15 неделя 2015 года стала последней в истории регулярных обновлений, предназныченных для членов сообщества World of Mass Development.


  • Сохраненные игры, повторы и призраки теперь имеют новое расположение (\Steam\userdata\<ваш идентификатор>\234630\local)

Build 986-987

  • WMD-6616, WMD-6670, WMD-6721: Fix for livery selection
  • Fix for WMD-5793 Aspect ratio for ultra wide displays (videos)
  • Changing the logic of preventing subsequent visits to post race screen, fix for WMD-6724
  • Fixed the loading screen fade-to-black being too early for multiplayer leading to situations where players might end up waiting a long time on a black screen while waiting for everyone to finish loading into a multiplayer session. (WMD-6720)
  • WMD-6702: Ensure the Driver Network Profile dialog is up to date, regardless of which screen we're coming from
  • Fix for (WMD-6729 Build 983 - HUD is reporting incorrect times to vehicles ahead/behind). Compares split times by using the same prediction list
  • WMD-6702: Updated all the distance-driven DNP metrics to use on exit & restart events. It was previously only recording on race-completed events. This enables all bases to be covered in terms of capturing all distance driven for vehicles + tracks
  • Correct cleanup of camera sequences in sessions without cameras - fix for WMD-6717
  • Reset physics sync time delta when switching to/from replay mode. Update cockpit wiper animation in replays. Prevent auto-wipers logic running during replay playback and defer update until replay recording events (WMD-6176)

Build 984-985

  • Fix to restore race sounds after window loses then regains focus, while a race is paused. WMD-6695
  • Change to disable the alternative loading of wtc data from the documents folder when live edit is disabled
  • Fixes track ordering on Time Trial Console screen - WMD-6706
  • WMD-6702: Fixed all qualifying and timing related DNP stats. Added a new OnRestart metric event to track time in sessions even if you restarted
  • WMD-6649: Add a try/catch around the license check, as it's possible for it to throw an exception
  • GT pitcrew: Small fix to WHM01_cancel move finish pose
  • WMD-6715: When fuel consumtion is not available, AI shouldn't ever pit from lack of fuel
  • Fixed EndOfWeekend display so it displays results from both qualifying session when there are two of them. Also hides practice session if it has valid times due to skipping. WMD-6703
  • WMD-5294: Do not override collidable state of remote participant

Build 983

  • Race sounds restarted e.g. when retiring or skipping to reduce audio glitches. WMD-5447
  • Overlapping text fixed on Load/Delete Career screen (WMD-6662)
  • Re-ordered the tracks to fix WMD-6706- where TT track ordering follows pseudonames
  • Fix controller appfuncs for inc and dec to make them use the data provided settings - WMD-6707
  • WMD-6698: Fix for general replay exploit for metrics (Fixed "Emergency Stop" achievement exploit)
  • WMD-6702 Added a OnLapCompleted event for P2P tracks- fixing various issues in regards to metrics not updating
  • Don't invalidate laptime if session starts after crossing start line. Don't invalidate laptime if crossing start line under AI control in a rolling start (WMD-6587)
  • Code to reset the camera render info when entering and exiting game. Fix for bug WMD-6704
  • Pitcrew art: Wheel mechanic R 01 first pass. Not finished
  • F1 Pitcrew L pitstops: Wheel mechanics - airgun hose simulation; initial setup + hose simulation
  • WMD-6295: Driver anims - Aston Martin GT4 - remove limited steering animation and add full 360 steering, remove static paddle anims for driver
  • Pit Engineer: Fix for qualifying chatter being triggered too early. Fixes WMD-6451
  • When sending triggers to app during skip session, don't send triggers already sent during normal gameplay (WMD-6689)
  • Adjustments to opposite lock to ensure it doesn't override the steering lock state (WMD-6705) - fix for "sinking cars"
  • Gumpert Apollo: LODX Mirror fix (WMD-6076), user flags set on other mirrors, fixed LODB suspension skin, paint material rain settings corrected, added damage to mirrors

Build 982

  • Fixes wrong controller icons being used on events and tiem trial screens for patch - WMD-6671
  • WMD-6647: Improved the stability of several of the achievements, notably the 'exorcist' one. Fixed the potential timing threaded related issue to do with lap time updates, and the OnLapCompleted event
  • Text changes for tuning setup and pitstop strategy, removing hardcoded l from screens and replacing with TextDB member + shifting this string bit to the right in tuning setup, so localization (russian) does not cause layout problems. fix for WMD-6579
  • Don't start lap when crossing start trigger whilst in pits on outlap (part of WMD-6451)
  • Stop career contract manager overwriting vehicle livery for other game modes (WMD-6092)
  • Correct logic for handling disqualified participants in non-race sessions. - Fixes WMD-6683
  • WMD-5032: Synchronise vehicle detachable components and wheels in MP
  • WMD-6694: Avoid INFINITE Vehicle members when NewTires are created too early
  • WMD-6600: Updated physics wheel initialisation to properly reset detach phase
  • WMD-6675: AI type blow outs, WMD-5806 - FA heating improved and simple carcass wear model to prevent premature blown player tires

Build 981

  • Fixes layout of speaker for session results screen - WMD-6572
  • WMD-6685: "Selfie" achievement fix. Increased the lenience for the number of vertices required to be in shot
  • WMD-6333: Added busy overlay when entering the load / delete screen if a load or save operation is in progress. This stops the screen appearing broken in this circumstance. Saves are taking an unusually long time in the PKG build, however -- this is not seen when running from the PC
  • Film camera fix so it renders the correct vehicle model
  • Various code changes to support WMD-6216 (Gameplay/Physics - Exploits are possible without the player getting penalised sufficiently): 1. Cut track timer is now dynamic according to severity of the cut / 2. Cut track timer now accumulates in the event of multiple cuts in quick succession (however we no longer increase the cut count towards DQ'd) / 3.Timer correctly resets so that it works consistently after triggering previously during a lap / 4. Extended physics interface so that the cut track timer and other app functions now access time estimates between waypoints at a per participant level (thx physics/AI team)
  • WMD-6681: Driver anims: Oreca - fixed driver clipping through chassis
  • Default strategy for player has forced repairs, even when player enters the pitstops on the last lap. Fix for WMD-6673
  • WMD-6674: Make sure mTyreUsed are set correctly with the tyres used by drivers. Make Enforced laps and damage based laps during enforced laps inclusive of each other
  • WMD-6554: Fixed setup of local pose of wheel PhysX shape
  • Better weather prediction for tyre selection during the race, fix for WMD-6549