Известные проблемы:

  • существует ряд проблем с повторами
  • на экране настроек камеры отсутствует настройка чувствительности к скорости
  • инструменты отладки (F1, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+I и т.д.) не доступны. Чтобы активировать их, необходимо запустить игру с параметром "-gold", что может сопровождаться определенными ошибками
  • если хотите запустить игру с инструментами отладки в режиме x86, запускайте непосредственно pCARSGld.exe (НЕ ПЕРЕИМЕНОВЫВАЙТЕ ФАЙЛЫ!)

Build 841

  • LMP2 RWD P20 incar and external engine sets, plus an AI version. Includes tranny, turbo, gears, backfires, distant roll-offs and trajectory
  • Adding in code to allow us to say how long we want to be in a camera
  • New fullscreen transition system. Setup to do crossfades
  • Fix for duplicated text ids
  • Camera cuts updated, presets for animation chosing incorporated
  • Fix PresetsFirstLaunchDialog not being closed properly. (because we were opening it more than once)
  • Changing the mIsRearView variable to u32
  • Code change so that when we activate rear view the game treats it like a new camera.. This is so we can recalibrate systems that have assuptions about the camera view in place
  • F1 pitstop blocking
  • Pitstop proxy/blocking scenes
  • Added F1 jackup front and lollypop.
  • Initial files for lollypop and front jackup
  • Pitcrew export: Added Pitcrew GTLow and Kart with its RCFs variatiosn and liveries
  • Career Championships: Entry Karts - intro video speech updated to remove reference to prerace sessions.
  • Adjusted AI handling with yawdampening and grip/slip adjustments
  • AI handling balance on all Audi's, BMW's, BMC Mono. Handling adjusted around new yawdamping paramter and new TC code.
  • BMW M3 GT4: Added swaybar, increased rebound travel to fix ill handling on player car. Adjusted AI handling with yawdampening and grip/slip adjustments.
  • BMW Z4 GT3: Tweaked windscreen banners
  • RUF RGT-8 GT3: Polish items on headlight IDs and tires
  • Reviewed light damage and added new data for part dependency
  • Road America: RL branding
  • Besos: Repathed textures copied over
  • Oschers National: Most funneling of corridors removed for testing
  • Azure Circuit: Sitting crowds + initial placement for Azure circuit
  • Snetterton: New autograss, CSM tweaks, optimization,viewer updates,bug fixes
  • Jin Ding: New kerbs added with custom textures, stitched/remapped where needed, applied new road material, added new emm map for a3 building
  • California Highway: Fixed flickering rocks on s1 s2 s3/jira issue WMD-477/popin issues stage3 ends /reorg and updated all xmls static inst crowds dyn lights/fixed csm issues/tested
  • Watkins Glen: Control tower of Connectcut hill applied with watkins glen logotype, connecticut hill fixed disconnected fence at start area, fixed AIW related issue on uphill section after turn2, added advert stuff as requested from track owners

Build 840

  • TextDB: Modified wireless strings for German and Russian
  • Tweaks to the MP4-12C, MP4-12C GT3, Audi R8 LMS Ultra, Audi R8 V10 plus, Ruf RGT8 & Ruf RGT8 GT3 (gear wobble and many other refinements). Fixed the sudden "VTEC-like" transition at higher RPM in the Mercedes Evo2 DTM
  • Fix VehicleDriver compiler warning.
  • Fix for command line args support for Gold x86 exe launch failure
  • Code for fix pure call shutdown crash when trying to free a null material
  • Fix some double close of dialog issues
  • Additional FFB items added to mainmenu file
  • FIX AR-2327 MP - Stall when loading a new JIP vehicle
  • Fixed most cases on wrong messaging when members are removed by game kick or internal "connectivity problems" kick
  • Code to allow us to generate camera sequences based on data in a hrdf file
  • Added fuel hose compensator (wip)
  • Anim assets: Added animated camera crane
  • Anim assets: Camera crane - fixed wrong arm position
  • Pitcrew ART: Updated skin in poloshirt and created RCFsetups
  • Pitcrew ART: Updated skin on legs and cargoshorts and materials parameters
  • Change avoidance to rely more on the Dangerous obstacles array when in passing situations
  • Game is saved when advancing career sessions at end of race
  • Career Motorsport Teams: Formula Rookie duplicate teams fixed
  • Added track checking to career data tests, to validate it doesn't change between sessions within a round
  • Only enable active actors when resetting components
  • McLaren 12C & P1: Minor adjustments to prevent front suspension inversions
  • Ariel Atom Mugen/V8 - Lotus 25,49,and 76 - AI hasndling (mostly using tire grips and slip angles) rebalanced around the new Yaw Dampening and Traction control features
  • Jing Ding: Added textures, moved marbles and leaves in Jing Ding

