Известные проблемы:

  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • BMW M3 E30/Z4 GT3, Ford Sierra RS500, Mercedes C-Coupe DTM, Radical SR8-X: шины могут исчезать при передачи управления от ИИ игроку в режиме Time Trial, либо могут получить серьезные проплешины
  • в сетевом режиме опции "Practice 1", "Practice 2", "Warmup" и "Qualifying" всегда отключены, независимо от настроек, заданных при создании лобби

Build 882

  • Changed trigger logic for physics to notify all changes and process updates in physics HitTrigger systems
  • AI wet tyre updates: Weathered line uses normalised wetness. SimulateLap resets weather line after processing. Removed tyre wear modifier from abilities, tyre wear aligned with player. Updated information in debug screens for tyre grip and selection. Grip updates for AI processed every tick. Align wet grip calculations to match player
  • New Radical SR8 and SR3 tire carcass
  • Tires: Group A tire wear calibrated and other small tweaks for heating, wet weather and general driving feel
  • Suspension inertias and unsprung weights tweaked to better values
  • Vehicle damage - initial pass to tweak the ease that suspension damage happens and wheels come off, to make it more realistic (wheels fell off far too easily)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix for telemetry crash
  • Setting presets correctly for all game modes
  • You can now restart a Free Practice session, fix for Pit Strategy screen when you haven't entere a name yet
  • Support for new character feature RAIN_SUPPORT = added finding and setting of openTopped shader parameter according to car type 
  • Set default laps to valid value and remove assert if more than 8 unique vehicles
  • Host get's booted from a passworded lobby. Stop countdown jump message spamming when countdown isn't active
  • Formation lap now has the green light countdown
  • Limit number of laps to 250 in all modes
  • Defaulting career session length slider to minimum (for a new profile)
  • Missing graphic for lobby screen
  • BNGE logo added
  • PSN is now consistently using "PSN" 
  • Fix for missing Italian symbol
  • Added unsportsmanlike conduct DQ reason to the text db
  • Credits content - missing whitespaces corrected 
  • Overlap on Community Events and Load Career screens fixed
  • Clipping on team name on Session Results screen fixed, overlap for long car name on Session Results & Pause fixed
  • Fixed unlocalised 'Simulating' string
  • Fixed event board id 1 being reserved for time trial testing. It now works correctly as a Community Event leaderboard
  • Pause logic changes allowing tutorial speech to play even when the game is paused, so that appropriate tutorial speech plays (all audio still paused for a loss of focus pause). Speech type is now tagged, so that per-type decisions can be made
  • Bentley Continental GT3: Added srcdata/runtime files
  • Prevented Rewind/Fast-forward from being activated at the same time as the playback speed is being modified
  • Prevent contamination of the 'customised' flag in the control set stored in the profile
  • Not testing against a white-flag-slow-car when playing alone. Removed the obsolete options type choices for racing flags. Applying a DQ if a driver crosses into the final lap, and they haven't adhered to any stop-go penalty, drive-through penalty, or mandatory pit stop. Disabled all selection for multi-session rounds in the Free Practice menu
  • Trophy videos: final render pass + final music mix
  • Nurburgring GP: updated branding t-page
  • Brands Hatch (All): Reduced AI to 29 to fix JIRA WMD-3805. Also tweaked pit lane entrances to help keep AI off the soft barriers
  • Cali Horse Theif Mile - Fixed the AI going too fast into the 3 uphill corners. Added Pit speed slowdowns waypoint in each
  • Sakitto: Colour changes, new textures for orient bridge
  • Monterey: Add missing armco poles and update ground coll mesh 
  • California Horse Thief Mile: Main lighting pass completed , Short lighting WIP , updated CSM for the Short hairpins to smooth it for the AI (still not working properly with fast cars, passed to Chris F to check the AI) , added outer road edges , fixed a load of z-fighting on the Short edges , new CSM to mask out dirt roads from the autograss-valid materials , optimized a few high-poly assets eg silos , removed mega-high-poly lights replaced with working viewer static lights
  • Road America: Fixed WMD reported issues & floating stuff
  • Bathurst: Fix for breakmakes issues right of start grid, added lightmap for bridge, viewer spotlights added for marshallhuts, more individual skids added
  • Set fuel level for player / AI in qualify sessions with no fueling allowed
  • RWD P30 LMP: Fixed flag on livery21
  • Updated various liveries for miscoloured action button logos
  • Audi R8 LMP: Paint UV mapping
  • Caper Monterey: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Mclaren P1: Setup and suspension changes for the new tyre
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: Increased FFB strength. Went through the suspension and inertia. Some setup changes
  • Radical SR8 and SR3: Changes per Pertolhd on WMD rrequesting better, more instant turn in. New setup, slightly stiffer tire carcass. Closed the gap up between front and rear tire stiffness. Changed shock knee's to 50/65 (this was a key). Move the aero slightly. Went through the suspension and inertia's. I think it works great now. Will bite on cold tires the first lap if you aren't carefull. Really comes in after that. The SR3 not so much without the power
  • Ford Sierra RS500: Removed double caster, Minor steering geometry adjustment for better FFB, Calibrated ABS, Drivetrain efficiency
  • Mercedes 190E Evo2 DTM: Removed double caster, Calibrated ABS, Drivetrain efficiency
  • BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Calibrated ABS, Tuned engine cooling, Drivetrain efficiency, Reduced flywheel inertia, Removed double caster
  • Renault Clio/Megane: fixed names
  • Mercedes 190E Evo2: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup

