Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • одно из достижений провоцирует ошибку при загрузке. Просто нажмите "disable"
  • при возникновении ошибки XLastID во время загрузки, удалите папку Documents/Project CARS/Media & Ghosts

Build 891-893

  • Ginetta G55 GT4 incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Includes tranny, gears, turbo, backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory
  • Complete pass on all vehicles. Most notable tweaks to the following: Alpine A450, Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom 500 V8, BAC Mono, Stockcars, Caterham Classic, Mercedes Evo2 DTM, Oreca 03, Palmer Jaguar JP-LM, Radical SR3 RS, Radical SR8
  • DOF focal distances computation corrected for photo mode
  • PC: GroundCover no longer uses memory buffer - triple buffered direct VB locking is used (same as XB1)
  • DX11: Improved performance of LightWeight prims with dynamic write only index buffers.(significantly improves ground-cover perf on XB1/PC)
  • Removed bad cloud mesh from cloud definition file
  • WTC edits. Screen dirt applied to wet weather conditions
  • Time trial screen fixes WMD-3829
  • Updating leaderboard overlay WMD-3829
  • Thrustmaster T80 and T100 images added
  • Data for T80 and T100 wheels added (2859)
  • Fixes post race save replay disabling - WMD-297
  • Overlapping text fixed on HUD Telemetry (3563 4230)
  • Fixed string data on dashboard - WMD-4194 & WMD-4051
  • Fixed unlocalized string in Fan Chat column. WMD-2237
  • TextDB: Added text strings for final Ariel Atom tires
  • Fixed up debug achievement strings to align with data
  • Placeholder text removed on Leaderboard screen (4065)
  • Reset gui scale to stop loading screen corrupting motec.
  • WMD-2311 - GUI change for metric speeds in options menus
  • Translate vehicle country displayed in the GUI (WMD-4233).
  • Fixes return from career race due to invitation - WMD-3764
  • WMD-4021 Updated Pristine Paintwork to include world collisions
  • Unlocalized text removed from telemetry upper-right corner (4223)
  • MotorsportIntro movies updated for clio cup and entry karts 125cc
  • ALL car categories was previously in English only, now is iconic (3652)
  • "One More For The Road" now checks against correct (reduced) number of achievements
  • WMD-4004: Fixed multiplayer invitation not being handled while on the "pause" screen.
  • WMD-4158 Making the pit strategy board automatically turn off once the car stops in the pit box
  • WMD-3981 Updated the Edit HUD screen to be GUI functioning only. (ie. no HUD selection components)
  • Fixed console text entry dialogs, also fixes issues in the pit strategy screen - WMD-4047 & WMD-1321
  • START no longer accesses Options & Help on Race Central screen, new CONTROL SCHEME text string added (1546 3885)
  • WMD-4154, WMD-4161 Further fix for career return to dahsboard. Will re-instate slightly less serius issue with invites.
  • WMD-1661 Fixed up timing issue with Grand Chelam, causing it to invalidate player position before physics had setup properly
  • Fixes vehicle image display in quick select. Fixes access to the map and vehicle screens while in download state - WMD-3226 & WMD-4136
  • Achievements: Corrected return values from FastGridReaction_Metrics:: OnTick(). Fixes WMD-4210 ("Leeeeroy" achievement fails to unlock)
  • Sakitto: Updated the naming of the layouts - East is now "Sprint", West is now "National" and West 2 is now "International" - Updated text database with the changes so they get translated
  • Added missing scribe game modes when setting per-mode opponent skill via presets, to make sure all modes (even if unused at present) are covered. Career and MP opponent skill levels will now be set accordingly when selecting a preset [WMD-4132]
  • Lobby options no longer scroll bizarrely, overlapping long vehicles on Time Trial screen fixed, Bar pressure overlapping fixed, 'Online Wins' are now 'Wins' in your Driver Network Profile, cannot press Esc on keyboard on console now (3583, 2981, 2970, 4184, 4208, 4195)
