Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • фоторежим не работает


  • Сохраненные игры, повторы и призраки теперь имеют новое расположение (\Steam\userdata\<ваш идентификатор>\234630\local)

Build 980

  • Corrected MP browser full and closed filters for publish builds. (WMD-6665)
  • InGame Tuning setup menu now warns if user wants to leave without saving - fix for WMD6584
  • WMD-6647: "Exorcist" achievement fix. Now additionally checking against invalidated lap times
  • The time progression is set to real time when player enters Monitor/Spectate mode. Also, the camera is set back to player participant when the player leaves this mode back to overview menu. Fix for WMD-6657
  • Motec UI: Call Participant.CockpitRestart() during session advance. Tweak Motec fuel tracking logic to correctly handle the first valid lap in practice/qualifying sessions and also for laps where refuelling has taken place. Fixes WMD-6467
  • Tweaks to AI scaling in series to balance correctly after final physics/AI-tyres tuning. WMD-6637
  • WMD-6651: Add assert to test what code is looking at the garage location in an MP race.
  • Fixes WMD-6641 and WMD-6595: Replace InitPitStrategy with SetDefaultFuel (which calcs in AIPitValues the default fuel) and SetDefaulTyres so as to not have to recreate new tyres through the heavy NewTire call everytime Fuel is needed. In Vehicle class, add parameter updateHDWheels to control if skipping propagating new tyres to HDVehicle wheels from Vehicle NewTyre in an effort to remove redundant HDVehicle::NewTire call
  • WMD-6168: Record wheel spawn event, so it can be processed in DNP highlights replay. Allow physics actor to be created with specified index
  • Tweaks to steering driving aid: (WMD-6178) Increased strength of aid/Normalised params for all levels/Fixed issue of double application of steering lock/Added clamping
  • Oulton Park: Exports fixing Jira Bug WMD-6636 for the D1P

Build 979

  • Add metrics event for crossing start on first lap and pass in collision magnitude to metrics to improve Reversa Corsa (WMD-6610)
  • WMD-6628: Tweaked eyepoint offests
  • WMD-6629 Assert and subsequent crash after delayed join
  • Formula A championship: Moved Dubai GP to round 1 as it is a much easier tracks for players new to Formula A. Replaced Bathurst with Brands Hatch GP as Bathurst is too problematic for the player vs AI in such fast cars. WMD-6635
  • Invitational: California 3-point trophy, ensure player is assigned a car in the same class as the opponents. WMD-6633
  • Hockenheim Short: Fixed cut track area around pit entrance causing cut tracks when taking pit entrance. Fixes WMD-6546