Build 880-881

  • Street tires - stiffened spring rate on the Supercars, etc tires using an explicit rate instead of auto calculating. Backed off the carcass stiffness of the FWD tires from yesterday to more in line with these
  • Fixed DetachableCarComponents crash when PxActor is deleted before corresponding flapping joint
  • 80's GT Tires: Final tests and calibration of wear rates, slight heating adjustments. Made sure all latest tech and thinking is applied. Both compounds a great drive on all three cars
  • FWD, 4WD cars - Built a stiffer tire carcass translationally and wraparound. One big change was explicitly putting the tire spring rate in instead of letting the code do the auto load stiffnes . I don't think thats working quite right and was leaving the street carcass' on the soft side. The bigger supercars have this to. I'll get to them tommorow and see what it brings to them. Did the suspensnion sweep for caster and inertia's changes, then reset the FFB where needed. Reset the AI speeds with grip changes were needed. The Mitsu EVO is the class of this field hand down. It also defaults to the stickier tire, which combined with the most power and 4wd makes it hard to beat
  • Fixes monitor gamercard display. Also fixes menu size in video setting menu
  • Added applink to turn off the Fill with AI MP option
  • Y button assigned to change camera on Instant Replay
  • Updated QRW and Lobby selection dialogs
  • Fixed issues caused by skipping/restarting qualifying sessions
  • Added mandatory pit stop warning text
  • Updated racing flags options text
  • Changed white slow car flag text from "Slow Car Ahead" to "Slow Car"
  • Fixed low fuel metric causing a pit stop to be scheduled on the third lap when fuel usage was turned off
  • In-Game monitor drivers list code is wrong
  • Added mandatory pit schedule type, and linked up to the pit board text
  • No longer penalising player for excessive damage under any variation of racing rules
  • Prevented remaining Pit messages being displayed on tracks that dont have a pit lane
  • Ensure PitManager is aware of session advancement and resets itself accordingly
  • Fixed various bugs in leaderboard up/down paging (events, console time trial, Steam leaderboards, Steam time trial ghosts screens)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed various issues introduced to Career Events with per-mode profile settings. The forced vehicle setting is now always stored into the "time trial" game mode slot instead of a random slot (which could let players enter the event with wrong cars). Updated stat cache in profile to wipe event stats recorded in wrong car or track, and to ignore such stats when set from the game
  • Fix WMD-2675 Online - Cars start on top of each other
  • Credits content chagned for render team
  • Credits content updated
  • DX11 - DOF/Heathaze optimisation 
  • Code to call disable on the pending loads in the car preivew when not rendering the 3d scene
  • AI will use a different way of calculating distance ahead when testing for "breaking too early if bad skill" they will have a minimum distance based on speed + an additional distance tacked on based on skill and reduced for slower cars
  • fast cars understeering in turns because they are going too fast at 100 skill as they weren't checking far enough to know when they need to slow down ( minimum distance )
  • slow cars at 0 skill will not look as much ahead as they used to ( slow cars were stuck in speed sometimes two turns ahead generating massive slowdowns at low skill races )
Dynamic Objects:
  • Materialpool restitution changes to lower bounciness of dynamic trackside objects (dynamic objects, materialpool file)
  • Career grid positioning issue fix
  • Race sounds are now ducked while tutorial speech is being played, as it couldn't be heard in some cases
  • Belgian Forest Circuit: Added simple interior to the bottom of the left tribune
  • Oulton Park (All): Added missing poles to the armco, fixed several armco issues
  • Azure Circuit: Fix for foliage placement for updated Boulevard du larvotto bridge
  • BMW M3 E30 Gr.A: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • BMW M1 Procar: Fixed radiator so it doesn't overheat by default, Calibrated ABS, Set drivetrain efficiency
  • Ford Capri Gr.5: Calibrated ABS against final tire, Set drivetrain efficiency
  • BMW 320 Turbo: Calibrated ABS against final tire, Set drivetrain efficiency. Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Ford Capri Gr.5: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup. Fixed cockpit gauge calibrations
  • BAC Mono: Engine cooling adjustment so it operates in a normal range