  • Default visual steering filtering on for all gamepad presets
  • Change default speed sensitive steering for gamepads from 20 to 60
  • Reduce sleep time of async file tick. Fixes WMD-4201
  • Fix WMD-4246 - Game auto starting at random
  • Changed Community Events and Time Trial menus to return to Main Menu when network connection is lost. (JIRA: WMD-4067)
  • Fix WMD-4092 - Title enters soft lock state on loading screen after joining an online session previously hosted by the same user
  • WMD-4094 and WMD-4109: Fixed removal from multiplayer session during loading and race always displaying "disconnected" message, ignoring the actual reason for the removal
  • GT wheel mechanics speed up transition
  • Pitstop wheel mechanics animations speed-up
  • Pitstop F1 story - updated "attention to ready" runs (faster)
  • FIX WMD - 4170, Pit crew now reacts properly to Return To Pit Box trigger during Practice sessions
  • Fix for crash in JIP
  • Fix for WMD 4176, pit crew visible to early in free practice
  • The in front geometry test is a bit shorter then it used to be
  • Fix for wrong penalty during first pitstop visit in practice session
  • Synchronize jacking speed for F1 races, Fix in asq for weird animation
  • Reactivate the TestForDangerInFront line geometry test to force braking when cars in front are too close
  • Added special approach group camera to standardize camera approach sequence regardless of chosen pitstop strategy
  • Added a en extra 5m distance buffer to the speed calculations in GetHazard safety speed for a tiny bit more weight when computing speeds during passing
  • Throttle increase rate has been slowed down for lower skill AI drivers so as to lower their laptimes while mostly affecting their curve exits which they were taking way too fast
  • FIX WMD - 4235 if the AI drives players car to pits after the end of the race, the pitcrew is not shown. If the end of the race happens when the car is in the pit, the crew remain visible and the pitstop routine finishes
  • Added missing UnRegisterAppLink for Career Season
  • AccoladesWon_Metric logic changed so it checks per-CareerSave accolade values rather than accumulating, as it was increasing even when unlocking the same accolade in another career save. Note that Alexandru has changed the behaviour of eHeroStatId_GameProgress so that it only updates if it's greater than it was before, as that can't go down (progress is effectively reset when switching to a new career save). WMD-3923
  • Formula C: Added rain light
  • Ariel Atom V8: Big lights update
  • Ariel Atom 300: Big lights update
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Light billboard tweaks
  • Ariel Atom Mugen: Big lights update
  • Ginetta G40: Light billboard tweaks
  • Oreca 03/Alpine: Light billboard tweaks
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: Light billboard tweaks
  • Marek LMP1/LMP2: Light billboard tweaks
  • Pagani Zonda Cinque: Light billboard tweaks
  • Various cars: Removed PS symbols from liveries
  • Formula B: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • McLaren P1: Fixed LODX cockpit gaps, lightglow tweaks
  • Ford Cobra Trans-Am: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Ginetta G55 GT3: Light billboard tweaks + cockpit display moved down a bit
  • Formula Rookie: Added rain light, Added rain light + tweaked gauges glow texture
  • McLaren 12C GT3: Removed temporary custom livery that was being used for dirt tests
  • RUF CTR3/SMS-R: Light billboard tweaks, LOD optimization and UV/material fixes to reduce popping
  • Filter phantoms from trigger systems
  • Aston Martin Rapide: Set transmission to operate as a standard H-pattern
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Fixed left front tire pressure typo from previous checkin
  • WMD-2868: Updated fixup of player vehicle to preserve its pose and velocities
  • Vehicles: Updated statistic files with more accurate braking performance numbers
