Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками

Build 960-961

  • Locks added to car sound array to protect AICarSound::StopSurfaceSounds against unloading sounds before executing (WMD-6193)
  • DX11: Fix for first lap frame stutters, caused by dynamic inputlayout creation on lightweight and generic primitive types
  • Default strategy name returning null, caused by CL 535211 FIX for WMD-4074
  • Weather sync during JIP, that takes in account loading times, fix for WMD-5993 - protocol version bump
  • WMD-6357: "Pit Boss" achievement fix. Now only processing the save event, if the save button was pressed
  • WMD-6338: Fixed the "Credit Where Credit's Due" achievement. Re-introduced the on vehicle collision game metric event
  • WMD-6290: "Speed Racer" achievement fix. Now implemented correct MP public/private calls to determine game accesibility
  • Player DriverDetails can't be selected when setting up AI participants. Fixes blank name sometimes showing up in simulated career series. WMD-6304
  • Fix added to check we're in front end lobby - WMD-6322 ONLINE - 'TUNING SETUP' screen fails to open upon selecting 'Edit Tuning Setup' in 'Multiplayer Session Lobby'
  • Correct participant indices saved in replay snapshots - fixes WMD-6176
  • GT chief mechanic: L side idle animations
  • GT pitcrew: Triggers for L chief mechanic
  • GT pitcrew: Added L idle animations for chief mechanic
  • If stuck in gear and gear damaged, don't allow missed gear to be skipped (WMD-6089)
  • Sakitto: Went over cut tracks and adjusted the problem corners to as severe as they could be. Tested and got cut track message in each case. WMD-5809
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed instances, crowds and statics placement around pit wall, fixed placements, rotations and sizes of bushes and trees, added lamp posts to places where are lights placed

Build 959

  • Leaderboard filtering upgrade WMD-5527
  • Reverted mistaken checkin of allowing 1 player MP races
  • WMD-6198: Now handling in game menu page returning for multiplayer
  • WMD-6300: Fixed null pointer crash when selecting invalid vehicles in MP
  • Scoretable rankings updated to handle ties better (optional), number of podium positions earned are used as tiebreakers in career. Part of WMD-4215
  • Per-Round career Results format now consistent with the driver/team standings, for per-class scoring too. Display updates to show difference between tied and tie-broken drivers to go with CL 559205. WMD-4215
  • WMD-6265: Improvements to handling of failed leaderboard queries: Fixed reporting of leaderboard error states on all platforms. Failed leaderboard queries are no longer cached. Added handling of leaderboard failures to game-side leaderboard helpers. Implemented leaderboard failure message on all board GUI handlers
  • WMD-5994: PC - Online - Peers can't shift on race start
  • WMD-6265: Added LeaderboardError quad to all leaderboard pages, similar to LeaderboardEmpty but will be used when the query fails rather than when it returns empty results (without failing)
  • WMD-6345, WMD-5721: Fixed profile issue where shared USB device id's were not being dealt with properly
  • Replay Cameras: Imola - Initial grid camera fixed to work better when cars cross the finish line. WMD-6292
  • Reselect chosen player camera if it had been switched to something else during post-race replay playback. - Fixes WMD-6274
  • F1 fuel mechanic: Fixed wrong name for FG100 unplug animation
  • GT fuel mechanic: R side pitstop variation , added initial animations
  • GT fuel mechanic: Mclaren P1 , ford capri grp5 for GT_R and GT_L pitstop side
  • GT fuel mechanic: New exports with corrected animation name for fum_L_hos2_ ...RRFUI
  • GT fuel mechanic: Left pitsop , car specific /plug,fill,unplug/ anims for ford capri grp5, mclaren p1-only affected "done" animations
  • Kart rolling start races, tweaked to ensure front row are always behind start line when lights go green. WMD-6293
  • Invitationals with too fast weather transitions caused my accelerated weather and minimal duration - weather transition durations rebalanced (set 2). WMD-6294
  • Renault Megane RS: Fixed missing interior parts when on Ultra detail 

Build 958

  • Update in-race applinks for race overview; ensures the 'view gamercard' button is correctly disabled - WMD-5340
  • Race sessions simulated from the calendar now generate correct scores for series using per-class scoring. WMD-6142
  • WMD-6283: Restart option is available in post-race public games. Allows restart option only for MP private/pw races.
  • WMD-6251: "Triple Crown" achievement fix. Now all consecutive achievements are only counter per career profile save, not globally 
  • WMD-6229: Fixed control mode setup code to initialise properly for keyboard and also setup all control parameters correctly (some were getting missed out on switching)
  • Fix for tyres not changed properly in pitstops due to tirewear fix for WMD-5786
  • WMD-6301: Slightly reduced the front width of the pit specific wallchecking raycasts to be able to go through Snetterton cleanly
  • Pitstop scripts no longer send events, when the session is not running (as the pitstop script restart is not immediate and some events might get sent even after player restarts session), preventing the values of resetted vehicles to be overwritten by outdated data, fix for WMD-6258
  • Fixing Greenwood and Dubai Autodrome reported lighting issue sorting WMD-6247
  • Monza: Fixed tyrestacks cutting through armco, fixed levitating physical tyrestacks in 1st chicane, fixed CSM around few tyrewalls, fixed all fencepoles (UV's and rotation), fixed managers logo missed before

