Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • фоторежим не работает


  • Сохраненные игры, повторы и призраки теперь имеют новое расположение (\Steam\userdata\<ваш идентификатор>\234630\local)

Build 974

  • Fixes for camera switching and working out what to render
  • Fix for WMD-6522 Vehicle brake lights glow is not being culled
  • Fix for incorrect exposure selection when Helmet Rendering is turned off (either via Show Helmet GUI or option or when running with Oculus Rift)
  • WMD-6608: Fixed occlusion system query code to prevent repeatedly adding and removing the occlusion scene graph query to and from the list of queries held by the scene graph - this resulted in a crash due to thread synchronisation in it's old form
  • SPRAY IN COCKPIT: WMD-6603 - increased the near fade distance for rain spray, specifically the cloud and specs effects, in order to stop them appearing in the cockpit (most noticeable with wide fov when you can see footwell). I've minimised the side effects as much as i can but this change means that all other cams will have an extended fade distance as well, so spray won't be visible when the cam is very close to the wheels in photo mode for example
Dedicated Server:
  • HttpInterface wip: Added more per-player information to the status page (refid, user id and link to Steam profile). Implemented base http api support classes, working independently (with JSON-based responses) or from within the html-based GUI (redirecting back to any page when done). Added /api/session/kick endpoint, and hooked it from a kick button on the status page
  • EndOfWeekend screen updated to handle tied positions. Part of WMD-4215
  • WMD-6602: Stop game menus being accessible when Steam store overlay is active
  • End Of Series text displays updated so they can handle ties properly. Part of WMD-4215
  • Tied Career Results displays changed back to be consistent with EOR screens. Part of WMD-4215
  • Prevent post race menu to appear in second time after simulating the session, fix for WMD-6493
  • Score table sorting using ID as a final tie-breaker so player will appear first in an unbreakable tie. Part of WMD-4215
  • Participant cannot drive out with vehicle till is fully prepared and re-created during the JIP process, also the Car setup and Strategy setup is disabled during the vehicle creation. Fix for WMD-6458
  • Fix for Chase camera being to rigid
  • WMD-6601: PC Fanatec CSWv2 control map revision
  • Fanatec pedal motor fix when attached to base unit
  • WMD-5860: PC - Online - Terminal damaged cars remain on track
  • WMD-6599: Rolling starts: Tested road limit values are no longer projected forwards as the projection is done on the racing line and don't take into account future racing to center line offset change. Immediate road limit values should be quite sufficient for following the center line. As predicted speed is calculated on the racing line, we lower this result to 70% on the less optimal for curves center line so we can take the sharp corners without suffering offroad understeering
  • Increase physics wheel damage for open wheelers (WMD-6473)
  • JIP physics updates (WMD-6458): Added interface and logic to tell app when vehicle is completely setup. Removed setting basic setup to JIP on physics spawn, setup controlled by app

Build 973

  • WMD-6592: Bright clouds at nords night, fixed by moving emap position away from a bright emissive
  • Fix for sRGB/Linear mismatch on 'black' texture for imposters. (This is mostly benign, but produces a check assert in debug)
  • Fix (crash protection) for WMD-6593 The game crashed when player reset the car near start line and then player's car got continuously hit by other player's cars
Dedicated Server:
  • HttpInterface wip: Added configuration options for the http api server, the internal http server is now disabled by default. Logging output level is also configurable
  • Fix achievements target values (WMD-6604)
  • GameSetup: Moved clear of JIP enable flag from Reset to SetupDefaults. Corrected enquiry of post-race replay availability and renamed the accessor functions. Fixes WMD-6585
  • WMD-6601: Remap of CSWv2 buttons as they got messed up when the CSW button map changed
  • WMD-6565: When the Timed Races time out, the player is stuck in the garage and the race doesn't end. In DriverAI pit logic, added a force drivethrough if pitting within the last 40 seconds of a timed race. In GamePhysics, added a trackstatus.mRaceClock that resets at the beginning of the countowns for all sessions ( Practice / Qualif / and green flag of race for both Rolling Starts and Stopped Starts ) added an appopriate app event call to trigger this. In DriverAI, changed GetTheoreticalLapsLeft to no longer use GetPhysicsTime as it was found that this value does not reset on race restart and probably caused a lot of fuel estimation issues if ever the race was restarted. Currently using the trackstatus.mRaceClock value instead
  • RWD P30 LMP1: Fixed asymmetric rear camber on the default setup