  • Moved creation and removal of multi-threaded STM calls to be setup only once per session
  • Lock access to STM variables from app thread when physics thread is loading / cleaning or running STM
  • Formula A: Better HUD color ranges for slick tire temperature. Removed older Formula C tires so only the final slick and rain compound are available
  • Ford Cobra Trans-Am: Calibrated ABS, Set drivetrain efficiency, Removed some redudant data from the new tires for easier management and set the rain tires to a more suitable tread compound
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: New setup with new softer spring and damper package. Removed the anti dive and slightly high front roll center in the front suspension geometry,. Fixes the bad braking and corner entry. The front suspension was basicly locked under braking with the combination of these things. The lack of compliance overloaded the front tires easily
  • LMP2 cars: Lemans balancing which is mostly slight drag tweaks and making sure the gearing works with the default setups and there is no dragging the bottoms.. Added low end torque to the RWD 20 and the Marek Diesel Turbo's so the manual clutch works easier without stalling it. No change to upper power. Did add some mid range torque to the Marek to get a bit more competitive
  • Mercedes DTM: New tire carcass and compound to go with previous physics check in. Got back on this one as i still wan't happy with it. Mostly stiffened the tire carcass again and added longitudinal bite. New compound based on what i've had work well on similar cars recently. I'm more competitive now with it as it accepts the power much better and has great turn in. Small changes to the setup to suit. Dropped the AI speed just a bit also
  • Imola: Set correct pit locations
  • Cadwel GP: Set correct pit locations
  • Hockenheim: Set correct pit locations
  • Le Mans: New wider spaced start grids to help the race starts
  • Moravia: Optimised flags counts, fixed various WMD reported issues, removed white artefacts
  • Oschersleben: Refined the rotation offset in the TRDs so that is more accurate for TOD conditions
  • Silverstone: New style autograss exclusion map. added missing new-style grass folder and meshes / mats etc...
  • Besos: Adjusted the grass saturation , increased the density of the autograss texture. Set correct pit locations
  • Dubai Autodrome: Lighting tweaks for Dubai variations, fixed cut tracks inside hairpin of GP and outside hairpin of International
  • Sakitto: Light files changed, distant terrain WIP, tweaked PITOUT triggers, foliage placemnet update, new wall texture for tunnel
  • California Raceway: New style exclusion maps. updated main collision to swap dirt roads to use proper collision material, also prevents grass spawning on the roads
  • Glencairn: Fixed startlight positions entries and added startlights to all variations, added tracklights position entries to match added track startlights of all variations
  • Watkins Glen: Fixed one sided fences, fixed/tweaked position of pit exit trigger which is now releasing the car earlier, tweak and added skidmarks, set correct pit locations
  • Azure Circuit: Further optimizations and fix for pit exit issue, WMD-4173, optimizations, clean up of groundmultisubs materials WIP, fix of missing mipmaps, fix for missing mips
  • Brands Hatch: Moved pit exit trigger so its on a straight piece of road , fixed orientation on start and CP2 triggers , new autograss setup , new exclusion maps , new rules etc..
  • Donington Park: Enabled use reflection flag, added new collwall mesh, fix lod distance, fix some emmaps, fix floating objects, fix some flikering, fix floating assets, fix lod distance for assets, fix possition for some twalls...
  • Belgian Forest: Fixed collision near pit exit, updated tyres, barriers, fixed trees intersection with armco., set correct pit locations, moved pit exit trigger closer to exit, added concrete barriers, fixed reported bugs: gaps,trees intersections, missing terrain, floating overlay lines, tyres, etc.

