Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • игра вылетает при загрузке Donington Park
  • 4 машины не доступны из меню быстрого выбора, но их можно найти в режиме Time Trial и Multiplayer. Ошибка должна быть исправлена, но если она проявляется - необходимо перезапустить Steam

Build 899-900

  • Impostor Reflections: Implemented switching system for raycast position - selects between waypoint and car pivot according to car vs waypoint position
  • Helmetview visor texture cleanup, removing bigger artifacts like hair and repeating patterns
  • Added Fuel Tank Hoses
  • Updated Greenwood logo (1541)
  • Updated EDIT HUD LAYOUT screen
  • Remaining vehicle class logos added
  • HUD: Added fuel gauge to cockpit HUD
  • Fix telemetry ? symbol text (WMD-1888).
  • Releasing text db with "90 min" string add
  • Fixed issues with material and textura names.
  • Enable forced fuel usage in MP as a F1 menu option
  • Placeholder space not displaying icon correctly WMD-2886
  • Keep community events tab disabled during install - WMD-4355
  • HUD: Fixed tacho redlines for Mercedes 300SEL and Ginetta G40
  • Don't auto close tutorial dialog when speech isn't playing (WMD-4487)
  • Fix for WMD-4428 - Location selected in 'Solo' mode is being reflected in 'Online' mode
  • Fixed Missing localisation for units of deceleration stat in 'View info' section of My Garage WMD-4295
  • Number of opponents correctly updates on QRW screen now, overlapping text on Calendar Detail screen fixed (4484 4388)
  • Images removed from Tuning screens (don't worry - they'll return!), Tuning Load now wider to accomodate stupidly long Bathurst name ;-) (4403 2488)
  • PC Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 support
  • Added Thrustmaster F458 controller text
  • Props assets for F1 pitstops (jacks, lollipop)
  • Driver anims: Seatbelt bones corrected to avoid overlaping
  • Reverted AI rev on grid changes
  • WMD-1099 - Return to pits damage
  • FindCorridors editor code uses system with +/- thresholds
  • Remove in race warping to garage in Practice and Qualification modes
  • Review Pit Manager release rules to avoid ever having AI stuck in pits
  • Pitstops: Correct ending for pitstops once participant finishes a race
  • Fix the AI keeping the handbrake on if going through a behavior that turns it on
  • Add a second set of forward feelers at 50% of current feeler length. Small feelers will cause break, original feelers will now cause throttle release but no break yet
  • Add tweakers and behavior for OffLineSlowDown where AI can get a penalty for being off the lane. Effect currently disabled because of neutral default tweak values pending testing
  • More changes to AI tweaker - Box width changed slightly to 0.75 so now 3.0 x 0.75. Dropped the added steer ratio for avoidance down to .0025. and the return steering to the same .0025 so it's no longer faster. Removes most bad weaving around and alot of darting and offroads. Increased the AI abilty loss at race start to 10% (was 5%). Helps with the starts by them being less aggressive. Takes 6000m for them to return to the set abilty
  • Career Championships: Formula Gulf - Motorsport Quick Guide issues fixed
  • Fixed Results list being incorrect and causing a crash if clicked on, after switching to a new career. Also clearing round text when no rounds available after the reset. WMD-4420
  • Fixed simulation logic so it handles end of series progressions/flagging similar to racing normally. Fixes bug where Driver/Team Standings weren't being displayed in the Results tab after a simulated series had been fully simulated. WMD-4499
  • Sauber C9: Minor display tweak
  • Ginetta G40: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • WMD-4288 - Button based KERS torque
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302: CG height change drop.
  • 250cc Superkart: Reduced aero drag, increased Ackerman %
  • Audi V10 Plus: Stiffened bumpstops to prevent excessive suspension compression breaking rear suspension
  • Lotus 49: HUD tire temperature color ranges, increased race start tire temperature, adjusted FFB strength
  • Ginetta G40 Junior: Adjusted tire heating and HUD temperature color ranges, Tuned cockpit shift lights to the Junior engine
  • Oschersleben: Tweaked optimized lights
  • Laguna Seca: Colour_brightness and tiling tweaks
  • Dubai Autodrome: Sweep of graphical issues around the track
  • Zolder: Fix flickering for some trees, lod distant setup for some assets, add wind turbines
  • California Highway: Fix cut track detection when using the left side of the split lanes near end. Added mesh files for new autograss
  • Sakitto: Crowd placement update, new lightmap texture for tunnel, new textures ferris wheel lights, new textures for ferris wheel animations, updated texture with yellow lights
  • Azure Circuit: Optimisation work. Have brought in excessive lod distances as lots of objects being drawn when never seen. Un-ticked 'draw in env map' for varions assets which were well away from the driving surface. Tested forward/reverse and at night with no visible change or pop up