Build 839

  • Fix for missing clouds in rear view mirror.
  • DX11: Disable erroneous assert in shadow control
  • Code to allow tweakit to be able change rcf inputs.
  • DX11: Added/implemented Renderer APIs for FPS capping
  • Code to allow us to be able to change the drivers RCF inputs in game.
  • DX11: Fix for night-time hang and/or flickering cockpit shadows with -dx11mt
  • Fix for geometry pop-in when running with Oculus Rift
  • Fix Oculus VR tracking Reset (only reset Yaw, not PitchYawRoll)
  • Add new command-line option -fpscap <fps> to allow frame rate capping
  • Fix dangling pointer in dialogs
  • Pitstop camera interface, that allows multiple cameras for various situations that might happen in the pitstops
  • AR-2698: Extended the soft-kick subsystem to support kicking by the game logic in cross-platform fashion. Improves kicking behavior on Steam and XB1 which do not have service API to kick session members. Old Steam-specific and XB1-specific code to be removed asap. Bumped the protocol version
  • Adding bone "props_airgun_head" to props rig
  • Pitcrew ART: Deleted duplicated pocketpants meshes
  • Pitcrew ART: Added kart and GTlow pitcrews. Updated materials and added new presets. Added pcars logo layer to polo, skin updates. Light scale global ON
  • PitEngineer: Updated hazard report implementation. Implemented blue flag reports. Replaced damage report implementation. Completed pit stop and penalty report implementation. Implemented Le Mans specific VO. Added distinction between overall fastest lap of race and player's fastest lap. Implemented career moments VO (first race, first win, first championship)
  • Career session advancing at end of race no longer requires a track load, so progression is much faster. Code/Script changes to handle session setup/advancing, and initial career grids/handling grid position updates at session end
  • Tweak to ai early braking / slowdown on sharp corners for poorer drivers
  • Further metrics code
  • RUF CTR3 SMSR: Collision model update
  • WIP changes for STM spawning for JIPed players
  • Ford Focus RS: Fixed 4cm rearward offset on some collision shapes
  • Lotus 72D: AI handling and grip re blanaced to new AI traction Control Code
  • If setup uses default tyre, ensure tyre choice is based on weather conditions
  • BMW M3 GT2: LODA Polish
  • Vehicles: Adjusted windscreen textures
  • Ford Capri Group5: Fixed minor paint bugs
  • Pagani Zonda Cinque: Fixed UV mapping issue
  • Audi R18: Livery approval fix, added missing Michelin logo
  • RUF RGT-8 GT3/RWD P30 LMP1/Ford Capri Group5:: Added 1 senior manager livery
  • RUF CTR3 SMS-R: Checked/Fixed AO and Damage deformation. Added Cockpit animations. Updated wipers meshes. Added Wiper Animation/Mask, rain setup. Added Suspension animation (from Ruf_CTR3_2012)
  • Azure Circuit: Change ads banner
  • California Raceway: Textures for various track buildings
  • Monza Short: CSM issues fixed, lowres ad boards fixed, terrain around armco exits fixed
  • Cadwell: New ground cover setup, updated broad terrain, wet weather setup and custom textures for kerbs, added missing overlays, new ground cover added

