turn in lazyness and remove the understeer. Used some of my recent thinking. Works. Total grip is a tick lower , but no slower.
  • 125CC Shifter Kart: New physics per the discussions on these forums and Nic's feedback. Better chassis stiffness simulation. CG heights changed. Slight changes to the previous tire carcass and grips. Opened adjustments for the front and rear "torsion bar" chassis stiffeners ( swaybars in our setup screens). Caster adjustment back to 20 degrees. Ride heights now adjustable as on the real Karts. I think it's close to hitting the mark everyone's been so great feeding back on. Default setup was done at Greenwood. After tuning the caster for the right amount of turn in, tire pressures are your best friend for over/under steer in the faster stuff.. Cool to see the inside rear tire lift in the replays both player and AI karts. AI tuned more and working better. Had some fun races agianst 9 Karts at Greenwood with the new AIW i just did. Enjoy!
  • Laguna Seca: Textures update
  • Snetterton 100: Pit-In trigger position tweaked
  • Zolder: Set lod distance for assets and trees and crowds
  • Dubai Autodrome: Sweep of graphical issues around the track
  • Moravia: Added track centre co-ordinates for cloud boundart data in TRD
  • Le Mans: Fixed missing reflection setting for Le mans variations in trd file
  • Watkins Glen: Fixed texture paths.. optimized oversized textures for faster loading of tracks
  • Oulton Park: Finishing tracks checks, PITIN trigger position tweaked, rain blockers added,CSM STL check
  • Jin Ding: Zhuhai and Connecticut Hill, fixed texture paths.. optimized oversized textures for faster loading of tracks
  • California Raceway: Emmissive objects around the track, emm. night setup, updated pits entry as requested, fixed paths
  • Cadwell: Added tyres to new barrier section, repositioned pit entry triggers and added barriers for the extra approach
  • Monza GP: More carefull editing of the corridors around the chicanes to keep the AI cars off the very high curbs. Formual cars were especially vulnerable
  • Greenwood Karting: New AIW with a finer resolution AIW path. Helps the hair pin. Still alot of hand editing the race line to get them around there at a reasonable pace, but works loads better than the previous one.
  • Azure Circuit: Added new autograss meshes, new autograss setup - added all the required files , rules , texture etc... , new exlcusion map , CSM to be given to Sven to merge into the master scene, bad placed instances removed, Crowds placement update, optimizations, armcos LODB merged, twall mirabau merged and fixed intersection and updated csm, overlay amount reduced and cutted out overlay polygons where poossible, fixed seadirection issue, fixed gaps around casino, escalier buildings merged and holes in terrain fixed

Build 901


  • Support for sub-splitting of shadow buffer
  • Camera null pointer checks. Required as particle cpu side can run even if the render loop is not
  • Update to how the lighting enviroments work. New code in place for selecting what lights should cast shadows


  • Subtitles polished for 4551
  • Warning message fix WMD-4458
  • Sakitto loading screens added
  • TM removed from splash screen (4603)
  • F1 flag to test enabling damage in MP
  • Correct Endorsement sponsor names (4429)
  • Disabling cameras when using debug cheat
  • Fix WMD-1389 - Kers display on F1 steering wheel
  • Disabled yellow flag collisions (requested by Stephen V)
  • Career Endorsements: Reworked TextIDs to ensure correct strings displayed
  • Lap counter now fits in when three digits, L and P now localised (4495 4123)
  • Default AI difficulties tweak to 30,50,80 to work better with the new AI behavior
  • Career Social Media names and images expanded for more variety, less chance of repetition
  • Fix for incorrect car positions on non-rotated HUD map (WMD-1649, 3546, 4536) including if REPUTATION_ENABLED now fixed
  • Fix for long car name on lobby (both in-game and frontend), fix for unresponsive list on Tuning Save screen, fix for incorrectly-deleted save on Load Career screen (3585 2477 4535)


  • Pre-Race cameras polish (Kart/F1/GT), 8 far shot + 8 wide shots + per track offset/tweaks


  • Baked AO on legs and darkening.
  • Driver Male ART: Meshes Kart material, colourize turned OFF


  • Calendar events array size updated to match latest data
  • Player car gets some priority when exiting garages and pits
  • Skip updating trigger time tracking when hitting pit triggers
  • Changing pit crew disappearance not to be immediately after the race end
  • AI offroad slowdown tweaked to ensure AI going wide offroad slow down appropriately
  • Player car now must follow pit manager rules and will only be released when safe to do so
  • 2D Geometry tests no longer apply to cars which have no collision. This alos helps with smoot pit entry in heavy traffic
  • Extend non-collision when pitting up to the wole BID_PIT AIW from just in between the Pit In/Out Triggers. This will help smooth pit entry in heavy traffic


  • If contracted vehicle isn't found, uses fallback name rather than placeholder text. Part of fix for WMD-4464 
  • Yellow flag trigger values tweaked to prevent yellows as soon as a car is just slowing down, or if a car is far off track.
  • Updated unlock criteria textIDs entries for 2 LE events, and hooked up all 5 LE textIDs in the event HRDF. Last part of WMD-4421
  • Fixed news and contract displays for Invitations to avoid using placeholder text, from them using non-contracted motorsports. WMD-4421


  • McLaren P1: Fixed LODB body mesh naming
  • Formula A: Added KERS readout to display
  • Lotus 78: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Lotus 98T: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Mercedes SLS: Added wear and damage overrides for Merc SLS


  • FA AI rain grip tweaked
  • Protection for BodyRelation joints in constructor
  • Lotus 78: Brought rain tire up to standard and did some other minor final tire tuning.
  • AI Slick cars rain tires: Upped rain grip again to get straight speed up. Still too fast in corners. Will need some code changes to sort the corner grip.
  • Formula A: Fixes rolling drag keeping down speed. Matched to Spa (193mph) medium downforce using DRS, and Monza (210mph) 0/0 wings and taller gears but no other tricks, so 217 should be possible. New tire tweaks based on AJ's latest and my latest thinking merged in. So new carcass and compoound. Also a new wet tire compound that works without constantly spinning. Much softer than the first pass. Small changes to the setup. Set wings in the middle (previously they were 1 step above), slight swyabar change, and reduced rear brake temp. Got he AI working really close to the player car at Spa without DRS (they don'y use it). Enjoy!


  • Red triple tyre stacks changed to be tracklod controlled LOD distance (dynamic objects)


  • Imola: Pre Race camera/timing setup
  • Snetterton: PitIn trigger position tweaked
  • Brands Hatch: Pit entry trigger moved to increase distance to 1st pit
  • Sakitto: Outer terrain updates, texture polish,viewer placement tweaks
  • Oschersleben: Texture size optimisation pass2 done on collected textures
  • Jin Ding: Crowd placement update, tick trackside light in the materials of the startlight and the pitlight, Add Missing Supports for the advert billboards, Add improved (Higher Res) Adverts to replace the older placeholders here & here, using a mix of Panasonic/nVidia/WMD Logo's, Add proper Adverts to replace the broken Panels here with the Metal Construction material applied, Add night emissives to the advert boards with accompanying ambient Spotlights, fix some tree crossection woth billboards (in vt), fix lod distance for some buildings and ads