Build 897-898

  • Fix for GroundCover performance degradation over multiple track loads
  • Impostor reflections: Changed computation of initial position, added head lights forward offset tweakable adjustment
  • Photomode: Avoiding initial camera position too near to the target - camera was unable to rotate in that state (issue WMD-3999)
  • Disable direct purchase options
  • New Greenwood Karting Circuit logo
  • Adding scripted camera debug option to F1 debug menu
  • Fix WMD-4120 - Add warmup to race mode section of textdb
  • Calendar "Simulating" and Event Selection "Simulate" text updated to be more descriptive
  • Fix WMD-4128 Placeholder text ?1? is displayed instead of ?Yes? for ?Interior View? option
  • Fixed RaceResults and ChampionshipStandings tutorials. They both are triggered from StadingsGUIHandler now
DedicatedServer (WIP):
  • Added more logging to dedicated server. All log messages now include data/timestamp.
  • Fixed script timing for new F1 animations
  • F1 Pitstops: Fuel > wheels , fuel tower & hoses
  • F1 Pitstops R: All anim speed parameters reset back to 1
  • F1 Pitcrew: Fuel mechanic initial exports with short hose and fueltower+long arm
  • GT Pitcrew: Fuelmechanic corrected export bone name to "props_hose1_TM" , previously "props_hose01_TM"
  • Changed AI detection box size to 3.0 x 0.5
  • Cars with detached wheels will now pull over
  • AI will now try to pit if IsEnforcePitStop is set
  • WMD-4434 Penalties fix for mandatory pitstop DQ in pit lane
  • Simplify the test that sets AI to damaged behavior ( damaged engine or gearbox + blown tires )
  • Fixed Pull Over AI behavior to have them stop when parked off road ( the ramming into the walls at low speed bug )
  • Fix AI pits before crossing the finish line in time limited events ( Ai finish their current lap and pit after that one )
  • When retiring to Pits, the driver inputs are now correctly reset to have an idle car in the garage ( no crazy revving after a DQ )
  • Closed up distance for AI to make a pass (so they are closer). Dropped time player car revs on race load. Decreased road edge hazard buffer to .5m (from 1.0m)
  • WMD-4382 - Less flaming from social media
  • Career Championships: All instances of track "Florence" replaced
  • Ford Capri Group 5: LOD optimization
  • McLaren F1: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Pagani Zonda R: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Gumpert Apollo: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Renault Clio Cup: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Mercedes A45 AMG: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Fixed bad center camera position
  • Alpine A450/Oreca 03: Fixed bad chase camera position
  • Mercedes C-Coupe DTM: Tweaked display texture, fixed body damage/rain effects + display tweaks
  • CG height adjustments Mercedes A45, Aston Martin GT4's
  • AI Tyres all cars - Better default rain grips for the latest code. For testing
  • Formula Rookie: Calibrated ABS, Set drivetrain efficiency, Adjusted tire heating and HUD color ranges a bit. Removed some clutter (super old, unused data) from the tire.rg file
  • Ground Cover: Updated textures for a lot of tracks to have a more visible alpha channel
  • Besos: Added new autograss files
  • Eifelwald: Added new autograss files
  • Hockenheim: Added new autograss files
  • Silverstone: Added new autograss files
  • Eifelwald GP: Added new autograss files
  • Brands Hatch: Added new autograss files
  • Oschersleben: Added new autograss files
  • Donington Park: Texturemap reduction for wmd-4463
  • Imola: New autograss defs, rules , texture and material
  • Oulton Park: Smoothed pit lane entrance merge to main path
  • Azure Circuit: Optimizations, curb material issue fixed, merged optimized plastic barriers, fixed gap in terrain, some lods adjusted
  • Le Mans: New autograss setup & texture & files & mats etc.. , new tree override folder and texture setup , added folder names into the TRDs, added new autograss files
  • Mount Panorama: Longrass csm update for grass exclusion update, grassexclusion update, longrass removed from dry areas and grass on road issues fixed, new autograss defs, rules , texture and material
  • Watkins Glen: Added verge details and dry areas on the outer terrain, fixed odd lines in inner and outer terrain gras, fixed missing backside of base tyrewalls mesh to avoid shadows missing form tyrewalls on Connecticut hills
  • Lakeville: New main collision to reduce grass spawn area, new autograss setup, new exclusion map, removed the green grass areas as they looked bad with the autograss on them, added fences to areas where there was no visual barrier, updated tyre placement to fill some gaps in the barriers, moved some of the vertical csm to conform to the visuals. new autograss defs, rules, texture and material, updated tyre placement