Build 838

  • исправлены ошибки в английской версии
Виртуальная реальность:
  • обновление Oculus SDK до версии 0.4.3
  • добавлена регулировка глубины резкости на экране фото-режима
  • обновлены фильтры на экране фото-режима
  • ограничен выбор типа машин на специфичных трассах
  • обновлен контроль тяги у машин под управлением ИИ
  • RUF RGT8: обновлена модель коллизий
  • RUF CTR3: обновлена модель коллизий
  • RUF RGT8 GT3: обновлена модель коллизий
  • RWD P20 LMP2: обновлена модель коллизий
  • Lotus 25: заданы базовые параметры двигателя для тестов шин на Lotus 49
  • Audi R18: небольшие исправления, рекомендованные Audi
  • RUF CTR3 SMS-R: добавлена анимация стеклоочистителей
  • Eiffelwald: добавлены реальные бренды
  • Jing Ding: обновлены текстуры
  • Cadwell: добавлены специфичные типы покрытия
  • Besos: обновлены материалы и дистанция прорисовки
  • Azure Circuit: добавлены новые сооружения, исправлены ошибки
  • Imola: обновлена трава, исправлены ошибки, добавлены следы от шин на траве

Build 837


  • Limit DynamicEnvmap generation down-to 32x32
  • DX11: Shadow Depth Format fix for high/ultra shadows (D32)
  • Code to expose track centers to live edit so we can tweak for the horizon.
  • Corrected processing of occlusion test for objects with height test flag set
  • Clouds: Reinstating the lighting with the emaps, rolling back culling changes to combat odd popping issues


  • Dirt build up utilises weather, proximiity and ground surface to increase build up rate
  • Dirt build up logic moved to physics and integrated into metrics for replay / MP integration


  • FIX AR-2136, longer time duration for replay, replay time made platform dependant
  • Photo mode: PP filter additions, tweaks and display names changed. Names will be redone once we have the final, reduced set in place.
  • If a tracking camera is tryign to track the cockpitt positions of a car but the car does not have one it will track the default position


  • AR-1843 App Leaderboard - Stop using online leaderboard to populate PB
  • Fix crash on JIP by making sure timings is initialised when CAppWorker() is true
  • Added missing unregister for derived scenes to fix the crash from MP testing session


  • Pitcrew: Added new textures
  • Added 3d crowds and staying billboards.
  • Pitcrew exports: Added meshes to liveries
  • Pitcrew ART: Charcomposition with mclaren livery
  • Pitcrew exports: Added new exports with Mcalren livery
  • Driver male ART: Char composer, 1pv and CNM using LADX
  • Pitcrew exports: Fixed headsock error missing mesh. Fixed exported charcomp file


  • Fix Time Trial positioning
  • Bug/assert fix for not enough pit progress slots available (since the pit engineer uses 1)


  • Career Championships: Kart 1 - Updated all series, removing pre-race sessions due to some kart tracks no longer having pitlanes, updated grid placement criteria and bonus points awarding to match


  • Renault Clio Cup: Collision model update
  • Renault Megane RS: Collision model update
  • Added control over lights on detachable body parts.
  • Tires: GT/LMP/DTM rain tire rebalancing, various other tires get minor updates
  • Ariel Atom3, Lotus 72D: AI handling balance. Fixed Ariel Atom understeering heavily. Lotus 72D similarly tweaked, but needs some more work with traction control. YawDampening paramter added to both CDF's and dropped from hard coded default


  • Ginetta GT3: New cockpit display
  • Pagani Zonda Cinque: AI tire tuning, Increased aero drag a bit.
  • Audi R18/BMW 1M: Assigned detachable components to lights mounted on them (for Audi R18 and BMW 1M)


  • Azure Circuit: Merge latest work, fix bugs
  • Imola: Placement fix for grandstnad lamps and some trees
  • Jin Ding: Tweaked pole texture, new texture maps, added new txt for a8 building
  • Cadwell: Updated broad terrain, wet weather setup and custom textures for kerbs, sorted the scene for all 3 version (armco, csm mesh, overlays), fixed CSM issues, fixed overlay issues, crowds and barriers placement fixes