Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • BMW M3 E30/Z4 GT3, Ford Sierra RS500, Mercedes C-Coupe DTM, Radical SR8-X: шины могут исчезать при передачи управления от ИИ игроку в режиме Time Trial, либо могут получить серьезные проплешины

Build 886 - 887

  • Fix car on return to pit box
  • Track maps - new trackmaps for Sakitto - all variations : janp
  • Aston Martin Vantage GT3 - Mixed wing mirror material swaps : janf
  • Palmer Jaguar - Suspension gone through for caster and spindle inertia's. Tires very slightly stiffened and and that front to rear stagger changed for better balance. Small setup changes. FFB tweaked for the caster change. AL speed checked and is fine. : douga
  • Bentley Speed 8 - Interior DDS texture. Intitial check in, LODA cockpit modelled, mapped and textured
  • Mercedes 300SL - UV mapping
  • Mercedes 300SL W194 - alpha 2 driver animations
  • DX9 - Corrected CShadowControl initialization - was crashing when GFX settings was attempted to changed from custom (missing initialization of mNoOfLargeSpotShadows) : ivon
  • Azure Circuit - another optimization pass 32K triangles and fix for bad instances 
  • Azure Circuit - fix for misplaced instances
  • Eifelwald GP - new night lighting , new lamp poles and XML , all 4 layouts updated

Build 885

  • New feature : if two AI share the same pit, they will be moved to the garage after the pitting sequence to allow the other AI a chance to pit as well
  • End of races / qualif / practice sessions : AI will now all park in their pits / garages correctly
  • Fix drivethrough AI, going through pits and driving away in one go ( instead of driving straight past )
  • Fix AI getting stuck exiting pits
  • Fix AI staying stuck in DriveThrough and not being able to pit anymore
  • Smoother pit entry speed
  • Fix InPitLane being mistakenly set to false when cars entering the pits ( temporarily reactivating collisions )
  • Better logic forcing a drivethrough when a shared pit car right in front is manoeuvering to enter the pit stop
  • New AI debug window displaying all the car's pit info
  • Improved AI pitting values debug display screen
  • Move AI logic setting pitting into the LiveStratety method for centralized decision making ( fixing pit reason overrides )
  • Add pitting at the end of practice session time which was missing
  • New animations together with new script default (right pitstop instead of left )
  • New GT Airjack mechanic animations
  • Showroom cameras tweaks + Karts specific setup
  • New stiffer tire carcass and grip for the Mclaren F1 and new carcass for the Yiro light all seasons on the Caterham Classic
  • LMP3 & Radical tires: Adjusted heating to make it easier to keep in optimal range
  • Tires: fix L72D default FFB : andreww
  • Tires: Vintage 1978 (L78) and improved forward stability on Vintage 1972 (L72D)
  • F1/GT pitcrew: wheel mechanics: retraced _TM bone for backpack.(bone position now always stays on ground)
  • Group A cars - dropped the AI speed about 1 second a lap with lower AI grip
  • Overlap on Multiplayer Browse screen fixed, arrows on FFB Controls fixed, wheel calibration no longer takes you back to the root screen
  • Loading screen tips more legible
  • Nationality dialog box visually updated
  • Change menu and in-game lobby to have more robust updates to user enter/leave
  • Sort all quick select vehicle and location lists. Also nationality list
  • Right Stick PS4 icon updated, missing button icon textures fixed, updated Xbox One "Use A Code" terminology
  • Remove all text from FFB Meter in non-development builds
  • Replace colours used in FFB Meter
  • Corrected display size of FFB Meter graph
  • Driver animations: Pagani Zonda R- fixed steering wheel lock value from "False" to "True", due to the "limited" steering driver animations
Ghost Cars:
  • Modified ghost car distances to make it look more natural - fades out sooner, doesn't appear solid inside player car if allowed to get behind camera, and uses linear fade, which looks less abrupt than the old version
  • Le Mans: Fixed odd bumps in terrain, further mesh and terrain optimizations
  • Connecticut Hill: 3d armco fixed, aligned normal mapping on armcos, enhanced terrain in at the boot outer edge , updated statics viewer placed files to match updated armcos, fixed open ended safer walls, merged terrain parts after turn 2 to avoid csm issue on curbs reported on WMD, normalised armco
  • Azure Circuit: Further optimizations and mesh cleanups on road, pavements other grounds and wall...removed 49 190 triangles, fixed hole in driveable area after pool
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evox: Dropped CG height 30mm for up on 2 wheels problem. It did seem to high before
  • Caterham Classic: More drivable version. Agin was not friendly on the consloes (or on the PC frankly). New stiffer caracass. Suspension gone through for inertias. Moved CG back to 53% rear. New setup a bit stiffer than what was ther and re blanced for the changed CG. Great drive now. No changes to grip or AI speeds needed
  • Ford Escort RS1600: Tire adjusted for heating and pressure shapes, Switched to a BDB type engine with 190hp @ 8000rpm, Move brake bias forward : caseyr
  • Mclaren F1: Changes for drivability. Was badly understeering and no real grip. New tire carcass similar to mthe recent Supercar tire. Slight grip changes with mostly more tear grip. Suspension gone through for double caster and spindle inertias. Much more drivable. Moved eyepoint back 70mm
  • Ford Escort Mk1: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup and fixed a bug that was breaking wiper animations
  • Gumpert Apollo: CPT file. Slightly lower cockpit exposure %
  • Radical SR3 & SR8: Calibrated ABS
  • Radical SR3 & SR8: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Palmer JPLM: Calibrated ABS
  • Ruf RGT8 GT3: LOD optimization
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: Glass UV tweak
  • BAC Mono: Mesh feedback changes: Added damper reservoirs and tweaked bodywork logos. Changed logos according to manufacturer feedback
  • Palmer JPLM: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Radical SR8, SR3 - Changes to back off some of the previous changes. Softened the springing and slowed down the steering with various geometry changes. 
  • Ariel Atom3 - - New stiffer tires for both the Yiro all seasons and R track tires. Better inflation shapes. Change to grip: less adhesion, more tear. Adjusted wear. New shock pakages for the V8 and CR500. 60/70 knees on both. Adjusted the setup accoringly.
  • Ariel Atom V8 - - New stiffer tires for both the Yiro all seasons and R track tires. Better inflation shapes. Change to grip: less adhesion, more tear. Adjusted wear. New shock pakages for the V8 and CR500. 60/70 knees on both. Adjusted the setup accoringly.
  • Caterham R500 - New stiffer tires for both the Yiro all seasons and R track tires. Better inflation shapes. Change to grip: less adhesion, more tear. Adjusted wear. New shock pakages for the V8 and CR500. 60/70 knees on both. Adjusted the setup accoringly.
  • Caterham Classic - New stiffer tires for both the Yiro all seasons and R track tires. Better inflation shapes. Change to grip: less adhesion, more tear. Adjusted wear. New shock pakages for the V8 and CR500. 60/70 knees on both. Adjusted the setup accoringly.
  • BAC Mono: adjusted paint colours