Build 896

  • Update to First Qualifying Session career VO due to a gameplay change
  • Aston Martin Rapide Hybrid incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Includes tranny, gears, turbo, backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory
  • Updated SMS and WMD logos
  • Additional text strings for boot flow
  • Trackmaps: Updated with latest CSM, TRGs
  • Updated tutorial visuals (more obvious, easier to close) 4305
  • Fix for WMD-4374 - cannot change default weather conditions via DefaultSettings HRDF file
  • WMD-1730 Not disallowing the achievement when the camrera switched to external automatically in MP
  • Fix for overlap on console Time Trial screen, fix for overlap on Multiplayer Browse screen (4339, 4366)
  • Updated boot flow (although animations not working), overlap on Lobby fixed, missing text on Calendar Detail screen added to TextDB, unneeded Control Assignments removed (3426, 4370, 4341)
  • Fix WMD-4299 - When a host quits a MP race and attempts to create a new lobby, the game will sync automatically
  • Set leave reason in OnSuspending, also removed Unknown Error disconnect msg from code paths (WMD-4416 XB1- Text - Online Lobby - Incorrect error message is displayed on suspending the title)
  • Adjusting KART pitstops, added cameras for all scenarios
  • Fixed crash when the physics vehicle gets destroyed faster then the scribe scripts
  • Adding visibility toggle to F1 debug menu for QA to test the impact of full pitstops visibiity
  • WMD-3854 Fix for matching social media names
  • Relative triggers with no base time setup gets the offset set to the session time
  • Career Tutorials: Updated "First Qualifyig Session" tutorial so that the text matches the updated screen design
  • Added protection to mDisciplineMenu, to make sure it can only be used after being set up. No WMD, reported crash
  • Formula B: Added 2 liveries
  • Formula C: Added 2 liveries
  • Formula Rookie: Added 2 liveries
  • Caterham Classic: LOD optimization
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3: Fixed RPM bar on CPIT display
  • Alpine A450/Oreca 03: Adjusted front of collision shapes to prevent scooping effect
  • BAC Mono, BMW Z4: AI tweaks for better turn in
  • Pagani Huayra: Reverted previous change to the drop gear
  • Formula Gulf 1000: Calibrated ABS, Set drivetrain efficiency, Increased rear tire heating slightly
  • Kart 125CC: New tire. Softer spring rate, stiffer carcass overall per my explaination on the physics thread about this Kart. Basiclly no real change to the grip except slight iincrease in tear grip and lower adhesive, plus Softer SETA hardness. Stiffened the overall chassis. Locked the adjustments for the Springs/dampers. Moved the brake bias to 50% so theAI would stop spinning braking hard into corners. You might want to move it back to 60% for your own driving. Tweaked the FFB. Takes about 3 laps for the tires to warm up. Not sure it's exactly right yet, but a good change for the better re understeer.. AI works much, much better too. Added the new Kart tire carcass to the rain tire
  • Zolder: Enable draw in reflection
  • Sakitto: New static env map position
  • California Raceway: Missing marbles placed around the track
  • Azure Circuit: Art subfolder maps - removed redundant texturemaps
  • Le Mans: Trees instance 19 reexported to fix issue on PS4, fixed missing pit spot
  • Donington Park: Added missing clock, fix flickering overlays, add wet support for other road, fix popping
  • Azure Coast: Fixed Jira issue relating to flickering reflections, optimizations, more occluders added, lod distances adjusted for performance on foliage instances, redundant maps removed
  • Brand Hatch Indy: New Raceline witha more conservative line in the first corner to help the AI going off in numbers on the first lap start. Moved the outside corridors in towards the race line to funnel in on the corner start.
  • Siverstone GP: New Pit lane to fix the entrance problem pointed out by Pigsy. The cut track is an ongoing detection bug, not sure whats going on. The cut tracks are wide enough. The car dosen't even go over the ends of the cut track corridors and triggers an off track. I widened them more to fix it, but the code it not doing it's job completely