Build 975-978

  • Fix for occasional Oculus left eye flickering bug
  • Shadows enabled and mostly working with Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Rift add support for head-tracking when using Attached Camera's
  • Fix for incorrect exposure selection when Helmet Rendering is turned off (either via Show Helmet GUI or option or when running with Oculus Rift)
  • WMD-6608: Fixed occlusion system query code to prevent repeatedly adding and removing the occlusion scene graph query to and from the list of queries held by the scene graph - this resulted in a crash due to thread synchronisation in it's old form
  • WMD-6582: Render - Cars with small LED do not cast impostor reflections. Fixed - this was caused by code which prevents a large lens flare being created for small LEDs, as the imposters were set to only create where a lens flare was. Now the imposter decision is separated from the lens flare one
  • Transition fade during loading to race WMD-3851
  • Add r-stick notifier to pit box right hand list - WMD-6072
  • WMD-6401: DEV - 19/03 - Add restart option to private MP races
  • Allow post race screen to display longer time spans, > 1 hour - WMD-6607
  • "Paused" screen time till simulate adn alaps till simulate update WMD-6378
  • Turning off exit option for non career on result screen leaderboard WMD-6195
  • Fade exiting careerr calendar gets better fade according to Stephen V. feedback - WMD-3851 
  • Added player gamertag applink to preset dialog to show gamer login in first view - WMD-6654
  • No Roads Needed wait for session started and require player in control to trigger (WMD-6619)
  • Prevent post race menu to appear in second time after simulating the session, fix for WMD-6493
  • Clearing flag about being in Post Race when leaving post race gui handler, fix for WMD-6645 and WMD-6646
  • WMD-6132: DEV - 09/03 - Sounds played via gAudioMan.PlaySimpleSound seem to be delayed when player Alt+Tabs
  • Score table sorting using ID as a final tie-breaker so player will appear first in an unbreakable tie. Part of WMD-4215
  • Change game mode setting in CustomRace screen to happen after the game mode is set by the page entry appfuncs - WMD-6455
  • Fixes various post race screens which had conditions where they were force updated, losing the current scroll position - WMD-6308
Dedicated Server:
  • Rebuilt Windows executable with first versio of http api
  • HttpInterface wip: Implemented helper class to hold generic JSON-like structures and format them as JSON. Switched http query (argument) parsing to use this new class
  • HttpInterface wip: Added /api/session/status endpoint, returning basic session and member information. /api/session/kick can now also tempban the kicked user. Updated the html status page to include tempban buttons in addition to kick
  • HttpInterface wip: Added more per-player information to the status page (refid, user id and link to Steam profile). Implemented base http api support classes, working independently (with JSON-based responses) or from within the html-based GUI (redirecting back to any page when done). Added /api/session/kick endpoint, and hooked it from a kick button on the status page
  • WMD-5860: PC - Online - Terminal damaged cars remain on track
  • WMD-6570: PC - Online - Cutting the track doesn't invalidate lap times (Flags & Penalties Off)
  • Fix for timer issue with replays. Fixes bug 6176
  • Helmetview tweaks to cover 4:3 and higher FOV better
  • Fixes for camera switching and working out what to render
  • Fix for head of the driver disapearing when in rear view on chase camera..Fix for Photo mode view issue
  • WMD-6601: PC Fanatec CSWv2 control map revision
  • Fanatec pedal motor fix when attached to base unit 
  • Game metrics regarding player positions are updated as soon as participants finish by crossing s/f line. The outcome of this is, that results sent to DNP now respect the possibility of participant finishing the race and then being disconnected/leaving etc. - added new metrics event OnParticipantFinished fix for WMD-6358
  • Driver anims art: Created gear to animation
  • Driver anims art: Formula gulf gear shift update
  • WMD-6609: Protect AIPredictions from bad waypoint accesses
  • Allow switching Crew back to Player control in pitstop visits. Also per StephenVs request disabling the functionality to switch player int Time Trial + fixing related behaviour. fix for WMD-6611
  • Rolling starts: Tested road limit values are no longer projected forwards as the projection is done on the racing line and don't take into account future racing to center line offset change. Immediate road limit values should be quite sufficient for following the center line. As predicted speed is calculated on the racing line, we lower this result to 70% on the less optimal for curves center line so we can take the sharp corners without suffering offroad understeering
  • EndOfWeekend screen updated to handle tied positions. Part of WMD-4215
  • End Of Series text displays updated so they can handle ties properly. Part of WMD-4215
  • Tied Career Results displays changed back to be consistent with EOR screens. Part of WMD-4215
  • Invitationals: Azure and California 3point trophy events, session names altered to fix corrupt end of series UI showing multiple podium graphics. WMD-6617
  • Switched to aerodynamic load factors
  • Increase physics wheel damage for open wheelers (WMD-6473)
  • Imola: Fixed errant cut track in turn 5.
  • Sakitto: WMD-6622 - Fix Sakkito Rolling Start
  • Snetterton: Bug fixing - invisible barriers blocked in viewer
  • Hockenheimring: WMD-6640 - Collision issue - Player can drive through Tyre barrier
  • Eifelwald: Fixed AI not negotiating turn leading onto pit area. Was hitting the tires. Took a few attempts at changing the line enough to cause a slowdown. Fixes WMD-6626
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed hole in terrain where player can fall through, fixes for items in WMD 6631 + placement issue fixes
  • Horse Thief Mile: Disbaled pits and race weekend as this track really isn't capable of supporting pits per our code properly. WMD-6409. Set all alpha's to zero for flikering. WMD-6625