Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками

Build 969

  • Send back to main menu if disconnected during connected gameplay (fixes WMD-6537 - User is redirected to Vehicle selection screen on disconnecting Ethernet cable during gameplay)
  • Pit Engineer subtitles made wider (WMD-5978)
  • WMD-6460: Checking the postponed pit schedule type to DQ on final lap if they didn't stop due to damage
  • Add an additional point for unregistering applinks to avoid deleted member variables still being registered on race entry - WMD-6559
  • WMD-6568: Fix for "Emergency Stop" achievement awarding on retiring to pits. Strengthened up the surrounding logic, and added more conditions to check that the participant is still active on track
  • JIPing participant does not have the Attached camera assigned during initial load, if his vehicle does not exist yet. Added NULL pointer checks to prevent crashes due to this camera being set late. Fix for WMD-6458
  • Drivers: Eyebrows transparency issues with visor fixed (removed eyebrows layer), fixed RCF entries, materials tweaks (visor) - JIRA: WMD-6109

Build 968

  • Fixes 6451 adjustment to timing when engineer makes qually motivational calls and their frequency
  • Switch to a hybrid Screen Based Reflection shader for reflective water
  • Reflection Rendering: Only enable full reflection rendering in the wet (no longer required when a track has water due to the new screen based water reflection rendering)
  • WMD-6533: windscreen drops - drop texture used on windscreen and bodywork texture edited so that the drops don't leave pixels at the edges when they fade in/out, also rounded a few of the more angular ones. Rebalanced the emap intensity of the drops, particularly at dusk when they were very bright and ice like
  • WMD-6257: Changed the required wins for "Home Field Advantage" from 20, to 21 wins.
  • WMD-6328: Changed the required wins for "Player 1 Versus the World" from 25, to 26 wins
  • Fixes enable/disable of game card button when viewing non-remote-player entries in monitor list - WMD-6388
  • Ingame menu no longer sets attached camera on deactivate, if there are animated camera sequence running (those will set it correctly back when they are over), fix for WMD-6545
  • WMD-6506: Added PULC restrictions to the Community events screen. Now disabling the "enter community event" button, and also restricting profile storage of PULC vehicles to avoid selected vehicles being used in other modes
  • HttpInterface wip: Added http handlers and factories associated with requests. Tweaked the request classes to provide information about the URI path and arguments while http handler is working on it. Implemented parsing of URI path and started on using http handler factories to handle the requests based on the path
  • Violent camera shake issues for bumper and cp cams fix - Target Pertubation scale set to 0 on all cams
  • Fix for unexpected jumping when switching cameras while fast forwarding or rewinding replays.. Also fix so you can freelook in replays
  • F1 chief mechanic L+ R: source files updated +1 idle animation tohelp desync anims in relax phase
  • Added protection in GetBestMainOrBranch for same waypoint (WMD-6430)
  • Tires: WMD-5724, brake rumble tied to ABS or brake lockups
  • Ginetta G40: Slowed AI speed in the rain 1-2 secs a lap at default pro strength
  • Lakeville: Updated placement to fix a few issues, eg misplaced spotlight poles and a rogue barrier in the middle of the track. Also tweaked the LOD distances on a few tyres to prevent popping on the drag strip looking from the main straight

Build 967

  • Rollback because of black screen issue.
  • Ground cover changes to ensure safety of internal operations if something external fails, e.g. a bad camera location
  • Fix for Movement with Photo mode camera
  • Set pause menu session name for Community Events (WMD-6476)
  • Ensure 'green, green, green' VO is only ever played for a race session. Fixes WMD-6429
  • Remove state texts for Anti-Lock Brakes, Stability Control and Traction Control options when in real mode (WMD-6482)
  • Update for centre cam orientation
  • Fix for bug WMD-6519. Issue with cameras when alt tabbing
  • Fix for random camera cut issues when fastfowarding replays
  • Code so that the eular ordering is XYZ for camera offset orienations
  • Code to ensure that we order our eulars Y X Z when converting to and from quaterions.. This helps stop othe random flips.
  • Camera config edits: Turned off free look and chase look on all cine cams so you can't look around when they are used in replays. cp cam fwd/bwd physics movement x4 to match helmet cam. centre cam head physics enabled, kept existing values which were around half set in helmet cam.. doubled the fwd/bwd physics movement of chase cam
  • WMD-6148: PC/PS4/XB1 - Online - Empty grid slots at the start
  • The weather random seed is no longer newly generated for each JIP participant and old seed, used by the host is sent. fix for WMD-5993
  • Ensure that the best personal times are updated immediately when crossing the SF line (fixes WMD-6422 GUI - Split time is against your best lap in the current session, not the best lap overall)
  • WMD-6527: F1 CHM add more relax idle variations
  • Driver head texture update-eyebrows added back on
  • GT chief mechanic: L side idle - fix clipping hand/fingers
  • Pit Engineer: Correct logic for checking for first career race. Fixes WMD-6413.
  • WMD-6472: EngineDamage value is a hidVehicle variable only. This variable was only updated in metrics when under player control, I've added metrics updating of the value for players under AI control as well
  • Tires: Fix impulse breaking of driveline solve WMD-6499
  • Caterham Classic: Adjusted AI rain performance down some to better match player. Part of WMD-5478
  • Ford Capri Group5: Typo fixed in RCF file (WMD-6464)
  • Watkins Glen: Edits corridor edges for rolling starts
  • Lakeville: Tighten cut tracks as strict as possible around the hairpin area. National also got some general cut track edits in this area right before the turnin point. Checked the rest of the track all 3 versions