Build 895

  • New Brakes.fdp checked in
  • Tweaks to the balance of the A45, RUFGT8 and Megane engine and turbo volumes
  • Adding the suspension creaks and chassis groans under braking and lifting the brake
  • Final check in and upload error fix for the suspension creaks and chassis groans under braking and lifting the brake. This time I have included all the sounds, Brakes.FDP and all .csd for all cars with the latest updates
  • Further thread setup tweaking for physics slow-mo
  • DX11: Optimised bloom and luminance render-target formats
  • Photomode: DOF focus sliders adjusted - ranges and steps, DOF focal distance ranges changed
  • Add support for changing resolution without restarting game - just have to go into a race and it will change while transferring control from one to the other
  • Impostors, toned back stretched headlight reflections intensity and distortion a touch on dry track as it was looking too wet and should have been set up to be more subtle
  • Photomode: Missing UnRegisterAppLink(&mFOV) added, redundant UnregisterAppLink(&mFilter) removed, corrected filter backwards arrow, avoided focal distance values to go to negative values using arrows
  • Low level modifications to allow resolution changes without restarting, including making the shared render data persistent between front end and in game, with a reset in between rather that destroy and create
  • WTC tweaks, minor fog levels tweaks as I noticed that wet weather fog was slightly too strong/flat at certain times of the day
  • TM removed from Project CARS logo
  • WMD-4239 - End of season button for final invitation
  • WMD-3053 Allow standalone practice 2 sessions for QRW
  • Rolling starts check for road lats to stay on the road
  • WMD-4344 Implemented the Petrolicious Love achievement
  • Make all discipline logo quads invisible until we have a full set of class logos
  • New Quick Race Weekend navigation and Vehicle Class logos (GT still needs updating!)
  • WMD-4283: Changed where code is looking for translated vehicle class and group descriptions
  • TextIDs for All Invitations/Endorsement HistoricGoals fixed (were pointing at endurance events). No JIRA, spotted while fixing PreCertSave
  • WMD-4361: Fixed invitations not being processed on the career load/delete screen
  • WMD-3105, WMD-3192: Fixed the Steam Store button not doing anything, now it opens the game's store page in Steam overlay
  • Set NpSession type flag according to private/public game details, for WMD-4340 (Build 0894 - EU QA - PS4 - TRC [R4165] - The title fails to display any sessions under 'In Game Sessions' to client when the host creates an online session.)
  • Camera setup updated for GT pitstops R
  • Removed unnecessary animation logging
  • F1 Pitcrew mechanic: Fixed export time range
  • GT Pitcrew: FUM_L source files, removed obsolete, updated catabe export setup
  • F1 Pitcrew: Wheel mechanics and attendants ( LRW, LFW, RRW, RFW) , new exports with faster transitions
  • GT Pitcrew: Wheel attendant 02- seleciton sets fix for wheels, and reexport of affected animations "..move.."
  • F1 Pitcrew: Source export files updated with latest changes. Faster transitions from relax to ready. All wheel mechanics & attendants
  • Rolling starts check for road lats to stay on the road
  • FIX 4113, better behaviour of pitstop crew during replays
  • Camera sequence update for GT refueling and wheels maintenance
  • WMD-4273 Force the simulated vehicle to leave the garage if it's in
  • FIX WMD 4334 - updated autoselection of pitstop scripts based on car type
  • WMD-4309 WMD-4311 WMD-4312 Added NULL pointer check to cut track testing code