Build 957

  • WMD-6061: Career delete bug with mouse interface corrected
  • WMD-6249: Discount time-attack mode from 'races entered' stat
  • Fix for incorrect message when failing Load Sychronisation (WMD-6184)
  • Fixes misplaced 'X' when selecting 'find me' in time trial and event screens - WMD-6169
  • Garage: Added missin NULL check into focusDevice decision to avoid crash. Fix for WMD-6254
  • WMD-6050: Removed frame optimisation- now processing the lapped opponent achievement every frame
  • Dubai Kart Drome & Greenwood: TRD updates setting the Setup Group as "Karts" instead of "Circuits" - WMD-6223
  • Low fuel gadget disabled in events where fuel consumptions are set to zero (Time Trial for example). Fix for WMD-6252 
  • WMD-6211: Fix for garbage appearing and missing message in chat box when user votes to kick (also needs data CL 558506)
  • Add tuning screen track list sorting and prevent non-Kart vehicles from saving to tracks with Karts setup group (WMD-6222)
  • WMD-6236: Fixed disconnect in Time Trial/Community Events to use the "service" disconnect message instead of the "multiplayer session" message
  • Reset fetch mode after Find Me fails. Fixes WMD-6228 - The game fails to display gamercard of the player on selecting the players gamertag within Leaderboards
  • WMD-6257: "Home Field Advantage" achievement fix. Set the number of wins per-current-favourite, otherwise it will be an accumulation of all the previous favourite tracks
  • Fix for scores being applied incorrectly to the following session when quitting a session and saving (session progress was being updated before scores), introduced in CL 528078. WMD-6248
  • TimedRace sessions terminate session with EndSession properly. Was causing progress not to save when quitting and saving session, because it wouldn't save if the session was still running. WMD-6162
  • WMD-6256: Added invitation and force back to lobby timer to Photo page and Vehicle Showcase gui handlers ( XR124-01 - User is unable to join online session after accepting a game invite when user is in ?MY GARAGE? view info page. )
  • WMD-6242: Rebuilt Windows DS executable
  • WMD-6242: Rebuilt Linux exectuable with latest code and version
  • Remove FFB calibration from Thrustmaster T80 controller page - WMD-6246
  • Disable 'invert Y axis' setting if the controller has no 'look up' or 'look down' controller input set - WMD-6220
  • Pit fuel animations: GT_R_LR: ford_boss302r, merc_a45_amg, mit_fq400, ml_mp4, stock_1990
  • WMD-6253: AI use boost and KERS if available
  • WMD-5932: Updated vehicle CCD shape and collision group

Build 956


  • Fix for brake light imposters coming on when not braking for certain car types
  • Adjusted free-camera and custom-camera LOD distance multipliers for new project, leaving original in place for projects already under way


  • Default new profiles to 19 opponents and 2 laps (WMD-6215)
  • WMD-6197: "Half Racer, Half Demon" Timed metrics now switched on for all session types
  • Leaderboard vehicle/location filters change. Temporarly hidden for compatibility purpose WMD-5527
  • WMD-6207: "Exorcist" Implemented correct checking logic for community event, and time-trial achievements
  • Fixing career new text clearance to prevent the appearance of text clearing on cancelling the console virtual keyboard - WMD-6221
  • WMD-6146: Always forcing the game metrics array to be full-sized, as that's the assumption the code is already making. This will prevent occurances of increased versioning messing up the metrics profile, resulting in crashes


  • Replay Cameras: Monza GP - fix for jumpy cam at Ascari. WMD-6218
  • Fixed bug causing replays to contain an errant time skip at the beginning of playback. Fixes WMD-6217


  • WMD-6203: Added PULC check on MP select car class menu option
  • WMD-6214: Fixed singleplayer countdown sync broken by the MP fix
  • Fix for waterlevel sync being sent too early for non JIP participants, fix for WMD-6181
  • WMD-6214: Handle migration if it happens while waiting for green lights data. Fixes the game getting stuck on the grid forever if the host crashes/disconnects/leaves just before the data are sent


  • GT pitcrew: wheel mechanic + attendant -reexported animations with latest exporter
  • Pit fuel animations: GT_L_LC: bac, mclaren f1, mclaren mp4 12c gt3, Caterham sp300, Palmer Jaguar


  • Changed sequence of pitstop crew appearing, Fix for WMD-6212
  • Fixing disappearance of the pitstop crew during a restart under certain conditions. the sequence is now resetted on the crossing of the PEL . fix for WMD-6241


  • WMD-6230: Added exclusive access to physics manager while unsetting a tick callback method


  • Horse Thief Mile: Fixes flickering race line and pit exit path. part of WMD 6167