Build 966

  • Fix for static/dynamic emaps using imposter reflections (WMD-6486)
  • Fixes credits page markup isses - WMD-6407
  • Steam achievement text and translation updates
  • Fixed attachments on Driver Network replay lists (WMD-6205)
  • Duplicate A buttons on Video Calibration screen removed (6465)
  • Fixes to correctly display game pad variant for platforms - WMD-6491
  • Changing start time hour for time trial from 9 to 11. Fix for WMD-6427
  • Duplicate 'Rear Left Ride Height' text fixed on Tuning screen (WMD-6371)
  • Check and handle point to point status in skip to end of session (WMD-6444)
  • Stop toggling steering, braking and auto-start assists unlocking driving aids (WMD-6462)
  • WMD-6500: Fix for "Eastbound & Down" achievement. Now ensuring that the race has been finished before awarding
  • WMD-6495: Fix for "Double Rainbow" and "No I In Team" achievements. Now not clearing the record whenever a non-final championship is played
  • Deleting obsolete tyre wear settings, which was overriding an accelerated tyre wear modificator, removing one obsolete ifdef and adding assert regarding active profile. Fix for WMD-6457
  • Fixed qualifying position calculation for social media messages, as finishing outside the podium position would always select the negative comment (was mis-counting the number of session opponents). WMD-6134
  • Fix for camera flashing on chase cameras.
  • Fixes for pause issue and replay rewind bug
  • Cine cams updated from world to local space to work with latest cams
  • Code to make non chase attached cameras ignore velocity orienation changes..Fixes issues with the cine cameras
  • Pit fuel animations: GT_L_LC: am V12 vantage gt3
  • WMD-6475: Fixed a very old code bug that messed up racedistances when the cars were behind the half track point before the start line ( only detectable in certain extreme rolling start setups ). Fixed it by added specific code to the calculations when behind the start line so as to leave the calculations to be equivalent after the start line
  • FG1000: Set range of motion for gearshift lever animations

Build 962-965

  • Fix for convolution maps not being cleared on initialisation
  • WMD-6432: Fixed "Sunday Driver" achievement. Now invalidating when skipping to end of session
  • Code to eleminate the camera flipping (flashing) when yaw would move into different quadrants
  • Fix for WMD-6442 (Crash - Game crashes with an 'Unhandled Exception' error message during the gameplay)


  • Disable pit menu driver swap option in MP (WMD-6334)
  • Fixes wrong menu option being selected on starting races - WMD-6387
  • WMD-6318: Added pause state handling to the pit strategy selection screen
  • WMD-6431: Missing control text for "Cycle Motec LCD" added to controls screen
  • Prevent profile post read livery fixup affecting vehicle in current game mode (WMD-6428)
  • Fixed "A day in the life" achievement from being awarded if you retire and wait until the end
  • Removes redundant 'DisableUpdate' from Tuning slot exit flow, which was disabling the 'quick access' menu WMD-6443
  • WMD-6480 Fixup for confusing the achievement when you don't cross any sector points, yet overtake an opponent and cross the first SF line before they do
  • Fix for empty news text from wrong way DQ. Also switched FalseStartPenalty/FalseStartDisqualification DQ text to use the generic DQ text, as the HUD text they were using no longer made sense. WMD-6356 (part of bug was fixed in LOC update to fix incorrect German token)
  • WMD-6453/WMD-6454: Updated the "petrolicious love" achievement, to not total all of the wins under respective favourite vehicles. Rather, it now just waits until your current favourite vehicle has reached the threshold target. Updated the "VIP" achievement, to not total all of the invites under all careers played, rather is now requires the invites to occur under one career


  • Code to allow free look to be locally orienated
  • Code to remove the cameras from the physics tick and the renderbridge
  • Environment Manager: Update tick delta during replay playback. Add detection/handling for discontinuous ticks (e.g. restarts, replay rewinds/loops etc.) Fixes WMD-6273 (and the directly related audio issue WMD-6272)


  • WMD-6426: Disabled leaderboard uploads from Free Practice
  • WMD-6373: Fixed joining sessions via browser displaying join error when canceling the join manually
  • WMD-6365: Updated PC/Steam peer to peer protocol to prevent messages sent to member of a lobby still being processed by the memeber after they switch to another lobby. Bumped protocol version to 49
  • WMD-2905: Query privacy settings for users on leaderboards, and handle entries of users who block access to stats. Fixes issues with leaderboards showing wrong details (like the controller icon) for blocked users. The user entries will still show, just with any details apart from name and time hidden (because we can't access them)


  • WMD-5724 : Fanatec PC brake rumble is not working when attached to the wheel. I have added code which will take a USB connected pedal set in preference as this works with rumble


  • WMD-6411: CHM Pitcrew stands in the walls
  • WMD-6420: Added more animations to GT Pitcrew relax state
  • GT pitcrew: Fuel mechanic L-> fixed anim name in catabe file
  • GT_L fuel mechanic: Added missing l_hos_done_lrfui animation
  • GT pitcrew: Added exported anims for Fuel mechanic_01: GT_R_LC, GT_L_LC, GT_R_LR, GT_L_LR
  • GT Chief mechanic: Added initial GT_R relax animations & full reexport with latest anim exporter


  • WMD-6418: Player car under AI control won't retire when unable to continue the race. If the player under AI control is flipped over he will attempt to reset just like a player, otherwise he will be sent to pits


  • Formula A: Fixed CPIT display issues (WMD-6467)
  • Ford Capri Group5: Added missing manager livery (WMD-6464)


  • Fixing starting velocities
  • Tires: FA heat fix : andreww
  • Tires: Fixed wear transfer from AI to HD -- WMD-6313
  • Increase resistance to grass when driving further offroad (WMD-6250)
  • Tire.rg: Switch temperature reporting mode back to tread as it was before
  • Tires: Simple offroad slowdown model without "sinking", using e_surface_resistance to control WMD-6250