Build 890

  • Fix for flickering Racing Groove
  • Screen dirt infulenced by god rays
  • Code to ensure the Screen dirt uses the actual sun direction and not that of the moons at sun set
  • DX11: Fix for cmaterial destructor trolling through NULL arrays if material only partially constructed
  • Offset/scale merged to stop ordering issues. Removed default param on gui base. Added extras to reset viewport on scale changing
  • Fixed crash on hud if using quad stream. Changed calling params to offset / scale. Fixed issue with hud scale being set incorrectly when menu was disabled
  • Clouds, stratus b set re-exported
  • Soft filler cloud reworked as they were looking terrible when alone in sky at end of transition to clear
  • Wtc edits. screen dirt now localised around sun and applied to all conditions bar light rain, rainy, stormy and thunder storm
  • Ghost name update
  • Missing TextDB strings added
  • WMD-3270 Calendar menu changes
  • Ghost selection action WMD-4107
  • Additional PitStrategy text fix.
  • Time left visibility status WMD-3450
  • PressStart screen updated with animation
  • Empty leaderboard ghost name error WMD-4126
  • WMD-3270 Code changes for calendar menu fixes
  • PhotoMode: Changed units of dof values to meters
  • Changed multiplayer references of "game" to "session"
  • Missing California Horse Thief Mile track photo (4151)
  • WMD-2684 : Wheel filename fixes for new XB1 and PC wheels
  • Achievements and Goals: Zero to Hero text updated to ten seasons
  • New ShowGamercard button added to Monitor/Spectate screens (4081)
  • Current Lap Time now works on upper-right lap time info board (3917)
  • WMD-4154,WMD-4161 Return to dashboard rather than callendar from career races
  • Fixed the incorrect default settings for flags, and updated the text to be on/off
  • WMD-243: Early out of online gamercard display in race results if not an online race
  • WMD-4119 Removed the"Cards On The Table" achievement pending the online profile patch
  • Apply install test to more 'disable' applinks for main menu - WMD-3994, WMD-4073 & 4061
  • WMD-4034 Removed "Resume" option for now, as it's causing various complications. To be added/fixed soon
  • Moved menu music activation point, as bootflow changes meant it was playing over the intro video. Verified working with/without movies and at bootflow/race return [WMD-4147]
  • GT_garage: Updated source for gt_freepractice
  • Updated source file for FIA_R:movement anim update
  • GT Pitcrew: FIA,CHM (L/R) : faster/shorter animations
  • Driver anims: Caterham 500 - fixed driver clipping through chassis
  • GT Pitcrew: Faster movement and relax to ready animations for CHM, FIA
  • Updated gt_pitstops_r , gt_freepratice , animseqpresets (fixing build errors)
  • GT Pitcrew: WHM2 - trigger "dismount" timing edit, so that wha2 anim is in sync with wha2
  • Fix for enabled camera for "empty" pitstop visits
  • Fixed some code bugs in the free lane calculations
  • Fix for pit crew appearing too early during practice sessions.
  • Fix WMD-3814 The pit crew now replace any missing wheel(s) during the pitstop visit.
  • Fix to prevent possible crash when debugging pitstops without animated camera running
  • Fixed a bug regarding offroad cars rejoining the road when a car is coming up behind them at a faster speed
  • Rework how AI fall into force slowdowns within traffic when no free passing lanes are available with a more comprehensive system
  • Change the way AI calculate the safety speed desired to avoid hitting cars in front of them, while still being aggressive enough to allow passing
  • Career Championships: Formula Rookie - Duration balancing - changed minimum duration for all races to 2 laps, reduced European championship to 3 rounds and World championship to 5 rounds. AI difficulty ramping set to 80% > 90% > 100% (of difficulty set on career slider)
  • McLaren F1: Fixed gauges glow
  • RUF RGT8 GT3: LODC material tweaks
  • Formula Gulf: Light billboard tweaks
  • Caterham R500: Light billboard tweaks
  • Driver anims: Caterham 300sp - new paddle anims
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3: Light billboard tweaks
  • Caterham SP300R: Light billboard tweaks + livery fixes
  • BMW 320 Group5: Light billboard tweaks + various fixes
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: Light billboard tweaks + minor fixes
  • Audi R8 V10 Plus: Light billboard tweaks + various fixes
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT4: Light billboard tweaks + minor fixes
  • Audi R18: Windscreen reflection toned down a bit, cockpit display tweaks, light billboard tweaks
  • Ford Mk.IV: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup, Small adjustment to cockpit gauge calibration
  • General: Reverted cockpit exposure changes which were made after broken exposure values were checked in
  • Mitsubishi Evo X FQ400: Reduced fuel consumption to more realistic rate
  • Renault Clio Cup: Better AI damper to fix vibrations over bumps and curbs
  • AI wet tyre updates applying small longitudinal resistance on wet surfaces
  • WMD-4062: Invalidating the fast braking attempts when resetting the vehicle
  • Ford Mk.IV: Calibrated ABS, adjusted HUD tire color ranges, Set drivetrain efficiency and a minor tweak to brake cooling/wear
  • Ginetta G55 GT3: More compliant default setup. Safer bumpstops and tweaked shock package. Tested at Oulton Park per Remco. Nice. Fixes the snappy oversteer at these bumpier tracks
  • Snetterton: Fixed hole in CSM road mesh
  • Hockenheim: New autograss defs, textures and exlcusion, terrain broadmap brightened
  • Jin Ding: Fixed worst shimmering windows issues, instances reduced a bit more and unused lights removed 
  • Azure Circuit: Optimizations - instances reduced, unused lights removed, triangle count reduced for render and csm.
  • Besos: Autograss setup, updated main outer collision mesh to match visual terrain, fixed floating collision over tunnel near s/f straight, fixed bright edge overlays and joint overlays, fixed floating trees, swapped inner road material to proper new-style tarmac material, remapped inner grass near the tunnel to remove distortion. new exclusion maps, new HRDFs etc... for the autograss, updated autograss texture, added groundcover and texture override folders into the TRDs, added Besos tree override folder structure and tree textures. updated skyring to remove lower yellow area and add a little bit of fogging to give it more depth. new autograss meshes, defs, updated texture. tweaked corridors and pit merge