Build 878-879

  • Missing FFB items added to in-game Tuning screen
  • Fixes for overlapping text on News, FanChat, and Inbox Dashboard areas
  • Order of quit/restart dialog options restored
  • Fix return from career on invitation
  • Player Tailoring screen now matches initial startup one, Dashboard left-hand menu no longer supports scrolling, typos fixed, missing help text and button callouts added
  • Set up localization strings for all tires
  • Text updates for in-game lobby
  • Post race volumes lowered
  • Associated Steam DLC packages to correct "PreOrder" package, and appropriate code fixups
  • Added fix for credit where credits due so it tests against the correct SMS driver names
  • Fix for pit boss awarding when out of storage. Now checking save result status for error
  • Fix for dark border around sun when low in sky. Issue was only in some climates
  • Azure Circuit: more road and ground meshes optimizations
  • Emirates Kartdrome: Fixed pit are collision bug
  • California Raceway: Beefed up the alpha for the 2 fence textures so they remain visible further into the distance. Also increased the brightness of both by 25
  • Oulton & Road America: Removed beach flags
  • Jin Ding: Add emmisive map for pitbuilding
  • Audi R8 LMP: Fixed name
  • Audi R8 LMP: Removed duplicate endplates
  • Mercedes W194: LODX mesh done, LODA CPIT and steeringwheel meshes done
  • BAC Mono: Reduced amplitude of mirror vibrations
  • RWD P30 LMP1: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Marek RP339h LMP1: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Bentley Speed 8: Re-balanced the AI speed. FFB tuning, no other changes
  • BMW V12 LM: Some caster work and spindle inertia's increased. FFB re adjusted. AI speed rebalanced. Eyepoint was way off. Reset that so i could see out of the car
  • Mercedes CLK LM: Some caster work, spindle inertia's increased. Adjusted FFB, AI speed re-balanced
  • Mclaren F1 GTR: Re balanced the AI speed. Did some caster work on the suspension. Some setup changes to balance. re adjusted the FFB. Moved the eyepoint back 60mm
  • Sauber Mercedes C9: Moved under body forward slightly to remove some aero understeer. Setup tweaked to help the rest. AI speed re-blanaced, they were too fast
  • Ginetta G40 jr: LOD optimization