  • Visibility fix, the fuel tower is not shown any more during races where refuelling is not allowed
  • Additionally, even in Practice and Qualifying, we no longer apply the post pitting teleporting to garage to the player car
  • Pitting : The post pitting teleporting to garage no longer happens in race, only in Practice and Qualifying and at Race End
  • Halved the throttle rate increase slowdown value from 10 to 5. Added a Tweaker for easier future changes ComputeThrottle_badDriverFullThrottleDelay in the AI tweaker file
  • SetReturnGUIScreen only set once career is being launched (gets cleared during launch). Stops Race Weekend from picking it up and returning to Dashboard screen if career Calendar screen had been entered first. WMD-4373
  • BMW 1M: LOD optimization
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3: LOD optimization
  • BMW M3 E30: Changed headlight setup/materials
  • Ford Focus RS: Fixed duplicated mesh parts in LODA interior
  • McLaren F1: Fixed glass material, fixed taillight reflectors
  • BAC Mono: Fixed missing rain on paint material, fixed mirror UVs
  • Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm: Fixed missing rain drop effect on glass materials
  • McLaren P1: Tweaked windscreen reflections, fixed various small damage issues, Damage fixes, material tweaks, shadow dummy meshes added
  • Lotus 49: Fixed a zero mass collision shape
  • Formula B: Fixed mass of front wing component
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302R1: Fixed missing damage
  • Formula C: Final tuning to tire heating, wear and rain performance
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: Switched spring/damper setup back to official numbers from Audi. Works the tyres more evenly
  • Updated per-vehicle materials to be created during physics init, registered on race load, and not included in count of public materials
  • Supercars, Sub-supercars: New tire compound. Tighter and more slidable using what i learned latetly (ie the Ariel Atom V8). Also tweaks to the carcass long stiffness. All cars got tested and tweaked for top speeds at Le Mans. For instance Mclaren P1 - 217mph, Huayra 205mph, RUF CTR3 201mph. Some drag changes to get these numbers. Worked with Casey on the P1 and trickled down from there... Lots of little detail changes on all the cars. Some more than others. Target was to get them all very drivable out of the box. Assure Game pad playability too. Much more satisfying to drive for me. Flame proof suit on. Enjoy
  • Monza: Set correct pit locations
  • Jin Ding: Set correct pit locations
  • Silverstone: Set correct pit locations
  • Azure Circuit: LOD distances adjusted for performance
  • Zolder: Fix startlights mats setup, set correct pit locations
  • Dubai Kartdrome: Trigger positions tweaked, added missing PitIn trigger
  • Oschersleben: First pass of optimized textures, saving about 17MB, fixed hard bordered light before pitentry Road, floodlights changes
  • Moravia: Fixed various WMD reported issues, updated CSM, fixed WMD reported issues, optimised counts, tweaked brightness, set correct pit locations
  • Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: Fixed CSM dip before the 6th turn, reworked materials and mapping of main road and side roads, cleaning the terrain broad map, stitched close and distant terrain meshes
  • Donington Park: Fix mapping for skidsmarks, fix whitelines around the track (now looks ok), fix flickering for some overlays, fix pivots for some lods, check the wet road mapping setup for all routes, wet reflection tagging for all routes