Build 888-889


  • Adds grass_black material and alters build script
  • Added non-msaa blending to ground cover. Added blanking technique to vignette
  • Autograss now does pre phase 1 check and flips if buffer ready. Adds grass black. Fixes distances (NOTE: These are set from 'track detail setting') 60M (256M grid), 120M (256M grid), 256M (512M grid). Grass will now spawn across all available cores and produce one draw call per call. Draw calls are interleaved from tiles to relieve back pressure


  • Missing motorsport logos added
  • BMW M1 + BMW Z4 GT3: Fixed names
  • Updated Photo Page in-game (3540)
  • Accolade tiles updated (3247 1508)
  • Fix for controller display WMD-3918
  • Turned on pitstop cameras by default
  • Fixing profile pane logos - WMD-4076
  • MessageHolder added to dialog box (3393)
  • Updated Endorsement sponsor names (4103)
  • Additional FanChat images and names added
  • Fix time trial HUD not displaying lap info.
  • Cancel changed to Close on Filter dialog 4100
  • Placeholder controller callouts removed (4001)
  • Updated control prompts on Photo page (2501 3995)
  • Trackmaps: Updated with latest changes, all variants
  • Fixed three screens not adhering to a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Trackmaps: New trackmaps for Summerton - all variations
  • Additional Thrustmaster/MadCatz/Fanatec controller images
  • Fixed duplicate applinks on Pit Strategy Edit screen 3298
  • MessageHolder element added to hud_messages file also now
  • Fixed wheel changing sequence when fuelling is not allowed
  • Trophy movie (formula A): Glittering/noise/compression fix
  • Fix WMD-3351 - Enforce ABS TCS SC restrictions during race
  • Gamertag no longer in uppercase on Scheduled Pit board 4058
  • Career calendar icons brighter, Today indicator changed (3270)
  • Fixed disappearance fuelling crew when fuelling is not allowed
  • Formation Lap Skip removed, 'always on' button fixed (3463 4110)
  • Updated Choose Starting Point screen and motorsports logos (3444)
  • Added a few missing localised texts - WMD-3967, WMD-1792, WMD-3060
  • Updated Accolade Win screen with animation and better layout (3532)
  • Fix for incorrect player number displayed for joining players via in-game lobby ( WMD-4121 )
  • Fixes bad loading of textures by applinks before async load is completed - WMD-2729 & WMD-2886
  • Both sliders match on Today's Event screen, % indicator added, Toggle Info button better aligned (3860 3992)
  • Ingame "time left" timer getting visibility flag applink so it can be turned off on modes which does not support it
  • Fix WMD-2710 - Host is not directed to ?Location? tab after accepting the prompt to ?Change Location? as prompted by players in Lobby
  • Removed ability to alter disabled configuration sliders, 'always on' button fix, ability to change Vehicle Class now on Xbox One (3597 3358 3313)