Build 874-877

  • Audi R8 LMP: Wheel textures
  • BMW M3 GT: Fixed CPIT mirrors 
  • Bentley Speed 8: Alpha1 export, various fixes, added placeholder liveries, added HUD motec, Chassis textures finished, various fixes 
  • Audi R8 LMS Ultra: Increased the FFB force per forum feedback. : douga
  • Formula Gulf: Removed built in caster from the suspension. Shortened the bumpstops. Reset the FFB for the caster change.
  • Formula Rookie: Slowed AI speed to better match the player. Added some slow bump to the front dampers to soften the turn-in
  • LMP1 Cars: Set wings in the middle. Adjusted the brake balance to work with these settings. Stiffened the springs enough to keep the bottom off the track even with the lower wings.
  • LMP2 Cars: Lowered the shock rates aprox 15%. Slight change to the aero CoP for balance. The FFB was tuned with SoP differential. Eyepoints on all adjusted for consistency across the cars
  • Audi R18: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Karts: Increased 250cc fuel tank, Adjusted tire heating and wear
  • Formula B: Disabled LODC wheel damage export 
  • BMW 2002 Turbo - driver anims: alpha 2 anims
  • Formula C - driver anims: fixed hand clipping through side of the car while shifting
  • McLaren P1: Black roof fix on CPIT
  • Greenwood karting: added new textures
  • Eifelwald: Added a slow down waypoint in the Carousell to help the AI flying in there too fast and not staying in the bowl, optmized exclusion map to remove outer areas, added blocking tyres to fill all the gaps in the armco / around concrete blocks etc. updated autograss texture with smaller daisies and mip alpha adjustment
  • Oulton Park Int, Oulton Park Forsters, Oulton Park Island: New AIW's . Racelines done with the LMP2's. Corridors and cut tracks adjsuted to help the chicanes as much as possible
  • Sakitto - assets changes in viewer, tyrewalls placed
  • Brands Hatch: branded runoff adverts added. Manager adverts added to both track variations 
  • California - Horse Thief Mile: optimised variations , fixed sinking cars, popping assets, fixed floating stuff, 2nd part of dressing 
  • FWD AI tires - cut AI wear by 50%
  • Tires: 1972, 1974, GT40, FC R25, and 1977 tires -- FB not done due to some FB bug, and FA needs one more day 
  • Updated static, isnstances, physics and improve night lighting 
Pit updates:
  • Collidable logic for cars updated in pit
  • Collibable logic for cars coming out of accelerated mode updates
  • Disable ChooseBestLane in pit lane
  • More accurate logic for detecting pit spot drive into position
  • Added computation and use of adjusted normals for rumble strip terrains
  • Script animation tidy up
  • Adding partial seek functionality to the pitstop script
  • Adding top level events for pit manager and pitstop controllers to the event system for replay functionality : martinm
  • Script change to ease transition for new animation
  • Fix for pixilated sun
  • Update lights around the pitbuilding
  • Credits - implemented reading of credits data from text database text/credits.btdb with possibility to localisation 
  • Credits textdb added
  • Credits updated (copyrights, WMD names)
  • Updated text database entries for Multiplayer Create and Lobby screens
  • Edit Pit Strategy screen now can be cancelled
  • Correct console online name terminology on Community Event screen
  • Correct applinks on Vehicle Model and Vehicle Showcase screens
  • Overlap on Driver Network Profile screen fixed
  • Wider Tuning Slot column
  • Applinks attached on Layout Select screen
  • Number of Laps applink added to Multiplayer Create screen
  • Sign Contract overlap fixed
  • Correct help text added to Camera Options screen
  • Overlap on Video Calibration screen fixed
  • Non-functional symmetrical setup button removed
  • Deltas removed from Locally Stored Ghost screen
  • Ability to change the sway bar removed from PS4 Summary screen
  • Added save time display on the career load screen to distinguish saves made on the same day
  • Loading screens updated
  • Fix for crash when exiting disconnecting from a JIP session
  • Created pre-order DLC pack