Build 894


  • Also tweaks to the balance of many cars including the A45 and Megane engine and turbo volumes.
  • Changed handling of unavailable speech data for other languages, as it was causing a crash when trying to play speech after switching to another language
  • Suspension creaks and chassis groans under braking and lifting the brake. This are the only physical events I have I can use to parameterise these sounds. Ideally actually suspension compression would be better. Anyway, it's a start and sounds pretty good so far. Please understand this is totally new and will require time to improve


  • Moved player position vector for better alignment
  • Added grass squashing when in range of vehicle, also removes billboard calc
  • Photomode: DOF focus distance changed to distance from camera instead of distance from car pivot


  • Update of Intro bink with Ed's latest
  • Changed Zero To Hero from 5 seasons to 10
  • WMD-2311 - Metric speeds in options menus
  • Missing sprites/images from source control
  • Defaulting pro presets to flags off (for now)
  • Mainmenu re-saved with Quick Menu visible (whoops)
  • Disable cross in leaderboard for SP races - WMD-243
  • WMD-4287 Implemented Home Field Advantage achievement
  • WMD-3177 Preventing the racing flags from being displayed post race
  • TextDB: Fixed broken translation strings for FA Slick and Formula C Slick
  • Corrected standings for race overview screen when moving between sessions.
  • Fixes GUI textures which are already applinked not loading on return from race
  • Updated all Steam achievement texts and translations from even more latest TextDB...
  • Fixed up flag defaults to align to the new on/off options. Defaulting all flags to off (for now)
  • Improved colors on Career screens, placeholder text on Time Trial screen fixed, wrapping text on main screen fixed, overlap on Visual screen fixed (3879 3642 3243)


  • Reduced async file thread tick sleep time to 10ms


  • Fuelhose update
  • New short Fuel tower hoses
  • Multiple fixes to GT Pitstops R (mostly cameras)
  • GT Pitcrew: Updated export sources for FUM, WHA1,2 , WHM1,2
  • GT Pitcrew: Wheel mechanic01,02 / weel attendant 02 exported faster transition animations
  • GT pitcrew: Pitbox Rightside, FuelMechanic +short hose rigs on both sides of fuel tower (RRFUI)


  • Pitstop cameras smooth transitions
  • FIX WMD 4261, cameras now switch properly
  • Updated timings for wheel changing animations


  • Aston Martin Rapide Hybrid: LOD optimization, new light billboards
  • Oreca 03/Alpine A450: Switch to paddle shift animation. Gearshift lever is there purely as a redundancy


  • Formula B: Fixed zero grip on Yiro slick tire, Changed boost type to an ECU torque increase, Fixed engine overheating, Minor gearbox changes, Reduced fuel consumption, Fixed broken tire sidewall texture swaps


  • Laguna Seca: Texture tweak
  • Dubai: Set correct pit locations
  • Eifelwald GP: Set correct pit locations
  • Jin Ding: Fix material for coll mesh for pit garages - WMD-3909
  • Azure Circuit: Optimizations, clean up of ground/road/walls/grass-multisubs materials pass2 and reducing materialcount, removing old and obsolete materials, fix of wrong lightmaps on shared wall materials, fix of some maps, main scene texture totals, texturemap mip fix