  • Fixed jitter of chase cameras with target points outside of vehicle bounds

Dedicated Server Integration (wip):

  • Fixed the sample config
  • Print server config at startup to log
  • Updated documentation of all DS functions
  • Updated JSON config reader to support nested objects and arrays
  • Added support for whitelists/blacklists stored in an external file
  • Implemented randomization into RefIds assigned by the dedicated server
  • Added handling of late auth errors which happen when a user is no longer logged into Steam or gets VAC-banned. The server now kicks such users.
  • Server config is now parsed from a JSON-like config server.cfg that can override any settings. Sample config with defaults provided in server.cfg.sample.
  • Added user whitelist and blacklist to server config. If whitelist is used only users with steam ids on that list will be allowed to use the server. Blacklist can be used to ban specific users from the server when whitelist is not used


  • WMD-4114: Fixed accepted invitations not being processed on the Marketplace/Store page


  • New universal animations
  • GT Pitcrew: GT wheel mechanics master scene for export source files, wheel mounting & unmounting animations ( 2s,4s) , placed in one linear take


  • Fix for pitmodes check
  • Fix WMD - 3900 pitstop scripts abiding the racing rules


  • FG 1000: Taillight tweaks
  • Caterham R500: Taillight tweaks
  • RUF CTR3: Light billboard tweaks
  • Sauber C9: Light billboard tweaks
  • McLaren F1: Light billboard tweaks
  • Mercedes SLS GT3: Taillight tweaks
  • RUF RGT8 GT3: Light billboard tweaks
  • Pagani Huayra: Light billboard tweaks
  • Pagani Zonda R: Light billboard tweaks
  • Ford MkIV: Improved cockpit gauges glow
  • Ginetta G40: Brightened the cockpit exposure
  • Ford Escort Mk1: Improved cockpit gauges glow
  • Formula A/B: Small CPIT display texture tweaks
  • Mercedes 190E Evo2: Cockpit center camera lower
  • BMW M3 E30 GroupA: Improved cockpit gauges glow
  • Radical SR8: Improved RPM lights on cockpit display
  • Mercedes C-Coupe DTM: Windscreen banner more opaque
  • Ford Capri Group5: Cockpit gauges glow textures tweaked
  • Palmer Jaguar JPLM: Livery fixes, Light billboard tweaks
  • Renault Clio Cup: Improved RPM lights on cockpit display
  • Ford Mustang 302 SCCA: Fixed cockpit exposures being too dark
  • Ford Mustang Trans Am: Fixed cockpit exposures being too dark
  • McLaren 12C: Light billboard tweaks, Brightened the cockpit exposure
  • Gumpert Apollo: Taillight tweaks, Light billboard tweaks, minor fixes