Build 883-884

  • Re-edited Car Description audio files which fixes
  • Tweaks to the turbo volume in the Mit EVO
  • Tweaks to the shift wobbles BMW Z4 GT3
  • Adds additional GUI sounbds for career and general menu FX. Will need hooking up. And once in game, balancing
  • Errant full stops removed from Hints & Tips screens
  • Text displayed on main menu player profile
  • Launch chunking display improved
  • Always-selected Edit Pit Strategy buttons fixed
  • Updated Time Trial screen on console, FOV Speed Sensitivity On/Off added, number of photos/replays now shown, Conditions removed from Time Trials
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes >90 FOV n helmet cam showing just helmet
  • Revert profile gamemode, track and vehicle selection to defaults, when profile is read and install chunking is still in progress
  • Allowing pre-race session in multiplayer - fixes the pre race session selection bug
  • Resetting the game metrics on creation of a new trophy pack. (this stops all achievements being instantly awarded again by the persistent game metrics)
  • Fix VOIP crash found during player kick
  • Modified Soft-Kick timers and voting thresholds to make soft-kicking a bit less aggressive
  • Removed EOR team score display when career event isn't using team scores
  • Added event queues to pitstop manager and scriptanimatedscene manager
  • Changed ticking of the scriptanimatedscenes during replay and large time jumps - as well as the animation processing at that time
  • Stopped all the scibe scripts in between start/stop replay, relying only on events sent via event queue, so in future everything important must be sent via the events, in both PitstopController and Script animated scene and script altering events (like reset) should not be passed during replay
  • Script animated scenes start a bit differently during replays to allow the animated script internal variable reset to go on as expected
  • Look to apex fixed
  • Hooked in "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" to the penalties for that DQ reason
Ghost Mode:
  • Ghost buffer size increased to 512 for PC
  • Brands Hatch (All): Added media building interior, fixed camera collision issue under bridges
  • Derby (All): Add missing armco poles, add emmisive map for marshalhuts
  • Road America: Fixed various WMD reported issues
  • Silverstone: Silverstone specific tyrewall/stack textures added
  • Generic tracklights textures to be used on generic tracklightt asset for track variations which do not have yet startlights
  • Ruf RGT8: Fixed taillight billboards, tweaked bonnet camera 
  • Ford Capri Group5: Tweaked bonnet/roof camera positions
  • Mercedes 300SL: Prepared for 1st export
  • Caterham SP300R: Calibrated ABS for final tire, Set drivetrain efficiency
  • Caterham SP300R: Allow overboost 10 times per session in all types, fixed up how it displays remaining overboost in the HUD, polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Ford Focus RS & Megane Rs 265: Reduced scrub radius for better FFB
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: CPIT damage fix
  • Ginetta G40: CPIT damage fix
  • Gumpert Apollo: Cpit Skeleton (PS4 wiper animation visual artifacts)
  • Caper Monterey: Calibrated ABS for final tire; Set drivetrain efficiency; tire heating, grip and wear balancing. Fixed missing rain drop