Build 873

  • Added Oculus Rift SDK 0.4.4
  • Switch to Oculus Rift SDK 0.4.4
  • Improved surface distance rolloff for gravel/kitty
  • Removed grass callback
  • Fixed shader compile error
  • Glass fx wipers mask computation corrected
  • Re-enabled grass on PC. 40/50/75M 64 rc's per tile
  • Turning wipers off in tunel only when all rain drops are wiped out from windshiled
  • Correction of wipers always on bug, auto on/off wipers should be correct now in rain/clear/inside tunel/outside tunel
  • Added support for alphatest skinned basic vehicle shader - this was already written but not linked up, and only needed a couple of adjustments to bring it up to date with the latest shader setup
  • KERS / DRS hud fixes
  • Localise time on events dialog - WMD-2280
  • Updated Monitor/Spectate screens WMD-3717
  • Updated sprite containers for new lobby screen
  • Added loc versions for inbox catregories - WMD-1991
  • Long Low or High Motor FFB wraps onto a second line WMD-1462
  • Fix script animation actor destruction to stop post-processor crash
  • WMD-3721 Rearranged the scheduled pit board to reflect & update ingame values
  • WMD-1296 & WMD-2971 Removed the obsolete save button from the session results screen
  • Changed ConnectionMonitor on XB1 not to report the user as online when signed in but disconnected from Live
  • WMD-3753 Disable Online Lobby option in common script to prevent it appearing in solo modes after previous multiplayer gameplay
  • Fixed Steam support code to tick and fire Steam callbacks only when App queue is fully initialized. Fixes startup crashes when playing offline
  • Fixed WMD-3722: Updated global storage API to support automatic retries and to optionally delay download requests while the user is offline. Now if the game is started while offline, the events will be downloaded later if the user goes online and the community events submenu will be enabled
  • Redo the Rolling starts behavior for side by side, constantish speed ( must slowdown for curves per predicted speeds )
  • Fix WMD-3759 - Change pit team index to be 1 based like grid position, fixing off by one errors. Ensure each participant selects an unused pit team index when created
  • Formula C: LOD optimization
  • BMW 1M: CPIT mirror smoothing
  • Ford Mustang Cobra TransAm: LOD optimization
  • Lotus 78: Fixed default tire and texture swap issues
  • Lotus 98T: Fixed default tire and texture swap issues
  • Lotus 49: Fixed default tire selection and texture swaps
  • Ginetta G55 GT4: Polished cockpit vibration animation setup
  • Lotus 72D: Fixed default tire selection and texture swap issues
  • Ford Mustang Boss 302R1: LOD optimization and changed shader technique on MESH_SKIN material
  • Mercedes C Coupe DTM: Added basic suspension animation to prevent tires clipping through the fender
  • McLaren P1: Material change on door hinge for approval. Added metal parts material on steering wheel
  • Active aero metrics
  • Karts: Calibrated ABS for final tires, Moved brake balance to the rear
  • Tires: Reduced effect of track rubbering by half, Reduced kart tire hysteresis
  • Lotus 49: Reduced FFB tire force multi to prevent clipping, Increased fuel tank size to 42 Imp gal
  • Super Kart: Re-adjusted in game caster for change in suspension geometry caster. Slighty softer rear chassis stiffness. Adjust the eyepoint up just a bit see over the steering wheel. The Kart is much less a handfull now and even better with Casey's latest changes to the Kart tires
  • Ford Focus RS, Renault Megane RS - New rear suspension to fix the weird squat bug. Still great if not better throttle steer characteristics. Moved the steering rack and tie rods around on both cars to better match the real thing. Zero bump steer. New tire with a better inflation shape, more longitudinal bite, slightly stiffer carcass and tread area. Caster set around 7 deg both cars. Balanced the FFB using some of Jacks ideas. 100 SoP differential to help Mz, and added 50% lateral to help keep more lateral feeling (Fy) once the power kicks in destroying the front patch and its forces. Pretty natural feeling in general
  • Fixed flares on BT postowerlight (static asset)
  • Fixed flarecheck position entries to fix flares coming though walls
  • Besos: Fixed start light issues
  • Glencairn: Startlight issue fixed
  • Cadwells: Fixed startlight issues
  • Azure Coast S2: Fixed startlight issues
  • Laguna Seca: Enabled Reflection tagging
  • Silverstone: Updated to use new autograss
  • Zolder: Removed traffic cones from ai line
  • Road America: Dynamic advert panels created (Dynamic objects)
  • Eifelwald: Updated autograss texture to make the daisies smaller
  • Greenwood Kart: Track Billboard Lamp with no flare (Static asset)
  • Sakitto GP: Instaced tyrewalls xml added, instanced tyrewalls updated, texture updates
  • Mount Panorama: Dirt overlays issue fixed, barrier at pitentry fixed, fixed start and pitlight issues
  • California Raceway: Dressing part 1, updated tracklights xml with correct positions of lights, fixed adverts pop ups on right side of startfinish straight and buildings on left side of last corner, added start and pitlights