  • BAC MONO: AI speed slowed to better match player
  • Palmer Jaguar: Increased AI speed about 1 sec per lap
  • Mclaren 12C GT3: Small eyepoint adjustment further back
  • BMW M3 GT, BMW 1M: Adjusted spindle inertia's, increased FFB strength
  • BMW 1M: New setup, stiffer bumpstops and springs for bottoming problems. Better balance
  • RUF RGT8 GT3: Safer bumpstops to remove alot of the bouncing from early contact on bumpy tracks
  • Caterham SP300R: Slowed the AI speed to close match theplayer. No changes to the player car. Works great
  • Radical SR8X/SR3: Slight drag profile change. Moved more towards rear. Helps stabilize the back end in high speed
  • Ginetta G40: Slowed AI speed to match player car better. Stiffened front swaybar 1 notch to reduce oversteer, Increased FFB strength
  • Ariel Atom V8, 300: Added a different rear carcass to handle the rear heavy weight better instead fo sharing it with the Caterham R500. Reduced wear as reported on WMD forums
  • LMP1's, Audi R18: Adjusted default setups to work at Lemans without dragging the skid plates or running out of gearing. Top speeds 188-190mph now with the defualt medium (5/5) wings. Was previously only getting 175 from bottoming. Handling not really affected. Still handles great at tighter tracks. Also tested at Oulton Park
  • Supercars: Pagani, Maclaren's, Gumpert, Merc SLS, Audi V-10 - More tweaking of the tire caracass. BoP changes so the P1 is a little faster than the Huayra. Other car got tweake sto for drivabiltly. Suspension gone through for caster and geometry, bump steers and scrub raduis. A general making sure all the cars work and make sense with the newest tire
  • FWD, 4WD cars: New front geometry with negative scrub radius. Take what Casey did even further. Seem to have solved the weird feel of the FWD cars FFB and tucking in under power now seems to work at least a reasonable amount. 4WD suspensions got some of that plus the front roll center was higher than the rear (a-arm angles) which was probably causing the up on 2 wheels reports from the Lancer
  • Formula C: Added latest carcass to rain tires. Tweaked wet compound to suit. Reduced differential lock to help last bit of turnin understeer., Changed the steering geometry for more ackerman. Noticed this at Azure circuit. Low speed understeer. New tire carcass to handle camber and temps better. The outside of tires were hot with more than enough negative camber. Small setup change to suit.. New setup for newest tire. Stiffer rear springs. Shortened scrub radius to 20mm. Lowered 4th, 5th, 6th gears to be more usable with the defualt wings. Set defaut tire to be the latest
  • GT3 Cars: BoP Adjustments. Shouldn't be so clear now as to which car is always fastest. Most got small aero drag/downforce adjustments. The Mercedes got more power as it didn't match the listed power and it showed in game. Lots of work on the default setups first before any adjusting. Fwiw, I was fastest in the RGT8, then the Aston, Mclaren,Z4. But all cars for me are within 1 second. Tested at Dubai International, so I'm sure the cars speeds will be more track specific. SLS should do well at the longer tracks. No changes to the tires, although I'm pretty convinced we at least should add more cold drop off. First we'll test this
  • Ford Mustang Trans Am: New suspension geometry, removed double caster, changed to front steer. better rear axle geomtry to handle the drive shaft torque. New setup witha better shock package. Damper knees changed to 60/70 and 70/70 F/R. Developed a new bias belt tire carcass and compound that made more sense to me. Having driven a GT1 Camaro thats very similar to this I can say it more closely matches how they feel. They were extremely easy to drive and were softly sprung and well damped. Handled the power with no drama. Awesome car to drive now. My less than alien times match pretty well with what they were doing at RA and Watkins Short back then