Build 972

  • Switch to Oculus SDK (app props + library link path update)
  • Upgrade to Oculus SDK fix for Prediction time being clamped
  • VRInput: Fix Timewarp matrices test transpose incorrectly submitted with last CL
  • DX11: Fix for black-screen after ALT TAB when using Oculus Rift
  • Fix for missing Cloud Rendering when using Oculus/Stereo rendering
  • Fix fuel load help text (WMD-6591)
  • SoftClip and SoftClipUnity arrows switched around (WMD-6005)
  • Touchpad callout on control scheme added for JamesB (WMD-6532)
  • Override User "Show Helmet" from profile when using Oculus Rift - force it off
  • The player is shown Yes/No Confirmation dialogue when leaving pitstop strategy edit window without save. Fix for WMD-6584
  • Code for averaging spline movement

Build 971

  • WMD-6365: PC - Online - Online Lobby - Game crashes on 'Client' screen if host leaves the lobby and immediately joins another lobby
  • Fix for chase camera always applying velocity ratio when not required
  • Cam config edit. vfov lower limit edit as it was too high since Kevin's vfov conversion bug fix, I wasn't aware the lower fov was effected by this so I didn't edit the data as I should have. Also lowered upper limit 5 degrees as I could see down drivers neck in the LMP
  • Joint changes from me and ChrisF to several pit related areas based on StephenV requests about pit strategies and behaviour:- AI now uses correct Appside pitstop handling of the repairs by correct pitstop strategy, so AI now do not reset the tyre wear each pitstop visit. - The appside does no longer do any additional changes to AI strategy for AI cars or custom player strategies
  • The Default pitstop strategy for the player now has special handling: - It is auto-updated on entering the pitstop lane to latest changes that would AI require + overridden with player default fixes and tuned to take upcoming weather more into account. - if player saves the Default strategy in strategy edit window without renaming, it is automatically renamed to the car name (and the original Default is kept so player can return to it). - The Default strategy is created (and activated) for the player if he deletes all his strategies. - If player switches the control to AI, it will no longer deactivate his strategy, but only update the Default. Fix for WMD-6311 and subtask WMD-6368
  • Fixed flag showing stop-go penalty, where drivethrough should be shown
  • Prevent game metrics HasFinishedRace triggering when using lap time generation (WMD-6580)
  • WMD-6561: Updated the general game metric usage of Physics metrics, to the bridged version
  • When jumping start in races with only 1 lap, the player is disqualified instead of imposing a drive through penalty
  • WMD-6183: Initialising the mPlayerVehicleTelemetryIsValid flag, to ensure no dodgy reads of the player vehicle telemetry
  • Added large disqualification sign in case of false start disqualification to be visually consistent with other disqualifications - Fix for WMD-6578
  • Imola: Edited cut tracks to be more punishing with Turn 1 the major focus. Other corners tweaked a bit too. Part of WMD-6216

Build 970

Dedicated Server:

  • HttpInterface wip: Added parsing of query arguments from HTTP request URIs. Finished implementation of dispatch-based HTTP request handling- Added a simple testing handler that returns basic server information page in HTML


  • WMD-6566: Savegame location moved further up the app to resolve compiler errors elsewhere
  • Helmetview: Fix for high FOV and 4:3 - geometry adjustment to minimize sorting/rendering issues visual impact. Horizontal FOV up to 91 degrees can be used now [WMD-6200]
  • If player has time progression in timed sessions set to faster then real time progression, the vehicle is released, after the multiplier is resetted back, fix for WMD-6550
  • WMD-6561: Potential fix for "Sunday Driver". Implemented a check to wait for the physics to be guaranteed setup. Suspecting a timing related issue surrounding the vehicles setup


  • F1 pitcrew: Wheel mechanics + atendants : added "cancel" move animations , updated source files : peterg


  • Dubai: Fix for WMD-6571 - strobing interior on the motorcity grandstand