  • Moravia: Crowds placement update
  • Connecticut Hill: Updated exclusion map
  • Belgian Forest: Fixed bad of course wet line causing JIRA WMD 4117
  • Sakitto: Added Marbles in all circuits, static trees, treewall, new trees checked in for Sakitto variations
  • California Raceway: New race line, corridors tweaked where needed. Picked up about 2 seconds a lap for the AI with this one
  • Road America: New raceline. Picked up about 2-3 seconds a lap. Tweaked corridors were needed. fixed various WMD reported issues, updated CSM, fixed flickering/sinking trees
  • Oschersleben: New autograss setup , new exlcusion map , new collision , new autograss texture , fixed some z-fighting overlays , fixed collision issue with the concrete wall near the back straight hairpin
  • Eifelwald: Updated the stage1,2,3 selection sets to include the missing concrete blockers. Removed some tyres that were not needed and had no collision, updated tree override textures to fix some mip glitch issues
  • Hockenheim GP: New raceline. Picked up about 1.5 seconds a lap. New pit lane path with the exit merge past the first corner which fixes the AI doing a 360 loop after merging. Probably is really an AI logic bug, but this fixes it
  • Le Mans: Changed instance and static files to fix wmd reported issues, updated exclusion maps, New corridors marking off the large amounts a tarmac the AI previously saw as legal to use. Raceline unchanged, plenty fast as is. Cut tracks editied
  • Chesterfield: New night lights added, placed new trees and bushes, new outer terrain, new grass and soil materials mapped, new kerbs, relofted trackedges and whitelines, new wall, placed new trees and bushes, new night ligths setup, wet weather setup
  • Oulton Park: New raceline for International. Fixes them running wide exiting last chicane and the second to last corner.. New grid spacing to greatly reduce the mayhem in the first corner starts, all three tracks. Some corridor edits to furhter help turn 1 and a few other areas
  • Mount Panorama: Update of esses slope, update for esses section, instances, crowds, lights, New Raceline and corridors. About 2 seconds a lap faster than previous. Corridors are better too, but still a difficult track for the AI especially when up around 100%, lightmap added to pitbuilding wall and to tower
  • Eifelwald GP: New autograss excl , updated CSM , material tweaks to make dirt into mud to match autograss , fixed weird sand overlays on Muellenbach, updated broadmap to remove dark blobs , updated grass 2 to make it a muddy version of grass 1 so the autograss sits on it correctly, updated road edge to match
  • Monza GP: New wet weather setup for road (kerbs wip)with new puddles texture, added reflection flags, updated kerbs textures, adding edge overlays, tyremarks, new texture and trackedge for outer roads, fixed flickering and dissapering shadows from treewalls, new night lights added, New raceline and corridors. 4-5 seconds a lap faster than the previous
  • Azure Circuit: Fix of tilted normalmap, LOD and occluder adjusted, optimizations on csm, fix of duplicated grass meshes issues, found new gaps and fixed, adjusted instances files, further reduced base triangle count, another optimization pass, overdraw reduced and polycount reduced further (64K triangles removed), New pit lane path to fix the AI Not negotiationg properley and Player getting a cut track. Ther was an out of order waypoint near the exit that somehow got there. fix for broken viewer occluder and distant meshes reduced further, base statics instance count reduced from 64 to 47 and instance count reduced, fixed placement bugs found across the track, armcos splitted and LOD setup, fix of mesh issues microgaps, fix of gaps found around the track and at background buildings, skydome seawater optimized, more advert boards added also to occlude sidestreets, adjustments to occlderflags, optimizations removed 81K triangles, removed unseen 1208 statics, removed 105HWinstances, removed 1208 unused statics and 105 HWinstances
  • Jin Ding: Fixed various WMD reported issues , *Refined Collision wall check, Polished gravel/Sand areas with vertex tinting applied to nearby tarmac, Turn off aniso where it's not needed, Marbles and Leaves added, Add new Grass skids to the inner terrain, Detailed Armco (deformable if appropriate/possible), Soil overlays on grass near the track and outside the Kerbs, Specular downward blocker (Same as in Brands Hatch), Add Tunnel & Pits rain blockers, Organic edges on the runoff areas, Add Micro bumps around the tracks to make the tracks feel more "alive", New Detailed Tyrewalls added, Add new static ground cover and ensure the grass is balanced to match the terrain, STL check on the track csm mesh, Improved Slopes/Grass Verges (re-using latest materials from other tracks to save time), Ensure that the Nvidia style maps are used and check that UV2 terrain mapping is rotated the same as UV1 (info here), Review the latest track reference for 2014/2015 updates to the circuit, New Tarmac material setup, Check for godray tick on structures with transparent glass, Blended Grass Patches , including under crash barriers etc (where appropriate/needed), Vertex AO and base dirt applied to areas that require better grounding, Global welding pass to fix micro gaps/visible seams, Check & Update new whitelines (incl blend texture for distant mips), New Trackside content added (Tents, Animated Flags, Video Walls, Parked Vehicles and Caravans), Check DBV broad and detail are in the correct (inverted) order and check impostors intensities look correct, Masking wet roads in tunnels and on steep slopes using vertex alpha, Check the longitude/latitide co-ordinates in the TRDs, Add track centres to trd', added/updated new grass exclusion maps